Autistic Jewish south park music kid rants: Justin Bieber

Okay, I admit I don't like Justin Bieber and I am not phrasing him or anything, but what I am saying is that the hate he is getting is really annoying! Yes, he may have done really bad things in the past, yes he sucks at singing and his songs are annoying, especially Baby, Boyfriend and Beauty and a Beat and yes he is one of the worst pop singers ever and there is pretty much no reason to like him, but still he is no where near the worst music artist and in my opinion, there are worse singers out there and its pretty annoying since he is on every single negative list. Now just remember guys! This is my opinion. No offense if you have a different opinion and if you cant accept my opinions, you better not read this post as you please. Now lets get started!

First of all I would like to talk about him as a singer. In my opinion, I actually think he is just mediocre. Yes, I said it. He isn't good, he isn't the worst and he isn't anything special at all. He is just mediocre to me! His voice used to be absolutely awful back then, I do admit, but in my opinion, he has got a lot better because his voice isn't as whiney as a chipmunk on steroids anymore, but still its just mediocre, his songs were mostly pretty cheesy, annoying and absolutely nothing special whatsoever, but although I don't care about his songs that much, I really hate the song Beauty and a beat and Boyfriend, Baby was just mediocre but annoying garbage I could care less about, but over hated and sorry was pretty annoying and over played as well and he just doesn't have any talent whatsoever, but then again, he isn't even that bad. At least he doesn't use too much autotune in his voice like others do, he doesn't sing about bullying, rape or sexually assaulting a girl and there are much worse music artists out there such as Blood on the dance floor, Chris Brown, Jacob Sartorius, Nicki Minaj, Kodak Black, Sam Hunt, XXXtentacionXXX, Iggy Azalea, BrokenCLYDE, Bolgore and so many others. So therefor as a singer, Justin Bieber used to be god awful back then, but nowadays I just find him mediocre, but I think he is improving. But that's just my opinion!

Also, another thing I want to mention about Justin Bieber, is him as a real person. Now first of all, the main reason I hate him is not because of his music, I hate him because he is an awful person in real life, I do have to admit. He spat on his fans from a balcony, he abandoned his own pet monkey on a plane in Germany, he cheated on Selena Gomez with Miley Cyrus. he peed in mop bucket, he sent a disgusting message to metal and rock music fans, he spat on his neighbor's face and threatened to kill him, he smoked weed on a plane, he groped an underaged girl's breast during a meet and greet place, he flipped out at a London photographer and yells at him and even attempts to take swings before being shoved in a vehicle by his bodyguards, he disrespected Argentina and their flag and he done so many other bad things that made me want to punch him in the face so hard. Also online, it seems like he hates everything and uses the F word a lot to insult other people, such as Linkin park and the beatles. I even shown sympathy to Iggy Azalea. I may not like Iggy Azalea and he music is god awful, but still Justin Bieber had no right to yell the F word to her. I know everyone makes mistakes in real life and I can forgive them, but Justin Bieber went way too far and hasn't even apologised to some of the people he insulted yet. So therefor I may think he is just "Meh" as a music artist and I think the hate he is getting is going too far, but still I hate him a lot as a real life person and he done so many unforgivable things in life, I mean who wants to befriend him as a real person anyways? Yup! We can pretty much agree he is a complete moron in real life.

Finally we are going to talk about the hate he is getting. Honestly, despite being a mediocre music artist and a terrible person in real life, the hate he is getting is actually really starting to get on my nerves. I mean yes, he deserves hate as a person, but I think the hate has a gone way too far and should stop! Because why, I mean why is Justin Bieber on every single negative list??? He is even on lists that don't count as music artists. Its just ridiculous! Just in case you were wondering my dear friends that he is on pretty much every single negative list, the joke gets old very fast. Top ten worst people in history? Justin Bieber(How the "BLEEP" is he worse than Hitler?), Top ten worst things in life? Justin Bieber(How is he worse than hell, murder, rape, terrorism and WW1 and WW2?), Top ten worst movies? Justin Bieber movie: Never say never(Its a bad movie, but no where near as bad as where the dead go to die, Birdermic: Shock and terror, Garbage pail kids movie, twilight, Jack and Jill, pretty much every single Brinquendo animation movie, such as little panda fighter, ratatoing and a car's life and others), Top ten worst youtubers? JustinBieberVevo(Matt patt/game theory, Sam pepper(Rapist), leafyisHere and Jake and Logan Paul are worse in my opinion) and also pretty much every single negative list has got Justin Bieber on the list. Seriously? Also Top ten creative ways to kill Justin Bieber? Are you kidding me?!!? I respect your opinions if you hate him, but wishing the most brutal deaths on him and comparing him to Hitler, Dieses and other bad things isn't going to help, it is a waste of time and it just makes you look like bullies. I mean I don't like him and its okay if you hate him, but putting him on every single negative list, making pointless comparison lists of him and sending death threats to kill him is going way too far and nowadays I feel like the is more like The Justin Bieber hater website full of lists with death threats about him. So therefor as much as a despise Justin Bieber, especially him as a person, the hate has gone too far in my opinion and god trust me, he is no where near as bad as "cough" "cough" Hitler "Cough" Who slaughtered 99% of the jews "cough". Also Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Osama bin Laden, Kim Jon-in and others are much worse than Justin Bieber ever will be.

My final thoughts overall and my overall opinion on Justin Bieber: 4/10 Honestly I really don't like him. He done so many horrible things in life, such as spit on other people, pee in a mop bucket, insults other people in real life and what he said to rock and metal fans was unforgivable. Also he isn't very good at singing and his voice is really annoying, but then again he gets too much hate on this website. I personally don't mind Justin Bieber haters, but what I will not have is people constantly threatening to kill him and constantly adding him to lists such as worst all-time people in history and worst things in life. At least he doesn't kill people or rape underaged girls and I do admit he improved as a music artist, but still that doesn't change my opinion, that Justin Bieber is a mediocre music artist and complete moron in real life, but then again he gets too much hate. So that's why I give Justin Bieber a score of 4/10.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Now if you have any complaints about this post, feel free to post message me! ^-^


Exactly, Justin Bieber on every list is annoying. I think he is mediocre, not the worst, but not good. I heard people that sing worse and make worse lyrics. - visitor

Blood on the dance floor, Sam hunt, nicki minaj, Chris brown, bolgore, cannibal corpse, jacob satorius xxxtentactionxxx and Kodak black are a thousand times worse than Justin biebar in my opinion. - visitor

Noice - TwilightKitsune

Your points are actually well put and researched. Good job.

Personally, I've found other people to tear apart other than Bieber, and I'm fine with that, considering they deserve it just as much. - CrimsonShark

Agree with you, kody! At least, there are more singers who are more worse than Justin Bieber - Sugarcubecorner

Cough cough David Jesus Torres - visitor

Oy, at first I thought this was bandwagoning because it's beating a dead horse after a few years,

but then I saw it's logical points. 82/100 - SpectralOwl

11/10, excellent post! - visitor

Well in all honestly he is reserved for one decade of cringe being this one, and in 2020 hopefully everybody either forgets him, or the hate dies down tremendously. - htoutlaws2012

Terrific post. - PositronWildhawk

I completely agree. Great post! - TheFourthWorld

I like talk like someone who totally is into Justin Bieber but I'm not into him at all. besides, he doesn't seem 2 b all that relevant anymore. - Nonpointed