metal band competition round 1: black sabbath vs iron maiden

gemcloben So, one of my least read blog series! Oh well. I am carrying on this and not room 101... Anyway, 2 of the most classic metal bands of all time go face to face! It is the greatest showdown of all time! So, who will win, the originators black Sabbath, or, the other one, iron maiden! So anyway, we shall now go on with the post!

Vocals. First, the vocalist of black Sabbath is Ozzy Osbourne. He is the craziest metal singer and he is great. Although overrated, Ozzy can still to this day put up a good challenge against any other metal singer of today, although he can't really scream well. Bruce Dickinson however, is the undeniably greatest singer who ever lived. No one can reach the notes he can. Shame he got tongue cancer. It is pretty obvious Bruce wins this one. 1-0 to iron maiden.

Drums: black Sabbath has Bill Ward. His beats are pretty simple, but they fit pretty well with the black Sabbath classics. But maidens drummer is Nicko McBrain. He can play some rather complex songs, and with perfection. So, the current number (of the beast) sorry, I had to, is 2-0 to iron maiden!

Bass: Ah, Geezer Butler! A fantastic player, and has played some cool solos such as N.I.B. He isn't really legendary though. Steve Harris on the other hand, is arguably the greatest metal bassist ever. He doesn't need solos, but he still stands out more than the rhythm guitar. 3-0 to iron maiden. Wow.

Rhythm guitar: The rhythm guitarist for iron maiden is Adrian Smith. His riffs are some of the most complex and fast I have ever heard. On the other hand, we have Toni Iommi. OK, now, when you are up against the riff master, you can't win at all. His riffs aren't complex, but almost like god himself plays them. 3-1 now!

Lead guitar: Black Sabbath don't have a separate guitarist for rhythm and lead. Although, since it is only one guy, the sound isn't really good all around. Now, iron maiden. Now a single guitarist could win, but all together, they could win almost anyone. 4-1. WOAH!!!

Song writing: Steve is the song writer for iron maiden. He writes some pretty decent songs. Black Sabbath however are almost unbeatable when it comes to song writing, as they are so creative they made metal. 4-2.

And now, whatever happens, iron maiden are through to the next round, but we are still doing round 7. All together (how all the previous rounds go together): Black Sabbath obviously go well together, as if they didn't, metal wouldn't even exist. Crazy, eh? However, iron maiden are so amazing together I am surprised they aren't a supergroup. They are literally made for each other.

So, iron maiden wins 5-2! Tune in next time in lamb of god vs pantera! Thank you for reading!


Good review. Dave Murray is lead guitarist by the way. Although Smith is my favourite. That four second lick on Powerslave... Wow. - IronSabbathPriest

Black Sabbath wins any day for me, but they're one of the only metal bands I like, so I'm biased.

Also, don't forget about Paul Di'Anno. - PetSounds

I only choose the most signature member. - gemcloben

I would agree completely with all that. Great post Ben, and go Iron Maiden! - Songsta41

Great post I agree - EvilAngel