Evaluating A List (Reasons to Leave TheTopTens)

I understand people's concerns about the new rules the admin decided to add to their "rulebook". And that is one of the reasons people actually might consider leaving TheTopTens. But this will always be a rape- I mean grape- I mean great website. You can make lists, vote on lists, comment, remix, and post. I used to troll on here but I do not anymore because I realized it was the bad thing to do. By the way, this list is called Reasons to Leave TheTopTens.

One of the items was about Britgirl getting to much attention. In my opinion, she does not get attention any more because we realized how much attention she got so we focused on PositronWildhawk, JaysTop10List, and Turkeyasylum. There's nothing wrong with any of them but I think Britgirl deserves the attention she got earlier. Speaking of her, where has she been? And there's other users worthy of attention such as Keycha1n, Superhyperdude, and BKAlmighty. So I think it's a stupid idea to leave just because she gets alot of attention.

Another reason added to the list was about admin's rules. His/her rules are made with a good intention but are terribly executed. You can't even say something bad about a user. They want everyone to be happy with the community, but we're a family, and family members fight. We all know that. And to top it off they didn't remove racist and homophobic lists and comments. They also don't have grammar check which I want because alot of people including me have bad grammar. I saw a comment saying "they are really suck" on the list of Most Hated Countries. That's the worst grammar I have seen. It's not a bad reason to leave, but still... pretty stupid.

Lastly, I saw an item about there being trolls. All websites have trolls (YouTube, DeviantART, etc.). Get over it, don't feed the trolls, ignore them. I used to troll and I can admit it. I regretted hurting this website. We can try to evict trolls from TheTopTens house (Get the BB reference?), but it's impossible. I don't feel like bashing any more trolls and being hypocritical, so this segment is done. It's a very dumb reason to leave.

Put a comment below on what you think about the list. Do you think it's good or bad? And I might make another post like this later. This blog post series is adjourned (Get the BB reference here, too?).


Haha! Get the BB references. Anyway, nice post. - Turkeyasylum

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