Autistic Jewish south park music kid rants: Halsey

Hey guys! This is RainbowDashsucks755 and welcome to another music artist rant of mine! Today we are going to rant Halsey, a singer people either like, hate or forgotten about. Personally, I have mixed feelings about Halsey and I can name some good things about her songs, whilst I can name stuff I don't like about her as well. Just remember, that this is my opinion! No offense if you have a different opinion, but as long as you respect my opinions, I respect yours back. Now lets get started!

First of all lets get started on her lyrics and voice. I am honestly kind of have mixed feelings on her lyrics. They may sound very spiritual and pretty nice, but they are also very unoriginal, bland and repetitive as well. Also her voice is very forgetful and boring as well. I can remember absolutely nothing about her voice or her lyrics and I don't get what is so special about her at all. I admit they do sound nice, mellow and spiritual, but still they are not that great at all and very bland and repetitive to be honest. So personally my opinion on her voice is alright. Has good vocals I do admit, but originality? Not so much. She is better then most alternative pop singers though.

Second of all I want to mention is her songs. Well, basically she is kind of good at singing in my opinion, I do admit. Sure her voice is bland and her lyrics are forgetful, but she is actually pretty good at making songs, from upbeat pop songs to her decent alternative songs. She may have her flaws, but I actually kind of like her songs to be honest. They have good meaning and Halsey may sound bland, unoriginal and forgetful, but then again, very powerful, spiritual and beautiful, somewhat. Also I may think her lyrics are unoriginal, but they are actually pretty good and some of the best lyrics an alternative pop singer could ever have in my opinion. Also I enjoyed the albums Hopeless fountain kingdom and Badlands and made some good songs with good meaning to them, like walls could talk, Gasoline, colours and heaven in hiding.

But what I would like to say about Halsey as a person, despite her music being very decent in my opinion, I find her to be a pretentious, annoying and obnoxious SJW(also known as social justice warrior) in real life. Sure she isn't that bad as a person, unlike other music artists like Chris brown, the 6ix 9ine, Jake Paul, the old Justin Bieber(The new one is still bad, but is terribly overhated as heck and is actually improving from his self ego), Dahvie Vanity, Tyga, BrokenCLYDE and others, but still I never understood her well as a person to be honest. She is pretty annoying and very pretentious in real life and also in 2018, here's one of the most stupidest SJWs(Social justice warriors) claims of all time: Singer Halsey claims that Hotel shampoo is racist/sexist. "face palms". Seriously Halsey? You maybe decent at singing and all, but you claiming that Hotel shampoo is racist is just plain stupid and makes no sense whatsoever! Sure she might have done it as a joke, but seriously, its not even funny at all. It just doesn't make any sense at all whatsoever. Also if she is going to complain that hotel shampoo is sexist, why cant she just get her own? She also needs to let go about getting offended by everything, including her in 2018 claiming that hotel shampoo is racist/sexist, okay. See what I mean? I don't hate her or anything at all, but I am just giving fair constructive criticism for her to stop getting offended easily by stuff like hotel shampoo, okay.

My overall rating and opinion on Alternative pop singer Halsey: 5/10 Mediocre. Honestly there are some good things about Halsey, whilst there are other things I don't like about Halsey. I like her songs and albums and how powerful and spiritual her songs are and I like how she is good at singing from upbeat pop songs to great alternative songs, and her lyrics are absolutely amazing and some of the best lyrics I ever heard of from an alternative pop singer, but what I have against her is the fact that although her lyrics are so godly amazing, they are also kind of unoriginal in my opinion and are pretty repetitive as well, some of her songs like Don't play may not be horrible, but sadly, very disappointing, are just not great to be honest and are unoriginal as well. Also I cannot tolerate as a person, due to her pretentious Social justice warrior personality and her overreacting and getting offended by everything, including hotel shampoo she claims racist/sexist, just really irritates the heck out of me. So therefor I just give Halsey a 5/10 for being an obnoxious, annoying and pretentious SJW as a person and for having music that is both decent but then again kind of disappointing and unoriginal at the same time. Thanks for listening to my opinion, now feel free post message me if you have any complaints. Kody is out.


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