Tupac is the best rapper of All time,there will not be another".

milla Tupac is the best rapper of All time,there will not be another".

His hard work athics..he was only in the game for six years and dropped six ablums

from 1990-96 and nine after death from 1997-2006....

Going Platinum 35 times pluss.....He is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest-selling hip hop artist, with over seventy five million albums sold worldwide, including over fifty million in the United States.

And in the length of six years" a Young Black Male in the year of 1996 has generated this much in so little time....

It was said by friends and family,and Tupac that it only took him seven days to make "Makeveli the don"The seven day theory....Makeveli went four times Platinum in America alone..for it to have been done in seven days(GENIOUS)....

Not only that he was the first Artist to have A Album PLATINUM while incarcerated..

and the number one single..."DEAR MOMMA"......Not only did he go number one while incarcerated...

He got out of Prison on An Appeal and a bail paid by "Suge Night" Producer at Death Row Records,

in exchange to make three albums....Here is why he will allways reamain the greatest...

Drops ALL EYES ON ME" double CD...DOUBLE PACKAGE buying two CDs there go your two CDs Deathrow...

All was left was one more album "Makeveli the don" was done before he was even killed...and in that time he did movies ....And other things....AT THE TIME OF HIS DEATH TUPAC HAD ALL THIS MATERIAL" JUST THINK!!!!



Don't say it so fast sweety. I love Tupac but he wasn't God and his influence is a bit overrated - Alexandr

Not overrated in the slightest. His music probably did more to change in the world than any artist of this generation. Other rappers have even said that he is the greatest and his influence on hip-hop will never be surpassed. Tupac has murals and statues throughout the world and his song "Changes" has been recognized by the Catholic Church as being one of the most important songs of the last millennium. You could spend days looking through any rappers material, and I can guarantee that Pac will still be on top. There is just no comparison between him and other rappers. - visitor

Tupac is the best and will always be the best no matter what they say me for my self I really like his songs and they are nice and cool this comes from samantha yeh baby love yoh - visitor

Eminem. All I needa say - visitor

Eminem what he's so self centered tupac was the best he thought others and his own story put it in emotional talent and was the best rapper to live and one of the best writers of all time - visitor

I can die 4 Pac... Love him to the bone - visitor

Pac wil always be the best rapper of al tym, even al rapper comfirmed that..he's just d finest n d best, lyricaly flex n he tuk rap musik 2 anotha level, pac lead others folow. - visitor

How could Eminem be better than 2pac? :O I don't understand that, Eminem is good but 2pac is better, pac is real hip hop - visitor

Love Pac he has or had hard ore gangster raps and some great raps with a positive message like keep ya head up, changes, dear mama, life goes on, better days, who do you believe, my block and the list goes on... - visitor

He was one of the greatest, but remember, he died R.I.P. Tupac, Eminem in my opinion has taken over the best rapper of all time. - visitor

Eminem will never be the Greatest of time he STYLE is a product of Rakim he's even confirmed this, Tupac on the other hand was original his style sounded like nobody before him or after him and he made way better music than eminem so he still holds the title - visitor