My Experience on the Rednecks

I have a strong hate on rednecks for these reasons above that list and I'm going to tell a story about a few of them being mean to me. Okay here's the story:

In 2014 during summer camp on late June 2014, two Christian redneck kids bullied me because I have a little bit of autism which is called Aspergers and they made fun of it and they tattle telled on me a lot. I almost got in trouble for it. I talk to myself and walk around a lot all the time but some people are mean to me because of that which isn't any good. They said that I'm being rude but I'm not, I am just telling what I'm thinking the most important thing and guiding myself what to do cause I've got a lot things to do though the time. I've also got falsely blamed by a kid that looks like slenderman. He said I made fun of his eyes and I've said nothing to him and I've got in big trouble twice and almost got send home but lucky my parents aren't part of this.

Next in freshman year in late 2015 I've got bullied by a redneck student at my school and he's a senior. I tried to teach him how to not be a redneck but he refused and he bullied me over it and said many swear words like Bulls---. I hate hearing that word from a redneck. It sounded retarded. Also I saw a picture of a confederacy flag on his school iPad background and I said that flag is very offensive to some people and he got angry and told the English teacher about it and I try to report it but it failed and he got away with it. I was really angry and I try to teach this guy a huge lesson. This redneck is a racist, he hates gays, he hates liberals, he supports slavery, and he's very cruel. Later I called him uneducated and wrote a drawing about it on my school iPad and show it to him and he got angry and told the English teacher and the teacher forced me to delete it and I did. I almost got detention or one day suspension for during it. Also later on at the beginning at second semester, he dropped out of school and near the end of school, someone told me he could come back the next school year and if he did I will report him if he bullies me again. I believe this student is telling the truth. I'm so terrified about going back to school and getting bullied again once I become a Sophomore and if this happens, I will be in a lot of fights with this guy and maybe some of his friends that sides with him. I will get my friends to help put a end to this. Also my parents aren't involved in this situation but they will if this happens in my Sophomore year.


Rednecks gooder than that crick behind the boosh jk! - Skullkid755

I was making fun of them. - Skullkid755

Sorry you had to go through that! It sounds awful - TwilightKitsune

I feel sorry for you - visitor