NFL Week 8 Analysis

Hey. Guess what? It’s week 8. Which means We have survived 8 weeks of Football. Which also means 🎶 “We've got to hold on to what we've got
It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not
We've got each other and that's a lot for love
We'll give it a shot!
Woah, we're half way there
Wo-ah, livin' on a prayer!” 🎶

Houston 42 (5-3) Miami 23 (4-4)
While this weeks edition of Thursday Night football was way better than last week it was still nothing special as the Texans won even though they were expected to. Deshaun finally looked like his 2017 self (before the injury) The Texans have been waiting for him to return to that form and he did that here by Throwing 5 TD passes. It wasn’t just Watson as the offense looked solid against a mediocre at best Dolphins defense. Meanwhile Miami’s offense was just inferior to Houston. And whatdya know the Texans have all the sudden picked up some fire winning 5 in a row and currently sit atop the AFC South.

Kansas City 30 (7-1) Denver 23 (3-5)
Kansas City didn’t mess around in the rematch with Denver after an impressive comeback at Mile High. The Patrick Mahomes Show was simply too much for The fading Broncos Defense to handle. Although Keenum and Lindsay had some decent plays it wasn’t enough. The Broncos also had some costly penalties which didn’t help their case. KC has a pretty easy schedule ahead so Unless they choke I like their chances to win the AFC West.

Green Bay 27 (3-3-1). LA Rams 29 (8-0)
Well well well look who’s still undefeated. I honestly thought that Green Bay could’ve won this game. But they choked. Sure they weren’t expected to win but Ty Montgomery literally fumbled the ball and game away. (Hey Ty, That aint it Chief..Fair Catch? What the Hell is that?) I cannot logically explain why you wouldn’t take the fair catch and give the comeback king a.k.a Aaron Rodgers a chance to beat the Rams. The Rams all the sudden look beatable. Can someone do it? And can Green Bay bounce back?

Philadelphia 24 (4-4). Jacksonville 18 (3-5)
After choking to the Panthers last week the Eagles were able to survive the Reeling Jags in London. Even though they almost choked again. Honestly both of these teams have not met expectations at all so far. Both of these teams are reeling and I don’t know if they will figure it out in time for January if at all. Also Jaguars how are ya gonna handle the players getting arrested in London? That won’t cause any drama at all..

Pittsburgh 33 (4-2-1). Cleveland 18 (2-5-1)
After a tragic Synagogue shooting the Steelers were able to take care of the Browns in the rematch with ease. Turns out that James Connor is doing just fine filling in for Le’Veon who has yet to return btw. The frustrations continue for Cleveland. It has reached the point where Hue Jackson was booted out as head coach as well as OC Todd Haley. That’s right. Hue Jackson is gone. Hopefully they make the right hires and turn around the team

Washington 20 (5-2). New York Giants 13 (1-7)
Honestly nothing to see here. The Redskins keep their lead in the NFC East by beating the awful G men thanks to AP and their defense. I will say that I’m surprised that the Redskins are sitting in first place in the NFC East through 8 weeks. But I guess that’s what happens when the rest of your division sucks or just underachieves. But don’t get too comfortable coasting in the drivers seat. Just ask the Cleveland Indians how that went. Next

Seattle 28 (4-3). Detroit 14 (3-4)
A week after Running marathons over the Dolphins the Lions played typical Lions here. Detroit let Russell Wilson look solid. Kerryon Johnson also wasn’t as solid as last week. Detroit you have to win these games if you want a chance at the playoffs. Seattle took advantage of this game. You did not

Cincinnati 37 (5-3). Tampa Bay 34 (4-3)
After getting mauled by the Patrick Mahomes Show Cincy made sure to bounce back against the Bucs. They cruised early thanks to Winston throwing 4 interceptions. It got so bad that The Bucs brought back Connor McGregor a.k.a FitzMagic. (Remember that guy? How he was good for 2 weeks and then forgotten about?) anyway he must have found some more pixie dust as Tampa comes all the way back but fall just short thanks to a Bengals field goal. Does this mean FitzMagic is back at QB? Will Cincy take the division back? Stay tuned

Chicago 24 (4-3) New York Jets 10 (3-5)
Nothing much to say here. Chicago looked a little shaky but they were without Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson. But regardless they did enough to get the job done and remain in the playoff hunt.

Carolina 36 (5-2). Baltimore 21 (4-4)
After the comeback against Philly last week the Panthers rode that momentum and had no problems with the Ravens solid defense. Carolina looks like they are going back to 2015 form in a way. Just beware of this team right now. Meanwhile Baltimore you’re still trying to make the playoffs right? Keep in mind that Harbaugh is on the hot seat and will likely be gone if you miss the playoffs

Indianapolis 42 (3-5). Oakland 28 (1-6)
Indianapolis was able to finally find a groove against the atrocious Raiders. I like the direction they are heading. Meanwhile Oakland continues its journey for first overall pick

Arizona 18 (2-6). San Francisco 15 (1-7)
In the battle of two dog sh*t teams fighting for the first overall pick the Cards win but F*ck up the tank in the process. So in a way the Niners actually won by losing. They keep themselves in pace with the Giants and Raiders while Arizona is now at a disadvantage

New Orleans 30 (6-1). Minnesota 20 (4-3-1)
The Saints have officially got revenge on the Vikings. This time with far less drama. The Saints were just the superior team in this game. They continue to be on a roll and I expect them to continue. Vikings meanwhile can continue to cause some havoc of their own because of Thelin. He’s a deadly weapon that could be a problem for opponents

New England 25 (6-2). Buffalo 6 (2-6)
The Pats continue their dominance over the Bills in a pretty dull game. New England just dominated on both sides. The Bills were so lifeless on offense that they didn’t even try to be competitive. There’s really nothing else to say here.


Also put on a side note Things Should be getting interesting going forward with a few trades that just happened including
Ty Montgomery going from Green Bay to Baltimore for a 7th round pick in 2020.

Golden Tate going from Detroit to Philly for a third rounder

And Demaryius Thomas going from Denver to Houston. For a fourth rounder
Any thoughts? - Randomator

Good riddance to Ty first of all. The Golden Tate one makes a bit of sense given Philly’s situation, and Damaryius Thomas to Houston also makes sense given Will Fuller recently went down with a torn ACL. - PackFan2005