Metal Band Competition Round 2: Pantera vs Iron Maiden

gemcloben Metal band competition is now back! This time, we go to the 2nd round, or the semi-finals! Meaning, the winner goes against either Metallica or Slayer. So, after Pantera beat Lamb of God and Iron Maiden beat Black Sabbath, they will now go against each other.

Round 1: bass guitar. The Pantera bass guitarist is Rex Brown. Rex has very average bass lines, and musically brings little to the band. On the other hand, The bassist for Iron Maiden in Steve Harris! Steve is the bass line king, keeping the riffs together. Iron Maiden wouldn't be the same without his bass lines. He is also their founding member and main song writer, responsible for their great sound. 1-0 to Iron Maiden!

Round 2: drums. A VERY close one. The drummer for Pantera is Vinnie Paul. He can blast out some very powerful beats to go with the music of Pantera. The drummer for Iron Maiden is Nicko McBrain (what a name!). Nicko can change their music with his drumming, by making their music sound 10 times bigger and thicker than it would be without him. For a great contribution to the world of drumming, this will be now 2-0 to Iron Maiden!

Round 3: rhythm guitar. The Iron Maiden rhythm guitarist is Adrian Smith. He comes up with some very interesting rhythm parts for Iron Maiden, and makes their music more complicated. The rhythm guitarist for Pantera is Dimebag Darrell Abbott. His riffs are heavy, aggressive and head banging glory. Dimebag gets an easy point for Pantera, making this one 2-1.

Round 4: vocals. Another very close one, as these are 2 of the greatest voices in the history of heavy metal. The vocalist for Pantera is Phil Anselmo. Phil can growl and scream very aggressively, but can still do high screams and very talented singing as displayed in the song "cemetery gates". However, Bruce Dickinson (the vocalist for Iron Maiden) is just that step above every other singer ever. His singing is powerful and he could scream someone's nose off. Bruce could still beat anyone to this day, even with tongue cancer. 3-1 to Iron Maiden!

Round 5: lead guitar. The lead guitarist for Iron Maiden is named Dave Murray. He has his own signature style, what is essential to the sound of Iron Maiden. The lead guitarist for Pantera is the greatest guitarist of all time, Dimebag Darrell. He can shred like hell, use creative scales, squeal and make solos with passion and emotion no other guitarist can ever replicate. 3-2 to Maiden!

Round 6: song writing. Iron Maiden has every member writing songs now, but at their peak, only Steve Harris wrote songs. He could write song very powerful songs and some creative stuff. Every member of Pantera wrote songs, and could put every emotion possible in a single song. 3-3 now!

Round 7: as a band. Pantera work amazingly together, as having brothers in a band can always increase chemistry. However, all their members were amazing on their own. Iron Maiden on their own wouldn't be amazing, as they all have different skills, and they work well taking the best parts of every member. Iron Maiden Wins 4-3!

Though Maiden won, it is still worth saying:
Dimebag Darrel


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