G-4rce Film Review: The Angry Birds Movie

Mcgillacuddy Caution: this review will contain spoilers

Had to see another animated movie for my film class, and for some reason, this one came to mind: The Angry Birds Movie. Man, I never thought the could take this little iPhone app too far, but to quote Honest Game Trailer: "Why make some of the money when you can make ALL of it!" Damn bro. Might as well make a Facebook movie. I never really got into the Angry Birds series, but I think it's a harmless game. Anyways, let's get into the real review....

If you've played the game, you should already know the basic plot behind Angry Birds: an army of green pigs steal a bunch of birds' eggs, which pisses the birds off and they go out to destroy the pigs' fortresses. Everything runs the same way in the film, so what can the developers do to make it enjoyable for those who already know the main plot. One way is the character development, but we'll get to that later. Another way to make it enjoyable is comedy. Angry Birds was overall a very silly film with a few unnecessary scenes thrown in, but most of the comedy was executed well enough for me to get some laughs in. The film's climax was rather too short for its significance, but overall still entertaining with a bit of replay value. The references from the game were spot on, from the birds' abilities to other small details, which can make fans go nuts. The film's subplot is nowhere original, but it offered plenty of amusement to keep me entertained.

Now this is the important aspect of the movie. The film features all of your favorite characters from the series, with, of course, Red being the MC. Red is your usual under-appreciated MC underdog. He has a problem with anger, which all of the other birds on Bird Island look down on and which also led to an somewhat lonely life for Red. Later in the film, the green pigs visit Bird Island posing as harmless travelers, when in reality, they were there for the birds' eggs. Red was already suspicious of this, but the other birds don't listen to him, and when sh*t hits the fan, all of the other birds look to Red for his help. Red then motivates all of the other birds to get ANGRY and ready for a counter-attack, which leads up to the film's climax. I did like Red as character in the film. He wasn't jerky and the film still provided a level of sympathy for him as the MC which, by all means, is very necessary for an animated movie. Other characters were also very well-done. Chuck was probably the most amusing because of his energetic personality, which made him lovable. Bomb had a more simple, laid back persona, but still lovable. Terrence was seemingly an ex-criminal. He was just thrown in the film for the comedy, but he was used properly. Matilda was also a well-done character. Probably the most cliche character in the entire film was Mighty Eagle. He was supposed to be some big mythical warrior or hero, but turns out that his age caught up to him and he's now a retired goofball. We've seen this kind of character before, and his development wasn't executed any better so I had no overall interest for him. The main villain of the film, Leonard the pig, was a typical villain who was just in the film because it needed a villain. He had no real development as the antagonist, which actually isn't too much of a big deal since the movie is meant to focus on the MC. The characters are the film's strongest point. It's not a major film so it doesn't try to keep up with every character in the movie. Instead, it keeps things simple and keeps the viewers' heads pointed towards Red, which is not the best way to go, but is overall satisfying.

Overall: 7/10
The Angry Birds Movie was a fun little animated film with plenty of charisma to keep the viewer going. It's mostly meant for younger audiences, but adults can easily enjoy it as well if they don't take things too seriously. Of course, if it's a video game movie, critics are going to bash it. I thought it was going to be a terrible film, as well, but I gave it a chance and I was impressed. The ending also hints to a sequel; maybe a movie about Stella, who got a very minor role in the film. I think it deserves a sequel. Received bullsh*t from critics with the least bit of shock from me, but received more positive ratings from audiences, also resulting in the least bit of shock from me. I give this movie a 7/10. I may get rammed for saying this, but I enjoyed it more than Finding Dory.


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