Random Contrasts: Adolf Hitler vs Justin Bieber

Random Contrasts: Adolf Hitler vs Justin Bieber

There are many comparison lists on TheTopTens. Some could be legitimate some have become jokes, and some have even gotten controversy because of jokes taken too far or having the worst reasons to back up the argument. In this post series, we will be more analytical with comparing things, even if it's absurd. Some things could be obvious, but to clear up certain debates, stupid or not, this blog post series will compare just anything, and come up with certain results, which could favor either or neither side. Please note that the comparisons will be done based on why one is better than the other, and not why one is worse than the other, though certain conclusions could be done based on the former. So let's start!


The two things that are going to be compared here are both people, and are the most hated people on the Internet and on TheTopTens. They have both impacted the Western World greatly, and negatively, and multiple internet communities have spread their hate towards these two people. Even if it is considered "banal" or "dreaded" to compare them, since they have been hated so much that certain reasons against either side have been considered unreasonable or an exaggeration, I have decided to give this the first slot in the comparison post.


The comparison is intended to solve the question of which among the two is better.

Basis of Comparison:

Since the comparison will be about the most hated people, the basis would be about anything, may it be on the things they have done, or their personal attributes and qualities, and overall achievements. However, the fans of these two people won't be taken into account, only the persons being compared. The comparison will be done on WHO IS BETTER, which won't necessarily mean that the other is worse. That also means that the comparison isn't about who is more evil, but who among them is better, wherein the basis of each being "better" is already mentioned.

An overview of how Adolf Hitler was better than Justin Bieber:

(1) He cares for his country

Remember when the Weimar Republic was struggling hard to recover from the ashes of World War 1? Well, Hitler actually wanted to rule Germany and make it a greater nation which is powerful and capable enough to match the strength of its neighboring countries, and wanted to get rid of the British embargo and those food supply shortages to improve the situation in his country. Not to mention that Germany was hardly hit by the Great Depression in the 30s. He also wanted to improve the economy of his country.

(2) He is smarter

He was able to develop these weapons of war, like the V-2 rocket launcher, the Tiger Tank, the first jet plane and was also smart enough to be able to conquer its neighboring countries, and was nearly able to conquer the whole of Mainland Europe. He even researched into "free energy" technologies which would benefit his country in terms of electrical power, which could give the Germans one of the most important prime comodities easily.

(3) He has respect for his supporters

He treated his supporters and his army with great respect, especially the most loyal and skilled among of them. He even praised those teens and children who were brave enough to fight for their country when invaded. Well, even if he executed some of his people (who support his cause), that would only be because of one thing, which is that they have failed to do what they are supposed to do, or that they betrayed their country, and it's reasonable because they were at war, and there was really no other choice for Hitler, as the best way for them to protect their country from invaders was to get rid of the people who will sabotage his plan.

(4) He is brave

He was brave enough to fight for his country. He also served the German Empire in World War 1, and even had to survive a flamethrower while fighting, giving him that notable rectangular mustache. And after the horrible defeat in that war, he went on to try and unite and bring back Germany back to its former glory. Not to mention that he also wanted to voluntarily join the army back in 1916.

(5) He used charisma to get followers

Well, that is, both charisma and propaganda. He was able to devise a way to get people for his cause, which is to improve the current situation of Germany which was ruled by those ineffective Communists like Hindenburg, and had the confidence to become the leader of Germany, despite of all the struggles during the elections. He was able to get great people who are brave to join the cause, and all believed in one great leader who is able to improve the situation of their country.

(6) He is more powerful

He was able to create a whole army that was powerful enough to destroy his neighboring countries, and was also able to take out the people he didn't like from his country. Even if he only got powerful just because Hindenburg was forced to appoint him as Chancellor in 1933, he was able to create enough chaos to put himself into a higher position in the government and convince Hindenburg to appoint him as Chancellor, which would then help him gain a grip on the leadership, and make his country a better one.

(7) He respects women

Well, he cares about the women who are Aryans, at least. But there are a lot of dictators, warlords and societies and even current societies who discriminate women. Hitler wasn't. He believed that women preserve the existence of the people, which meant that they have to be treated with respect and high regard. He also gave jobs for women, so they can help in the economy. And no, Hitler wasn't a feminazi.

(8) He improved his country's economy

As I have stated earlier, he cared for his country. This is why he created jobs and improved the economic situation for his people. He has reduced unemployment from 6 million people in 1933 to 1 million in 1938. Despite certain flaws in the statistics, there is still no doubt that he was able to reduce unemployment significantly. He has also gave jobs to people by creating infrastructure for the country, and also increased the total income of the country.

(9) He cared for his workers

He has created jobs for the people, and not only for the sake of giving jobs, but also for them to have a better standard of living, which results to Hitler giving them subsidized trips, leisure events, and free radio for everyone. They even get to have swimming pools and rest areas in their factories, and they had to join a trade union which made their lives better.

(10) He created more jobs

Certain statistics backing up this claim could be questionable due to not considering Jews as a part of the German population, but there is no doubt that the creation of jobs still reduced the unemployment of the country. He also encouraged the women to take the jobs instead of men, because of the ideology that he wanted to protect those who will ideally give birth and procreate and not put them into dangerous places like going into a battle, which were more optimal for men. And no, this isn't something which is sexist.

(11) The world would be a worse place without him

A lot of people always said that the world would have been a better place without Hitler. I really think that is false. If Hitler didn't exist, nobody would start a war that will weaken the Soviet Forces and give them high casualties which would drastically destroy the will of Stalin to counquer the whole world, most especially the whole of Europe. Without Hitler, we would still have World War 2, this time led by the Soviet Union, and we all know that they have the strongest army. The casualties in such a war could even reach two times the casualty than in the actual war that happened.

(12) He is against smoking

He has created an anti-tobacco mission, which led to the Nazi doctors making research about smoking and drawing conclusions that it can cause lung cancer. He did this to protect his people, and also to help his people stop wasting money on something that would devour them. He was even the first one who published warnings against smoking

An Overview of how Justin Bieber was better than Adolf Hitler:

(1) He didn't kill people

Despite of the hate running around the Internet of how bad his voice is and how he straight out killed the way the music industry is now, we should still acknowledge that he didn't kill anybody. And no, it's not because he's a music artist. Remember that even Varg Vikernes killed someone. At least he didn't kill people for the hate he gets.

(2) He isn't a Nazi

It has been believed that you can't imprison a person just for political beliefs and philosophies, but National Socialism or also known as Nazism isn't exactly a great ideology. I don't exactly hate National Socialism; I'm just fine with its policies, with the very exception of the Aryan-only policy. I just don't understand why Hitler wants everything in the world to be Aryan, and he doesn't consider how there could be a person of another race in which he can utilize for his country or at least for himself. At least Justin Bieber has no open affiliation to such radical ideologies.

(3) He isn't as racist as Hitler

Justin Bieber hates Asians, and most especially the Chinese, Filipinos and the Japanese. He apparently has no reason for such hatred, but at least he doesn't go to as far as killing people just because of either of these two reasons: the person isn't of the same race as him or that he belongs to a certain type of race in which he could think "should be exterminated".

(4) He didn't violate human rights

Even if he has this hatred of a lot of people and cultures, or that he disrespects women and his fans, he doesn't violate people's freedoms, whether it may be a person's freedom of speech, or their right to live. He even stated that he is against abortions since he wants to protect the child and his/her right to live.

(5) He visits hospitals to visit the sick.

Whether he only comes to visit hospitals to actually care about the people (most especially children) who are sick, or that he only does this for popularity on Twitter amongst his fans, he shows at least some concern for such people, and he doesn't abuse them as if they're not humans.

Dishonorably Useless Reasons:

"Justin Bieber at least says sorry for his actions." [pro-Justin Bieber argument]

This is a pathetic reason. Why? I'm fine if someone apologizes, the person has to show that he is at least sincere with it and he does his best to change for the better. But if you repeat such actions, (like Justin Bieber "apologizing" every time and repeats such actions) I don't think you should apologize. It's better to not apologize if you're just going to repeat harmful actions.

"Justin Bieber didn't start World War II." [pro-Justin Bieber argument]

A person leading an invasion which starts a chain of events that would lead to a "world war" doesn't make a person evil. And no, starting a war isn't evil once you can justify it. Did you really think Hitler will start a war just because he feels like it? Apparently, that's what the Allied Powers made you think. If there is somebody who invades other just because he feels like it, that would be Joseph Stalin. He's the guy that is more evil than Hitler whose actions aren't being highlighted by the Allied Powers just because they "helped" beat Nazi Germany. Not to mention that Hitler had no other choice but to get rid of their neighbors that would threaten the Germans. Remember what happened in Danzig.

"Justin Bieber isn't Aryan." [pro-Justin Bieber argument]

That is basically like saying that Justin Bieber wasn't a Jew that's why he's better. It is the most hypocritically hilarious argument on this very topic. I hope whoever says this is just trolling.

"Justin Bieber wasn't a dictator." [pro-Justin Bieber argument]

Just because you're a dictator doesn't mean that you're automatically a bad person. If you have read about Lee Kuan Yew, he was the dictator of Singapore in its early years, and found itself as one of the most developed countries in Asia. The country became more organized and the people enjoy the benefits of what their dictator has done to his country. Dictatorships aren't always bad. In fact, I don't even have to blame Hitler for his dictatorship. It wasn't the negative thing in him.

"Hitler's name sounds cooler." [pro-Adolf Hitler argument]

I remember creating this "reason" before. Even if I found out that people agreed with this reason, that doesn't do anything. Having a good given name doesn't give much of an achievement, even if it leaves a mark on history. Also, have you heard of "screen names"? Because you can give yourself another (and a better) name to be known as.

"Hitler has better fans." [pro-Adolf Hitler argument]

A person's fans doesn't affect how the person is better. It's like comparing Metallica and Megadeth on the subject of who is better, while using their fans as the basis. The fans' reasoning and other qualities doesn't affect the overall performance and musical quality of the two bands. Same with Adolf Hitler and Justin Bieber. Their fans are different people from them, and aren't controlled by the latter.

My View, Conclusion and Results:

It had been a question to me back in the days if Justin Bieber is better than Adolf Hitler. Back then, I've always thought that "how would Hitler be better?!" I thought that there are no reasons, but to think of it, anything could be better than anything in at least some way. Everything and everyone has their pros and cons. And yes, even Justin Bieber has his pros and cons, and also Hitler. If you're still crying like a baby over why I make Hitler seem good, then I hope you realize that everything is worthy of critic, and like I said, there is a good thing or effect in anything. (Yes, even with terrorists, I'm serious.) I'm not answering the question of who is more "evil", I'm answering who is better. In this case, you can choose either side with valid reasons, and there's no problem with that. But since I have mentioned the standards of why one is better than the other, then you'll know how I'll judge.

My judgment is based of personal characteristics and qualities of both people being compared, overall accomplishments, and how they have left a mark in history. Knowing about history, Hitler was a great leader. He had the charisma and the will to create a greater nation. He was also brave and he also gives respect for a lot of things. I acknowledge that he has killed many people in death camps, but what is your proof that he was directly responsible for such inhumane murders? That's up to his men. He left the task to them, so he can't be blamed for the methods of killing. Only the intention of killing can be blamed upon him. But seriously, though. Why is it that it's as if he's the only one hated for killing prisoners of war, if there were other leaders like Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Leopold II, Pol Pot and Vlad Tepes who killed people with even worse methods? Americans also tortured prisoners of war, but they aren't hated as much, aren't they? Knowing about the great personal qualities in Hitler, I can say that he is a better role model than Justin Bieber.

Look, I have never said that I hate American/Western Propaganda. I also don't hate propaganda. If it's a way of convincing people on your side, it's fine. All I want to say is that due to the widespread propaganda being shown back in the days, we were not reall able to do at least some deeper research on the topic. So if you think that this post is influenced by Nazi Propaganda, I'll have to tell you that it isn't. I have also done my research about the topic.

If you have any concerns about the controversial list that I have made months ago concerning this very topic, you're free to ask me any questions. And if you're going to ask me if I still regret that list, I'll have to tell this straight: The only thing I regret is that I made bad reasons and that I made a cover-up list about it. I just didn't have enough reasons to defend it, that's why I "regret" doing it back in those days. If you think that all I'm doing is making Hitler seem good or look better, or that I'm a Nazi, then I may want to tell you that I also think that Emperor Hirohito of Japan was also a great leader. I know that he was the one who invaded my own country, and that even my own grandfather also tortured Japanese soldiers during the war. I'm also not saying this because I am an imperialist, since I'm not, but as I have stated earlier everyone has their pros and cons. If you have any other questions, you can always feel free to ask me.

So for the result, I pick Hitler over Justin Bieber. I'm fine if you think otherwise.


By human being standards, Hitler is indeed the winner. By human-right-violating standards, Bieber would be better. He indeed did not kill anyone.

That said, I like this post. It's analytical, non-ridiculous, and comes to a conclusion with solid facts. - WonkeyDude98

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The list had bad reasoning. That's it. - visitor

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