Conservative Daily: My View On the 2016 US Presidential Election Results

*Just so you know, "Conservative Daily" is just a title. I don't have the time to post every day.*

Hello all you beautiful masses of living cells. On November 8th, 2016, something marvelous happened: Hillary Clinton did not win the US presidential election. I phrased it that way because I'm not Trump's biggest fan. I'm also living in Brazil until next summer. So I'll definitely be affected by it when I move back.

Now, as you guessed by the title of my post series, I'm a strong conservative. I highly oppose liberalism. I'm against their beliefs and I even find it hard to take them seriously. They value opinions over facts, which bothers all conservatives it seems. But that's not what this post is about.

Do you know how happy I was when I found out the Donald Trump is now going to be the 45th president of the United States of America? Why am I so happy? Because it's not Hillary!

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt lying criminal who should be thrown into jail. Anyone who believes that she never did the email scandal is a retarded liberal who believes all the bulls*** that CNN says. I honestly think she won't go to jail because she's always been in a government position, and it'll make our system look corrupt. It just won't happen.

Now I guess it's time to make a list of all Hillary's problems. First of all, she's in bed with all the freaking terrorists. The emails basically put a bunch of classified information out there. She's untrustful. Downright wicked.
She is also taking money from Saudi Arabia, a country that treats women like cattle. And she claims to advocate for women's rights?
She believes in allowing anyone to come into our country, regardless of their intentions. Isn't that how 9/11 happened?

I also don't believe in gun control. The second amendment of the constitution states that we are allowed to bear weapons. Guns. And remember the old saying; guns don't kill people, the person shooting the gun does. Don't start being mean to guns.

And you know what those liberal oversensitive f*****s did when Killary lost?
They threw tantrums like a bunch of little kids. Crying and freaking out. Some of them were even burning the American flag. You know what? Those people who were burning the flag are selfish, disgusting, wastes of human life. The USA is a free country, so they have the right to burn the flag, but that does NOT make it right. They need to freaking understand that we live in a country full of opprotunity, a country that treats its people well. Here in Brazil, it's not like that. I'm itching to go back the the USA. I don't want to be here. It's so corrupt and crime-ridden. I never realized how privileged I was before moving here.

If those people hate America so much, I bet there are plenty of wonderful places that would love to have them. Like North Korea. Call me in a day and tell me how much you hate the USA then.

Since the founding of our country, people have died and are continuing to die just to keep our country free. They care about the people. The founding fathers cared about the American people of their time and the future. They wanted this country to progress and to thrive. This nation is one of the longest surviving republican/democrat nations in the world. I think that's pretty awesome. SO WHY THE F*** DO THEY THINK THAT'S RIGHT TO BURN THE FLAG??!! It really hurt me watching the footage of that. What a bunch of ungrateful scum.

Donald Trump has said sone stupid things in the past. What he said was wrong, and I'm not defending that. But do you really think that what he said ten years ago is going to affect his current presidential campaign and stuff? No, it won't.

Trump's wall won't happen. He's not going to deport every last Mexican. Yes, I think that illegals shouldn't be stealing our jobs and having the same benefits that us citizens do. That doesn't make me racist, it doesn't make Trump racist. It's just something that liberals have a hard time accepting.

So I congratulate Mr. Trump on winning the election. I'm hoping that he can change the country for the better. Sure, he may have no political experience, but neither did Ronald Regan, and that guy even made Washington vote republican back in 1984.

For all my fellow republicans out there, we have republicans in the senate, the congress, and now the president. We've made a pount that all these liberals, SJW's, and feminist f***tards are the minority and no one wants them there.

Honestly, I wish we would put aside our differences. Republicans and democrats should come together as one: the American people. And in a way, that's what we do. We don't naturally hate each other. It is only when we start talking about our beliefs that people are unkind. And for all you Clinton supporters, everything is going to be fine. The sun will still come up in the morning. I know that's easy for me to say because I'm a republican, but just trust me on this one.

I have no idea how to end a post so I'll just leave it at that.


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