NFL Week 7 Analysis

Welp another week of football is in the books. Honestly I was considering taking a bye this week but I decided not to. Honestly this week wasn’t too interesting. There were a few good games but there were also a lot of blowouts but alas here’s my Analysis

Denver 45 (3-4). Arizona 10 (1-6)
The week kicks off with a pretty boring blowout. (Sigh, NFL can you at least try to make the Thursday games decent?) There’s really nothing much to say here. Denver was able to get back on track with a solid performance overall. Let’s see how they do with a rematch at arrowhead with KC. Meanwhile Arizona don’t panic you’re doing just fine keep on tanking. Go get that first overall pick!

LA Rams 39 (7-0). San Francisco 10 (1-6)
And here we have another pretty disappointing game. After nearly upsetting Green Bay the Niners fell back to reality by going against an almost unstoppable team in the Rams. Again there’s nothing much to say other than the Rams look legitimate and the Niners have no hope

Washington 20 (4-2). Dallas 17 (3-4)
A very back and forth game between two division rivals. Ryan Kerrigan stepped up huge with a strip sack for Washington. What looked like yet another OT game also had a very interesting ending when a flag was called on Dallas’ L.P. Landocuer for moving the football illegally. Which moved the game winning FG back 5 yards and ended in a miss as The NFC North leading Redskins survived. But don’t worry Dallas! At least you get a struggling Amari Cooper for a first round pick! (Just watch him play amazing because Raiders...)

New Orleans 24 (5-1). Baltimore 23 (4-3)
This game was an absolute shootout. But surprisingly enough what won it for the Saints was Justin Tucker having a rare missed extra point. That’s all it came down to. Even with Brees throwing his 500th TD pass. Honestly the Saints look like a team that could possibly be a threat to the Rams down the road

Houston 20 (4-3). Jacksonville 7 (3-4)
This game was all about the Texans taking advantage of Blake Bortles’ mistakes. It was so bad that Bortles was actually benched for Cody Kessler.... really though put the breaks on the Jaguars hype train. They need to fix their issues on offense (They desperately need Leonard Fournette back) before anyone should have confidence in them. Meanwhile after a rocky start Houston seems to have found some light after winning 4 in a row and somehow sitting in first in the AFC South.

Indianapolis 37 (2-5). Buffalo 5 (2-5)
If you weren’t already convinced that Buffalo was bad this game should tell you that. You know you’re bad when the Colts of all teams blows you out of the water. (Keep in mind Buffalo somehow beat Minnesota and Tennessee) This game might have been tough to watch for Bills Mafia (as I’m sure this season has been for the most part) and football fans in general but there is one positive for Buffalo... You didn’t play Nathan Peterman! You played Derek Anderson...

New England 38 (5-2). Chicago 31 (3-3)
The Pats seemed to have got back on track as Brady has a solid performance and even without Gronkowski the Patriots still edged Chicago in a close one. Chicago has now lost 2 in a row. I wouldn’t worry yet but might want to get back in the W column ASAP

Detroit 32 (3-3). Miami 23 (4-3)
Well well well turns out that Brock Oswiler experiment was only a one time thing. The Lions were seemingly unaffected by the South Florida heat and in fact ran all over the Dolphins specifically Kerryon Johnson who had 158 yards as the Lions keep themselves alive in the NFC Playoff hunt. Meanwhile Miami has some work to do if they want to make the playoffs.

Minnesota 37 (4-2-1). New York Jets 17 (3-4)
Another pretty dull game. The Vikings had no trouble handling Darnold and the Jets. The Vikings just had too much talent that the Jets couldn’t handle. Again nothing much else to say here. Next

Carolina 21 (4-2). Philadelphia 17 (3-4)
What looked like another boring game was turned into a Comeback from Carolina who proved that they have what it takes to be a playoff team here. As for Philly the Super Bowl hangover continues

Cleveland 23 (2-4-1). Tampa Bay 26 (3-3) OT
After losing 3 in a row the Bucs were desperately looking for a win and they got it. Even when Cleveland playing okay it wasn’t enough as Chandler Catanzaro hits a FG in OT to end the game. Despite not winning I still like how Cleveland has been way more competitive than in years past. I expect them to slowly return to respectability over time

LA Chargers 20 (5-2) Tennessee 19 (3-4)
The second game in London was way better than the earlier game. The Chargers jumped out to an early lead and had to rely on their defense to survive a Titans comeback. Overall I like the way the Bolts are headed. They have a good chance to make the playoffs this year.

Kansas City 45 (6-1). Cincinnati 10 (4-3)
After suffering tough losses last week both teams were looking to rebound. And Kansas City didn’t just rebound they outright destroyed Cincy in every way. The Patrick Mahomes Show was on fire. They were able to shred the Bengals defense to pieces and make them look worse than the Chiefs defense who actually looked okay. Cincy needs to figure things out and fast.

Atlanta 23 (3-4). New York Giants 20 (1-6)
There’s nothing really to talk about from this game. The Falcons looked okay and the Giants were the Giants by derping the entire game. The way they ended the game from Pat Shurmur going for 2 instead of a FG to wasting what time they had. This team should just start over from scratch at this point. For Atlanta they pickup a desperately needed win going into their bye.


I think New York had a fighting chance against Atlanta near the very end. Problem is, they had Eli Manning run a quarterback sneak two times in a row, which practically wasted 40 seconds, and cost them the game. There are still serious issues with the Giants right now. - PackFan2005

Yeah their clock management issues cost them the game - Randomator