Ht's Analysis: NFL Week 9 recap

Week 9 had blowouts, but a ton of gloves coming off from very tempered some in which were not expected. This was week 9 of the NFL.

Buffalo Bills Vs New York Jets: I figured this would be an interesting Thursday Night game especially when its in the Jets then things went the other way for many people to not expect the Jets to come up not only for the win, but the lethal does of Matt Forte, and Bilal Powell took down the Bills as a tandem.

Indianapolis Colts Vs Houston Texans: Colts with no Andrew Luck Vs the Texans without Deshaun Watson due to a devastating practice injury that stunned the entire world after looking phenomenal against Seattle. One ugly back and forth game where both Hilton, and Hopkins had a great game that the Colts squeaked out with the victory.

Baltimore Ravens Vs Tennessee Titans: One of the more close games of the early hour, and well it was better than what I expected it to be as the Titans look to be right on track with a win coming off the bye.

Denver Broncos Vs Philadelphia Eagles: This was the Philly show for sure Eagles literally owned Denver from the start sure they scored, but at the point it was way too late for the Broncos to do anything no matter who is in at Quarterback.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs New Orleans Saints: One sided game where now it looks to be a lock in which the Saints are marching close to earning the NFC South while the Buccaneers are almost a guaranteed lock for last place in that very same division.

Los Angeles Rams Vs New York Giants: Looks like the Giants are set to be in complete tank mode after this game oh we what a beat down the Rams unleashed on the G-man. For a team I fought had at least a decent defense it just seems like they don't seem to feel motivated now that their season is likely over with Washington, Dallas, and Philly all trying to make the playoffs.

Atlanta Falcons Vs Carolina Panthers: In a battle between two up, and down quarterbacks one of them had to get the win today, and with home turf advantage favoring Carolina that was to be, but not what others would have expected to be since they did give away there top weapon for Kelvin Benjamin who mind you did not suit up for Buffalo, and yet here's Jay Ajayi the new Eagles going in laying out the Broncos for the touchdown. Can at least utilize the trade picks?

Cincinnati Bengals Vs Jacksonville Jaguars: For a team that just barely defeated the Colts definitely had it coming when they got almost stomped by Jacksonville now finally winning 2 straight now ending the Jekyll and Hyde curse.

Arizona Cardinals Vs San Francisco 49ers: In a game for last place in the NFC West comes a battle between Drew Stanton, and C.J Beathard oh man that's just brutal isn't it? Luckily Adrian Peterson was able to run enough for no potential win given for a very hapless, and lost 49ers team that looks like what the Lions were in 2000's which is atrocious welcome to the John Lynch oh am sorry Matt Millen era (pun).

Washington Redskins Vs Seattle Seahawks: Probably the biggest upset is the Seahawks actually losing at home versus a very banged up Washington team I mean wow ''YOU LIKE THAT!'' Seattle after having a amazing game against Houston last week absolutely chokes the very next week I mean just what? Big portion why they lost Blair Walsh did not make any of his 1st half kicks that was a big factor as well.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs Dallas Cowboys: I actually would of fought this game would be closer, but never would of known Alex Smith was going to finally throw his 1st pick of the season though which took them out of any potential comebacks. While that's the big historical fact of the game the real story is that the Cowboys offense became too much for the Chiefs whether it was Zeke feasting, or Cole Beasley, and Terrance Williams getting open really shows that passing defense is in trouble if they expect tp get far that needs to improve.

Oakland Raiders Vs Miami Dolphins: I honestly skipped this game because why watch a game between disappointment, and Jay Cutler that is for you to answer. Next Well like I didn't expect to get one of my prediction right in Cutler have an okay game against the Raiders, and speaking of the Raiders Lynch, and Cook had great games that provided probably big keys to the win perhaps a clutching 3 points to make sure there was no overtime involved despite being a very good game which I never would expected from these two teams.

Detroit Lions Vs Green Bay Packers: A must win match-up for both teams, and well this could be the sign of good for the Lions, while the Packers not so good look for how much they truly miss Aaron Rodgers. Lions just dominated the football lopsidedly well done that has to feel good after being the ones dominated the last 3 games.

This was one wild, and furious week with flares coming off unexpectedly well matured players to do what they did is unpredictable what lies ahead in the upcoming second half of the regular season of the NFL.