My theory on why Nightcore is being widely disliked

styLIShT So I typed this big post, which I accidentally deleted, and here we go again.

Oh, and I am in no way saying that certain music genres are better or mainstream music is bad or anything. I am just posting an overview about what happened these years.

Before you read this, you should see the Definition of Nightcore - A song that is labeled as "Nightcore" is a techno/trance/dance song that has been modified from an original song - it differs from that song in that its tempo and pitch has been raised. These levels are usually around 20-30%, and are raised simultaneously. Please note that a song need not be anything more than a speed increase in order for it to qualify as a "Nightcore" song. A coined term for Nightcore is that it is a raise of speed and pitch. Although this is commonly used, it is not correct, since the very definition of "speed" is a combination of both tempo and pitch. Therefore, "Nightcore" can be seen as a glorified term for "speed edits" of techno/trance/dance songs.

It can be said that there are two categories or levels in the music industry:-

The Upper Level which mainly comprises of Pop/Rap and Rock/Metal. These are the music that are more widely known to people and these are the ones that hit youtube's trending page. These music are more 'mainstream'.

The Lower Level comprises of Electronic/Trance/Hands Up (basically nightcore-able music) type of music and a few others as well. These music are usually region specific and are performed locally, and are not that widely known to people. Even if music in the lower level gets popular, it is rarely talked about in the outside world.

Now, I may be only 15 years old, but I have been listening to Nightcore since 2011-12 and I have noticed an important trend. Between 2007-13, nightcore was part of the Lower level, that I mentioned before. Nightcore uploaders at that time were smart - they carefully picked the underrated and unpopular techno/trance/electronic music and edited them in order to upload them as nightcore. I myself uploaded some 2 or 3 legitimate nightcore, whose originals were virtually unknown at that time.

Nightcore was developing slowly and steadily as a network that brought together the region-specific unpopular Techno/Electronic/ Trance music.

This began to change around 2012-13, when people began to nightcore the popular Pop/Rap/Rock music, with the mentality that doing so would give them a lot of views. It in fact did give them a lot of views, but nightcore's overall value started getting lost. These 'fake nightcorers' tried to 'force' nightcore from the lower level to the upper level. As a result, nightcore's overall quality went down.

Am I saying that music in the lower level cannot get popular as long as they remain at the lower level? No. Look at NoCopyrightSounds, despite the fact that they come under the lower level, they are doing very well by having 9 videos above 90 Million views and still produce good content. Also consider the popular android game - Geometry Dash, which is so far succeeding at popularising unpopular techno/Dubstep music. Such music is part of the lower level too.

How nightcore should have proceeded was the ' Slowly and steadily bringing together unpopular Techno/Trance/Dance/Electronic type music and steering clear and away from Pop/Rap/Rock/Metal and other mainstream music '

English isn't my first language, I typed this on mobile with autocorrect disabled, so bear any grammar or formatting errors. I hope this post has given you a clear Idea of what I am trying to say.


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I thought Nightcore meant 'high pitched song with anime girl picture' - TwilightKitsune

Till 2010-11, it wasn't all like that. Some nightcore videos used landscapes and sceneries and stuff. Uploaders would do some quality, serious editing to the music.

Now people just nightcore anything that's popular - styLIShT

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