room 101: music

gemcloben Music. The beautiful art there ever was, skipping from note to note to compose some of the greatest pieces ever composed. So why do I have my hatred for this thing? Well, I don't just go with the stereotypes because I have been tricked into it, but I wouldn't just go bashing genres that I don't like. So, I shall explain. Enjoy!

Music is so very fabulous. From the most beautiful ballads to the hardest rocking tunes around, you have everything. Metal is my favourite genre, as many could guess. It has some of the most complex solos and the most brutal vocals. Even if you don't like a genre, you can admit its talent. I feel this towards many, many genres such as jazz or classical. But then why do I hate music? Here is why:

I have a hatred for certain types of music. We have rap. They just stand in front of a microphone and say a few words a bit faster than usual. They are just speaking in their accent. Eminem in the only talented rapper, although I dislike his music I can admit his talent. It is rappers like lil Wayne and drake who I can't stand. And now I get to pop music. Pop was once an expression to refer to popular music, now it refers to talentless "musicians" with boring, repetitive, soft vocals and no ability to write an original song or play an instrument with a true understanding of that instrument.

Now, we talk about those annoying music fan bases. I was having a debate with a directioner about who has more talent: Niall Horan or Eddie Van Halen. Yep, music has come to this. People are being tricked by good looks and basic musicianship into thinking the musician is talented and amazing. I played guitar for someone who visited, and I played eruption. I was then asked if I can play anything from frozen... Yep, this happened as well.

So, I don't hate all music, but I don't fall for talentless musicians who get number 1 in the charts, while artists like rush get no mainstream attention and only get attention from music experts. So, the music industry is only going downhill, so I can't wait to see what it comes to in another 10 years. Write in the comments whether you agree or disagree, and give reasons! Thank you for reading.


A couple hip-hop artists you might want to try are Aesop Rock and MF Doom. I'm not a fan of the genre by any means, but they're two very talented musicians, and I actually enjoy some of their work. - PetSounds

If you want to listen to good rap listen to Tupac. But only IF you wanted to. - Pony

If you want some good hip hop artists, then I recommend you check out Immortal Technique and Chuck D. - visitor

Agreed. There's plenty of talent in hip-hop. Rap was the musical by-product of people's struggles of living in the lower social class. For that, I respect how genuine (some) of it is. That being said, rap is mostly talking. But that doesn't mean the words can't have substance or meaning. Or that the songs can't have beautiful, melodic hooks and choruses. Those are usually my favorite parts of rap songs. - keycha1n

Why does everyone think metal is the supreme ruler? There are other cool genres too. This reveiw is so biased its not even funny anymore. I was gonna follow you, but I guess not. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

If you read it closer, you would realise I praised jazz and classical as well, and I did say they are many talented genres, and that I just prefer listening to metal. I am pretty open minded to music. - gemcloben

Why not follow someone simply for their taste in music? - visitor

Ok hate pop and rap all you want, but please stop trying to discredit it's musical integrity. And this goes for Wayne and Drake etc. as well. - ProPanda