Community Debating Discussion #21 Seasons

Exactly how do we identify with what month starts with in a particular season perhaps.

United States: For Americans, we generally assume that Winter would always be December, January, and February. The next Season Spring would then be March, April, May. The next after wards would be the one we are currently in Summer which would be June, July, and August (although this is where red flags got triggered). Finally you got fall which was September, October, and November. I mean didn't we all see that the months were all the same for countries, of course. Then you discover that seasons are not the same in other countries, in fact this is not told by just one user in fact many others are kinda in that same realm they are in which then brings me to the next country that has a slightly different format of seasons.

United Kingdom: Those that had lived near the Europe continent had a different side of this apparently that some of us were not quite aware of. Winter starts off as November, December, and January. Then Spring would be February, March, April. Followed by Summer being May, June, and July. Finally Fall which its August, September, and October. While maybe this country might not be a good comparison i'm going based on where they would live near more less.

How Can We Digest This Out to not be more confused as we are when someone tells you ''oh August yeah that's definitely a fall season for sure'', then someone replies back (me) says ''August is Summer.'' I feel this needs to be said why? What if one day the users from Australia told us that ''December was fall or something like that.'' Then the whole debate over changing seasons really becomes more of a mind screw then it already brings out total chaos and confusion. What should we do to resolve this grave mystery? Maybe we need to know of the origins taught of this by now learned season pattern, and then if that isn't a good comparison then what does it prove in the end of the already hinted August debate of it being more Summer or fall. Even if so it does not help much more of the matter either since you got confusion of November, and even May. Well with all this said how can we prosper this into eventually getting a virtual idea of seasons set up with unnecessary doubt of claim brought up with some sort of little evidence that may bring to an answer that was a struggle to bits.


To me, it makes sense for June to be the first month of summer and December the first month of winter because those months are when the first days of summer and winter are. For example, if the first official day of summer is in June, why would May be considered a summer month? - Element119

In february it gets colder for us brits - visitor

Oh and summer here starts in late april - visitor

Australia is another story. Winter is June, July and August, and it's usually sunny with dry, cold temperature. When I went to Sydney, there's no snow, but the temperature there is just perfect. - visitor

Well in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are opposite. Winter happens during the summer months and vice versa. - Element119

I learned that August starts in Autumn in school, that's all I'm saying. - Puga

I live in California. Just assume it's summer year round - Phillip873

Same here - Mcgillacuddy

Interesting... - PeeledBanana