metal band competition round 1: Pantera vs Lamb of God.

gemcloben Hello, and welcome to the final round 1 competition! Today, the winner of the battle of the groove metal bands will go up against Iron Maiden, as they beat Black Sabbath, and Metallica will go against Slayer, who beat Megadeth and Anthrax. So, now we choose who is the ultimate groove metal band! Enjoy!

Round 1: vocals. The vocalist for Lamb of God is Randy Blythe. He is one of the best screamers in metal history, with his deep growling/screaming mix he is really a death metal singer, but I guess his amazing vocals can also work in the genre on groove metal (which it does). Now, the vocalist for the band Pantera is Phil Anselmo. Although his voice is not as powerful as Randy's, it has a few things Randy does not have such as range, ability to do other styles and not sounding as robotic, and sounding more genuine. So, close one, but I chose Phil Anselmo.

Round 2: drums. The drummer for Pantera is Vinnie Paul. He is in one of the best guitarist/drummer brother duo, along with Dimebag Darrel. But, his beats really go well with whatever the band is doing. As for Chris Adler, he is pretty fast, melodic and great timing. He has now joined Megadeth (what Dimebag also almost did) but I can not wait for their new album! Therefore, I must choose Chris Adler.

Round 3: rhythm guitar. The rhythm guitar player for Lamb of God is Willie Adler. He plays some pretty fast and heavy riffs, such as the legendary intro riff on walk with me in hell, one of the best intros ever, and the amazing riff on redneck. On the other hand, we have the guitarist from Pantera, named Dimebag Darrel. Well, where do I start with Dimebag Darrell riffs? He had energy, power and pure epic brilliance. Round 3 goes to Dimebag and Pantera, putting them up at 2-1.

Round 4: bass. None of the bands really have great stand out bassists, but I will do this round anyway. So, the Pantera bassist is a man who is named Rex Brown. He has pretty decent bass lines, but he is nothing special. Lamb of God has a bassist called John Campbell. Boring name, huh? Anyway, he isn't really much special either, but he was a little more energy. 2 all in the battle of the groove metal bands!

Round 5: lead guitar. The lead guitar player for Lamb of God is Mark Morten. His solos aren't really much, but still good. On the other hand, we have Dimebag Darrel. Well, where do I start? If I had to name my top ten guitar solos of all time, floods, the sleep, cemetery gates and we'll meet again would be in there. Floods being number one, and the sleep 2nd. I mean, no one will ever play with as much passion as him. Ever. 3-2 to Pantera.

Round 6: song writing. Lamb of god write many amazing and heavy songs, but do not have enough variety. Pantera put every emotion possible into every song, so I choose them. 4-2. Pantera have guaranteed won, but why not do the last round anyway?

Round 7: as a band. Lamb of God work seriously well together, as they wouldn't be able to pull off that amazing groove/death metal sound. Pantera obviously have an advantage with having brothers, but even them they work well together. 5-2 to our ultimate groove metal band: Pantera!


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