Ht's Takeaways on Week 6 of the NFL

htoutlaws2012 Denver Broncos Vs San Diego Chargers: While they didn't have Kubiak coaching due to headache related problems however that works, anyways I thought they had a great chance against there weakest rival, well that was not to be at all. Well good sign that the Chargers might have found there replacement at Tight Ends that Henry guy has started to show some good showing.

Carolina Panthers Vs New Orleans Saints: This game was a do or die situation for the Panthers could they at least beat the Saints? Sadly no, they are not same team as they once were a year ago or even two years ago. Thrilling game Carolina is not in a good situation sitting at 1-5 who would of guessed the NFC Champions from last year would have this record.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Washington Redskins: Division game and wow has philly off the face of this earth. I mean what happened to this to that destroyed the Steelers what happened exactly. While Wentz didn't have a terrible game last week man did he play awful against the Redskins. Nobody from that offense was totally great meanwhile you got Matt Jones not only getting a running touchdown I mean the way he got it in was a bad sign for what was good defense coming into the game now looking all sketchy as hell.

Cleveland Turds Vs Tennessee Titans: Once again predictably the Browns lose furthermore they played in garbage time as if they had any chance pathetic franchise. No need to go in detail the Browns are the Browns there''s no changing that for awhile.

Cincinnati Bengals Vs New England Patriots: The almighty Tom Brady returns to his home in a big way beating another Ohio team handedly. Although Dalton had the one Safety on him kept trying to put an effort it just wasn't enough on this day as New England once again stands tall.

Baltimore Ravens Vs New York Giants: A battle of two average teams battle it out and Odell Beckham is back to from although still acting child-ish as he celebrated with a lot of arrogance as the G-man one in a close one.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Buffalo Bills: Not really a surprises result by any means, but man does the 49ers just look down right awful on the running defense surrender 3 TD's alone to shady McCoy.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs Chicago Bears: The whole time da bears controlled the game and found a way to lose again just how. Bortles got it done in the end, but numbers are pretty to say the least. So now da bears are who they thought they were coming into the season.

L.A Rams Vs Detroit Lions: I had zero interest in this game yet it ended being a great game in which the Lions found a way to win with almost no help until the end no defense still prevailed this makes me sick to my stomach next.

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Miami Dolphins: Of course cause this happened last year too. The are infamous to losing very horrendous teams I should of known better not saying Miami a good team in anyway, but that game was ugly for the Steelers. Virtually almost nothing outta the offense and defense giving up 30 doesn't help either and you go face New England and you might after what I just saw awful performance.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Oakland Raiders: The battle for first place in the AFC West hangs in the balance of possibly these division rivals both projected to go to the playoffs. Looks to be the Chiefs are the better team here as they go to Oakland and handle business as they rest next week.

New York Jets Vs Arizona Cardinals: This was just brutal to watch, but allow me to sum this up in one name David Johnson show is literally all there is to it.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Green Bay Packers: Gee what has happened to this team. You would think they play better at home, but the way they lost is concerning, but not by much considering they entered with the easiest schedule in the league (statistically). Now all of a sudden the offense can't click weird. Meanwhile Dallas looks great with Prescott and Elliot the two combined will get them far in the playoffs at this rate. My only issue is they act stupid and put Romo back in at Quarterback then everything gets screwy again.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Seattle Seahawks: Now here's america's game of the week right here. Seattle had dominated the Falcons in the first half then all of a sudden here comes the #1 ranked offense coming back to tie the game. Really great back and forth between these two potential playoff teams thing tough pissed myself and most of audience off is they no flag call on Richard Sherman holding the arm of Julio Jones. What is it with this Seattle team always getting away with whatever it may be when it comes to there home teams this has happened since 2012 remember the infamous sub ref deal in that Monday night game against Green Bay basically the same deal rigged as hell and leaves me sick to my stomach.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Houston Texans: Boring first half, Houston rallies with big game from Lamar Miller end of game Colts suck as usual last game.