Rocking With Regret: Suicide Silence by Suicide Silence

Here is the series has returned and today i will be reviewing an album that everyone hated when it first came out and probably still hate to this day and i want to see just how bad this album is also please know that i do not hate Suicide Silence or Deathcore i think they are a little bit overrated but not bad but from what i have gathered tone of the reasons people hate this album is because of the use clean vocals done in a style similar to KoRn and Deftones. Let's get on to the information about this album.

Suicide Silence is the 5th studio album by Suicide Silence and was released on February 24th, 2017 to mixed reviews of Critics and fan response was mostly negative. as i previously stated the album shows a huge shift from the band's Deathcore style that they're known for to a Nu Metal style reminiscent of bands such as Korn and Deftones. It was also said that i contain mostly clean vocals and following this the first single Doris was released with an overwhelming negative reaction from fans. First week sales for the album were 4,650 copies in the United States, which was 69% less than first week sales of their previous album You Can't Stop Me.

Now that we have gone through the information i'm going to review each track as i'm going track by track to see why this album is so hated and whether it deserves all the hate.

Track 1: Doris

Oh boy already the first song on the album is the most hated one oh my but the sad thing is this is the best song from this album and no i'm joking this song is alright song and it shows the clean vocals but the funny thing is the first clean vocal in the sounds like TEE HEE which is strange and out of place it's a shame because the 2nd half of the clean vocals is alright because it sounds like KoRn and Deftones like. Also check out Jared Dines' reaction to this song it's hilarious he was the one that created the TEE HEE meme that so hilarious. Anyway the riffs in this song are Ok they sound like something Suicide Silence would do and the vocals besides the TEE HEE part is alright for the most part. If it weren't for TEE HEE this song would get a 10 but since it has TEE HEE it gets a...
Rating TEE HEE/10 JK 9/10

Track 2: Silence

Oh boy it seems now the tracks are only get worse from here and this track isn't very good Eddie Hermina for some reason he doesn't do a good job at singing clean vocals and it's not because Eddie is a bad singer it's just for some reason he is bad here. The worst thing about this track is when you get to parts that sound pretty good and Deathcore like they are only for a few seconds and you get more of the weak clean vocals from Eddie Hermida and the sad thing is this is one of the better songs on this album yes this song is good at times but but bad for most of the time so overall this is a mediocre song it could have be worse but it's still not great.
Rating 7/10

Track 3: Listen

Going off topic here at least this album is short it's only around 44 minutes and id rather have this album over say a bad album that's over an hour long like Results May Very by Limp Bizkit. Anyway this track is awful i wouldn't mind this new sound if it weren't for the fact that it doesn't sound good Eddie and here it tries some Screaming vocals but over moments when the music is slow which is not a good idea at all anyway the riffs here are nothing special and the clean vocals are once again not even that good. Its even sadder because near the end of the song there is a part that sounds almost sounds good too bad it only lasts for about 10 seconds and the its back to more awfulness, overall this is the worst song from this album.
Rating 4/10

Track 4: Dying in a Red Room

At least the clean vocals here sound a little bit better on this track over the last one but this track isn't that good either Once again i can see what they were trying to do here a Korn/Deftones like song but once again it fails it starts to get better near the end but overall this would be a weak track on a KoRn or Deftones album.
Rating 5/10

Track 5: Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down

The song starts off pretty decently however after 30 seconds the song just weaker again and this song isn't really that good however it is much better than the last few songs but not saying much because the vocals here the screaming sounds good the problem is this song isn't that heavy and screaming doesn't work with riffs that aren't heavy and around the 2 minute mark the song just gets worse i get what they are trying to do here a Korn-like song with the vocals sounding like an insane person and the bass here sounds like a Korn bassline however the screams ruin it and it doesn't work very vell and plus this track has breakdowns in it the thing that Suicide Silence is known for.
Rating 5/10

Track 6: Run

This song is much better than last few at least this one has the heaviness to it and resembles sthe Deathcore that they are know and the riffs here are actually pretty descent and Eddie sounds Ok here too overall this is probably the 2nd best song on this album.
Rating 8/10

Track 7: The Zero

And we are back to more of awfulness of this album and this song is once again just like Dying in a Red Room bascially what i said on that track applies here as well accept this track has more heaviness to it and sounds a little bit better.
Rating 6/10

Track 8: Conformity

This song is the softest song n this album and it's not that good although it is a better song than Listen because at least this is more consistent.
Rating 5/10

Track 9: Don't Be Careful, You Might Hurt Yourself

Well Suicide Silence sure did hurt themselves with this album but to be honest this song is great its fast and it sounds like Deathcore or at least this song is the closest to sounding like Suicide Silence's previous works and to be honest this is the a great song from this bad album to bad though the heaviness doesn't last all the way through otherwise this would be my favorite song from this album.
Rating 9/10

Well this album sure was pretty weak but is it really that bad?

so 9(x2) + 8 + 7 + 6 + 5(x3) + 4 = 58 + 10 = 68

Album Rating 68/100

In my opinion yes this album was bad however its not as bad as people make it out to be there is some good songs here and even the weak songs had some good parts in them but they were poorly done and make the album unenjoyable i hope Suicide Silence learned from their mistake because now they will have TEE HEE attached to their name

i typed this on Christmas Eve have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


TEE HEE - visitor

The album that killed the Nu Metal revival. - wrests

I don't know how a screaming vocalist can't do clean vocals, you gotta sing cleanly to scream because screaming is basically clean except distorted. - Skullkid755