Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 2 Recap

htoutlaws2012 The week that was Week 2 what I like to call the Tight end dominated storyline whether it was good or bad it was very interesting to say the least.

Houston Texans Vs Cincinnati Bengals: This game was very brutal, what I really mean is it represents why the ratings are low as they are, when you have these type of awful teams squaring off. A battle of which offensive line was better, and that Watson gave you the only memorable highlight of the whole game.

New England Patriots Vs New Orleans Saints: Now this right here was a battle for the ages as far as offensive display from both Tom Brady and Drew Brees both first ballot hall of famers. In the end Mr. GOAT lit the Saints up.

Cleveland Browns Vs Baltimore Ravens: Could we have another shut out by Baltimore? Nope, but they tried, and show why they are a top 10 defense in the league dispite Kizer's Migraine injury.

Chicago Bears Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ladies and gentleman the Buccaneers came to terminate Da Bears in their home turf. Great debut for Tampa all around they terminated their way on what looked to be a unpredictable Bears team last week.

Philadelphia Eagles Vs Kansas City Chiefs: The best one coming into the early game has to be this revenge game for Andy Reid and his Chiefs, and the Eagles gave the Chiefs a pretty good scare getting the football back on onside kick, but int the end not enough juice to come up with a shocking twist not to be.

Minnesota Vikings Vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Sam Bradford injured the knee, and does suit up? Sam Bradford looking more like the old Sam Bradford I though he would be by being made of glass. Case Keenum has to be the backup because Bridgewater (the ''REAL'' savior for Minnesota) is actually expected back around week 6, for The Vikings they could sure use him they looked horrible against The Steelers on the road. Imagine that you win Monday night absolutely destroy an even worse team in the Saints, and in return you get steam rolled by the Steelers the irony is stunning to say the least.

Buffalo Bills Vs Carolina Panthers: Boring back forth contest between two good defenses, unfortunately for McDermott Shady McCoy was silent, and Tyrod Taylor could not get anyone some shine. Carolina won, but at what cost at losing Greg Olsen, and maybe Cam Newton.

Arizona Cardinals Vs Indianapolis Colts: This game was freaking sad that the Colts actually had a fighting chance of actually being close to beating the Cardinals when they should be tanking. On the other side the Cardinals look like crap on the offense. Sure Palmer got 300 yards, but he is not in anyway accurate the first 2 weeks. If it was not for Tyrann Mathieu this team could of went 0-2, and probably should of considered forfeiting the season if so. Rams are on the rise, 49ers are bad, but look WAY better than the Cardinals Arizona's defense looks severely overrated.

Tennessee Titans Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: Last week it was sacksonville, this week the Titans came with one mind absolutely own the Jaguars in their own home turf, and prove why there potentially going to be a playoff team down the road. How will these two teams fair next time?

Miami Dolphins Vs Los Angeles Chargers: Close back and forth game that the Chargers should have won, and they had a gift from Adam Gase even, and the Korean looking kicker whatever his name is still can't connect the point attempt unbelievable the same old crap we saw last year with this team is no different this year, I bait Kim Jong Un was pissed. Whatever the case Miami got the win in honor of what Irma did so good for them, but gees Chargers come on your pulling what Lions have done for years.

New York Jets Vs Oakland Raiders: This game started off surprisingly competitive between these teams, but Raiders had great adjustments and dominated the field with Michael Crabtree collecting the touchdowns.

San Francisco 49ers Vs Seattle Seahawks: 49ers while there 0-2 play a lot better despite those looses they play it actually close than you would expect. The problem they need that game changing Quarterback, and do not have that this year. Seattle's offense looks bad mostly of the offensive line is not good. The found a running back in Chris Carson to get huge yardage, but everyone else was covered good for the most part. Seattle escape with a 3 point win, and needed that win.

Washington Redskins Vs Los Angeles Rams: Oh this Rams juggernaut is gonna go another 40 points, but against the Redskins? No, you're high if you think that. Washington's defense is actually decent enough to give opposing offenses some trouble. When the game was on the line Jared Goff did not know how to react when he was down, and threw a pick when he got the ball back game over well done Redskins bouncing back from a controversial ending last at home go in, and knock the door in the Rams turf.

Dallas Cowboys Vs Denver Broncos: Denver's D just outplayed the two headed monster in Prescott, and Elliott. I love how 75% of the world thought Dallas are world beaters well Mile High is one of the hardest places to escape with a win. It shows both guys did zero, meanwhile Trevor Siemian has a surprising 4 touchdown performance followed by Emmanuel Sanders, and C.J Anderson stepping at the right time blowing away the Cowboys in what was a delayed game which to me had nothing to do with Denver was just awesome all around that evening.

Green Bay Packers Vs Atlanta Falcons: I expected a great Sunday night instead I got this ''Do the math'' - Chris Collinsworth. I know Aaron Rodgers is unbelievable at coming back, but 17 seconds left, and down two possession its over that is all I gotta say about that dumb comment I heard last night that nobody is talking about. Meanwhile Freeman got two touchdowns, and Julio was lighting it up at first, but nearly like he has in his last 2 years. The question now is which teams got the worse result. Packers lose Nelson, and Mike Daniels status are unknown, and Vic Beasley is going to missed for a month which makes the Falcons defense feel more vulnerable. Another underrated injury is the right tackle for the Falcons may come to haunt them next week perhaps in what should be a fantastic game.

Detroit Lions Vs New York Giants: Speaking of the suspenseful team... the Lions looked good against a desperate Giants team. Lions win in the most stunning way. Not just how they did it, but winning by 2 possessions. Giants offense again could not do a whole lot, and when the right tackle went down it looked to be all, but over for the G man. Odell Beckham was a non-factor, and what did we get Jarred Davis getting hurt as he laid a cheap shot on him why well he is a hot head that does not like to lose. The Lions defense is going to face a there hardest task yet in facing the reigning defending NFC Champions with there unpredictable offense.

That was week 2 of the NFL, there are teams in jeopardy early, but perhaps one of these 0-2 teams will tend to play better as the season rolls on.