Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election

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1 He's racist

He's racist, sexist and an Islamophobe! He doesn't respect anyone but himself! He says he "loves" Mexicans... but he's still going to build a huge tall wall.. WHAT? Dude, you either love them or you build the wall, you can't have it both ways. He says he would date his own daughter (if she wasn't his daughter) and that she has an amazing figure... He called women pigs, dogs and so on. I'm sure that if he amazingly becomes president - Hell will start! He will ban the gay marriage and start employing only men in important jobs. The African American people will start to suffer too... Think about who you're voting for because that's your future...

To think Trump could be our next president is a terrifying thought but what is even more scary is how many stupid people are willing to vote for him. He has no qualifications to hold the higher office in the nation. He is a wealthy demagogue without substance that thinks that Putin is a leader worth emulating...He is a racist, a chauvinist pig who insults everybody and who has no plan if he gets elected. He would be the worst president ever!
He is using fear to gather votes from his NRA followers who only care about their right to own automatic weapons that sole purpose is mass murder. I believe in the right to bear arm to defend my family, I have a shotgun and would use it should someone ever threaten my family but these AR15 and similar weapons should be banned and strict background checks should be instituted.
I am with Her...

2 He is stuck-up

You can't really say Trump is a good candidate because you really don't know where he stands on anything. Donald Trump can say whatever he wants because he doesn't have to back it up. Smarter candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who have experience, know that whatever you say now will have to be done later. Do you really believe Congress would approve a ban on all Muslims, or building all these walls Trump talks about? Not a chance. A ban on Muslims would also be challenged in court, and would be overturned with 100 percent certainty. Trump is actually the worst candidate because he understands the least about how governments work. A total lack of experience.

Trump isn't good candidate for president because he just says things about himself. I can't believe all these people voted for him when he's a bad guy, and he acts like Joker the politician. He should be banned from Mexico AND the United States. The Congress wouldn't allow him to build a wall or ban the Muslims and Mexicans. But he doesn't even KNOW how the government works. Candidates like Clinton and Sanders know how the government works. Why in the name of God did he run for President when he doesn't even KNOW what is presidency?

Yeah, he's stuck up. So what?

Hillary Clinton left Americans to die in Benghazi, jeopardized national security by using a private email server during her term as secretary of state. Also, the wikileaks prove that everybody, including the Obama administration knew what she was doing and they all understood the severity of it, yet they helped cover it up. As soon as this starting becoming public information, Hillary coincidentally deleted over 35,000 emails and went through an expensive process to wipe her emails off her computer.

What Hillary did warrants a multi year prison sentence. Yet so many people voted for her because of words Trump has said decades in the past.

Hillary didn't write any of her speaches, by the way. Read the Podesta emails.

Dang it! I just heard Ted Cruz dropped out! Oh great, now the Republican Party is stuck with Donald Trump as a nominee. Congratulations, Republican Party. You had so much better candidates and you just had to choose the absolute worst. Sigh. At least I liked both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the beginning. They at least have experience and know how to actually run a government, unlike how Donald Trump thinks running a government is like running a business. Man, am I gonna miss Barack Obama so much... ;_;

3 He hates Muslims

He doesn't hate Muslims. He hates Muslim extremists, as do we all. The goal is to get rid of the terrorists that hate Western Civilization. The reason he is starting to ban people from certain regions of the Middle East from entering the United States is because there reports of terrorists (like ISIS and Al Qaeda) in those areas. We don't want to risk getting terrorists in our country.

Although many people say that Muslims are the reason for ISIS, it has been proven that they haven't done anything, and Muslims have said that members of ISIS aren't true Muslims. Knowing this I personally believe that Trump is taking banning all Muslims from the U.S.

When the shooting happened here in Florida (Orlando, to be exact), you want to know what Donald Trump said? "I warned you about these Muslims." A horrific shooting happened, and you're making yourself look like a racist jackass? Nice going, Trump. You made me hate you even more than I already did!

4 He only cares about himself

If you think that Trump cares about you, your family, your home, your job, your business, your money, your happiness, your well being, your safety, and for that mater the country, you are gravely mistaken. The only thing this narcissistic slimebag cares about is himself. He sees everyone else as below him.. as his employees.. as insignificant.. as if they aren't human. Putting Trump, or anything like him, in any position of power comparable to the presidency would be essentially creating the greatest threat to world peace since the Cuban missile crisis.

He's a self obsessed little garbage eater. He is always willing to brag about how amazing he is and how rich and powerful he is. That isn't fair to all the poor/disadvantaged people in the world, just imagine if the troll was stranded in a remote island with poor people with nothing but a crumb or two to eat. That always makes my day. I don't know what the Americans are doing voting for him.

How can he care about America if he insults our own country's veterans?! I thought him calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers was bad, but talking trash about our own soldiers who risk their lives to serve our own country? See, of course he doesn't really care about America! Sorry Donald Trump, learn to respect America's military. A good leader does not bash his soldiers.

100% true. He only cares about his supporters and himself. He comes up with dumb and stupid ideas because he's too busy thinking about himself and his stupid politics. It's absolutely ridiculous how much of a slob he is and I absolutely DO NOT know how over 25% of America is supporting this bad-mouthed little hunk.

5 He will start World War 3

The American people should feel absoulutly ashamed of themselves for voting this jerk in. No matter where in the world you are you still feel like you should worry. Also USA and Russia are extreme enemies Americans are super jealous and wish they had a country like Canada but they won't admit it they think they are the best just because of their stupid military. If ask them why they think USA is better than the great nation of Canada the American will only give stupid excuses that are so stupid that they are not even a real excuse. Americans need to get their heads outta their asses.

No he won't start World War 3 it's the people who keep hating on him that will cause world war 3. Might sound weird but trust me if you keep hating on Trump and supporting other countries it might happen. By the way if world war 3 does happen we are screwed cause people now at days are offended by everything and care about their own feelings. So we are in a bad direction.

Trump is likely to fire nuclear weapons casually. He has no self-control, and will surely make things drastically worse. Here's a list of countries Donald Trump would probably nuke: Mexico, China, the ENTIRE Middle East, and maybe even North Korea. He is going to be the death of us. Literally.

Wow. That aged well. "Oh no! I'm a spineless liberal who thinks Trump will start World War III! I want my mommy!
Year 1: Nothing but wins
Year 2: Nothing but wins
Year 3: Nothing but wins
Year 4: Covid and eventually a vaccine

6 He hates Mexicans

This guy hates Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans, Japan, so much that he wants to ban every Muslim from entering United States, so he is Pervert, Racist, Stuck-up, Stupid, Corrupt, Immature, Bully, Homophobic, Heartless, Xenophobe & Homophobe. and more information about him.

I'll stand up for Mexicans! All races and ethnic groups are created equal. Anyone who dislikes this comment should reconsider their perspective on humanity's nature. I'm Asian American, and I think all races should be treated equally with respect and kindness. We need unity, not racism.

He doesn't hate Mexicans retards. He wants to build a wall cause Mexicans are going into our country aka illegal immigration. And if you want to come in our country you need to go through the process. But these Mexicans don't and they had their chances so now that wall is getting built. Plus if we came into their country we would be killed so it's fair game.

As a Latina, I find him as one of the most offensive, racist people I have ever seen. He hates my cultures people and can't accept people the way we are. What is this the 1960s? Now because of him, most U.S citizens are thinking that Hispanics, Muslims and other people that are not white are just bad people. When will we just get world peace and be treated equally. Like this is America, people fought and died for that right

7 He's corrupt

I mean sure Hillary's made some mistake, but it's hard to top multiple charges of fraud, multiple bankruptcies, secret involvement during campaign with russia, refusing to release tax returns, secretly using money from "charity" to buy portraits of yourself, not paying taxes in twenty years, asking repetitively for foreign donations, building buildings on people's property without permission, just to name a few...

How is he corrupt? He has 3.7 billion dollars off of real estate. Learn the definition of corrupt geniuses. Also, every saying he hates mexicans, show me the facts! The person below me saying he's hitler... no... he does not want to segregate the Mexicans he wants. He wants to build a wall for better border control. Only 17% of immigrants actually get legal documents when crossing the border, and there's no way to track them.

While most people play the corrupt card on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is just as corrupt as well. In addition to that image on the left saying he manipulates a little luck, a $200 million inheritance, and the miracle of corporate bankruptcy laws for his own success, he's also been a conniving little scammer in many heinous schemes such as Trump University, ties to organized crime and the mafia, and the fact that his tax returns proved that he had taken a huge loss in 1995 that could have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes for about two decades.

This is a reality no person, knowing true facts about Trump can deny. He's a fraud for many bankrupt companies, including his university. His campaign had Russia secretly involved, and he has lied repetitively about it. And, he refuses to release his tax returns.

8 He's discriminating against women

He doesn't hate women idiots. Women are hating on him and even it he is trying to help them those dumb women keep hating Trump. And, then he says one thing and that is somehow offensive. He loves women he doesn't like these dumb women or feminists I should call.

Now there's a recording out there that he sexually assaults woman in 05. It's gross he says he just starts kissing woman when he wants & can get away with it because he's a star! I hope a woman punched him in the face one time for randomly forcing his nasty old self on her

He's sexist. I could pull up 4 articles of him being sexist in 2 minutes. He allegedly called Mrs. Universe back then when he was hosting the competition, called her Mrs. Piggy or Mrs. House maid or something along those lines.

He has called women he doesn't like fat pigs and disgusting animals and when he was confronted about this by Megyn Kelly, he turned it into comedy, and completely switched the subject! He is a manipulator and a persuader.

9 He made fun of a disabled person

It's not the person's fault that they have a disability. So don't make fun of them for it.
What is even more upsetting with this is that if Donald Trump was born disabled (for example), then he would want everyone to respect him still and not make fun of him for it because he's selfish. But when someone else is disabled, he has to push them into the dirt like the selfish guy he is

He makes fun of people with disabilities, when he's probably got something going on, himself. I mean really, it's not like disabled people have any less value or intelligence! Get your facts straight, and it through your fat orange head!

Whether you want to admit it or not, this has nothing to do with his presidency. Also, I've seen plenty of people at my school make fun of people with disabilities every day, and these are the same people who condemn Donald Trump for it.

Oh. My. God. Disabled persons are who they are, they only are not perfect on the outside. That is NOT great. Disabled people cannot do anything against it, and you are making fun of an innocent person who is not perfect? Guys, give me a gun so I can shoot this annoying douchebag,

10 He's stupid

Attempting to gut Meals on Wheels. Famously said, "Who knew health care policy could be so difficult? " Who knew.. Everyone except this puerile, infantile, intellectually bereft, thin skinned, tantruming toddler. He furtively signed an executive order making it easier for those with mental illness to obtain guns. Trying to gut environmental protection regulations. When his draconian health non care policy failed as it should have, he threatened to end white house cost sharing payments which reduce copays and deductible for the working class. He is a horror of here to fore, unseen proportions. He's created absolutely nothing that benefits anyone other than himself.

Donald Trump is the smartest candidate running for president. He knows a lot about government and knows exactly what he is doing. he's not dumb. Also making the comment about he is a bully when you are sitting on here calling him a "redneck big with lipstick on" and "his hair looks like a cartoon" really grow up, you're the ones acting 5. Honestly your comments about Donald Trump are irrelevant. Maybe instead of listening to the media who blows everything out of proportion, you should know the true facts. If honestly you want someone like Hilary or Bernie or Ben Carson etc.. then you need to find the brain that you lack because they will put us in World War 3 before Trump.

Trump isn't stupid but he is a poor candidate because of his lack of experience. Like a lot of Republicans, he doesn't seem to get it that America is a free country for everybody, not just those that look and think like him. He's great at playing the media for attention because he's done it for years. That is what he's experienced at! Running a government? He's never done it. Never. And he wants to start at the top? Sorry, Donald. Run for city council or school board.

I don't understand Trump because America was literally colonized due to immigration...we came from Great Britain as refugees looking for a new beginning. Just because somebody is good with money doesn't mean he will make the best president ever. To be a great president you have to be well-rounded and good with everything (foreign policies etc.)including money. And building a wall on Mexicos boarder won't solve anything, it will just make things worse and promote even more illegal immigration.

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11 He has little knowledge of presidency

When you were a child, you thought of being a king or president and making your own rules. This is similar to Trump. He was a businessman, no knowledge of presidency. Since he didn't know duck brains about beung president, he's going to be reckless and, like a child, make new things that'll cost a lot of money. And he is most likely to start a war. He will be worse than Bush.

Donald Trump is a businessman! He can't possibly have the knowledge of becoming president, and he definitely doesn't know how important the job of being a president is. He has no political experience, and he lies about things that are huge and unbelievable, unlike any of the other candidates.

See, that's why Trump should not run. This is the PROPER reason. He has little knowledge. He's never had any experience of presidency. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has enough knowledge of presidency because her husband Billy boy has been president before and probably taught her about it so yea, get my point?

I don't care if you're tired of politicians. At least they have experience. This moron thinks that he's hot for getting this far, but America's smarter than to actually have him as our president (at least, I hope we are).

12 He wants to bang his daughter

At first, I thought it would just be funny to add this item as a joke, but after doing a little research, now I can prove that this item is technically true. You see, in a March 6, 2006 interview on The View, he apparently made an incest-like remark about his daughter by saying he would date her if he wasn't related to her. So in a way, that kind of makes this item correct. Trust me, I've seen the footage of the incident on YouTube.

Let's see:
"I've said if Ivanka weren't my daughter I'd be dating her"
"She's hot, don't you think my daughters hot? "
"What a beauty that one, if I weren't happily married, and you know, her father..."
"You know who's one of the great, great beauties of the world according to everybody? Ivanka. She's 6 feet tall, and she's got the best body. Every guy in the country wants to go out with her"
-Donald Trump
He's said more stuff I'm just listing what I remember

Dumbest propaganda ever, he did NOT bang his daughter just because he said he'd date her if he wasn't her father. He's saying that his daughter is beautiful and you are all taking it in the wrong context. My mother thinks I'm handsome, does that mean she wants me to get in bed with her if I wasn't her son? NO.

I don't know if Trump meant by what he said about that little "incest" comment he made about Ivanka. But, I kind of disagree. He's commenting her beauty and how beautiful she is. My dad says I'm pretty, but does that mean he wants me to "sleep" with him? NO

13 He is immature

He talks about the other candidates as if he were a third-grader. We should be smart enough by now to know that that is not how you, of all things, RUN FOR PRESIDENT OF THE United States OF AMERICA. If you're going to run for President you must be mature, righteous and cool about it, promoting yourself more than demoting the appearance of those running against you. Donald Trump focuses more on those who are running against him than how he actually plans to "make America great again", and he makes so much fun of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and even Jeb Bush. Sure. Third-grader for President! Yeah!

Very true, during the debates Trump often comes unprepared and easily baited, while Hillary Clinton came with a rock solid confidence. Plus whenever Hillary stated something against Trump he would be like "Wrong" or "That is not true", like a 4 year old arguing over a toy

He puts Hillary DOWN! He screws up HER argument to get in the lead. Hillary wasn't threatening to get RID of guns. Donald Trump is MAKING IT SEEM that way so no one votes for her!

He can't be more immature than the people who threw riots, destroyed property, burned flags, attacked police, and said that "people need to die to make a change in this world".

14 He is homophobic

He is a homophobic ass who looks down on people because they like someone who he thinks they shouldn't, he hates people for something they cannot control, if he thinks it's a choice to be gay, and agrees with homosexuals shouldn't get married because the bible said so, he's a hypocrite, the bible also said that rapists can marry their victims, siblings can marry, divorced couples cannot get remarried, so these 3 he disagrees with but he takes god's word for the homosexual part.

This ugly pig is just an all around bigot. He's a sexist ass who thinks he can take a woman's choices away. A racist who hates literally anyone who isn't Caucasian. He actually promotes violence and would probably bomb anyone he wanted. Not to mention the entire LGBTQIAPD community would face even harsher judgement if he's elected. Why can't more people see that he'll destroy this country.

He's such an @$$ to homosexuals! In a gay shooting inscedent he went on a hate speech about gays when asked about it! How rude & disrespectful! They're humans who didn't do anything wrong! When he dies, we should write a hate trump speech everywhere in the net!

Homo sexuality IS a choice. No one is born like this. God did NEVER create us to love the same sex. If people are attracted to the same gender then it is a result of the modern worlds way to raise our children.

15 He only cares about immigration

1) a commenter wants "assistance to new immigrants..." Nice ideal, but where's the funding for that supposed to come from? The country's already in tremendous debt with little hope to improve that. Any expenditure on something new will also mean something else is sacrificed. Further, what about assistance for citizens already here who are struggling and unlikely to be able to afford food, shelter, healthcare in their later years when they are likely unable to be employed?
2) many don't even bother to listen and learn more about his position on immigration beyond some of his ridiculous brief comments and what opponents falsely claim

Immigration is his main go to while in interviews. However, it is believed that he is mainly about immigration due to his racism against black, hispanics and any other race or colour that is not his. He has no right to talk about immigrants if he has them personally working for him, and I am pretty sure that one of his wives probably only married him to become legal in this country. He says that hispanics are rapists etc, but he is a man that violated many laws and was pressed charges against multiple times. He is talking about other races to hide behind it and actually try to do something for the country to hide the man he is. His buisnesses were only successful because they were handed out by his father. Immigrancy is the only thing he can judge to hide himself.

I wouldn't actually say this one is true. Immigration is a big issue in his campaign, but he does occasionally talk about other things. Likewise Bernie Sanders has made income inequality the main focus of his campaign, but he also addresses other problems. What I would say about Trump is that almost everything else on this list about him is 100% true.

I don't think there should be any restrictions against who can move into the US. Some people are in a troubled state and move to America for refuge, safety, and opprotunities. What we need is assistance to new immigrants who are looking for a new life.

16 He hates Japan

Dude, World War II is over! America occupied Japan and helped modernize it and now they are one of our closest allies now! They are an important part of the Pacific Alliance and are essential to the global economy, which is also just as important to the US economy because we are interdependent on other countries' economies just as they are to us! Plus, if you hate anime, I swear all the Titans shall come after you.

If it were Donald Trump who went to Hiroshima instead of Barack Obama, that Ronald McDonald Trump imbecile would have probably mocked Japan and make fun of the victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I know he's trying to show love for America, but this dude needs to realize Japan is one of our closest allies now.

Though I didn't really like Barack Obama (and this is coming from someone who still likes Barack Obama) for not honoring our fallen Americans on Memorial Day weekend when he went to Hiroshima, Japan and only apologized to the victims of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II, at least it shows that he's a pacifist and isn't just some war-crazed president and that he still shows good demonstration of foreign relations with other countries. While Donald Trump may have pointed out Barack Obama's lowly mistake, one thing you have to ask yourself is this: Can Donald Trump actually handle foreign relations really well, especially with a country like Japan that he hates? Barack Obama does need to show some love for our country on an occasion like this, but Donald Trump trying to blatantly throw insults at people he hates doesn't make it any better.

17 He thinks he can fix the world's problems

Sorry, the random. You can't say he'd give us a better military. In fact, you can't say he'd do anything because he's only made two concrete proposals since he started his campaign. He would build a wall to keep Mexicans out (which would never pass Congress, it would be far too costly) and he would ban all Muslims (which would clearly be unconstitutional). Neither proposal would give us a better military. Obama is a constitutional lawyer, who understands LAW. Trump is a real estate heir and a casino owner. To compare their qualifications for president is like comparing the Kansas City Royals (Obama) with a Little League team.

Well that doesn't make sense. Who cares if he thinks he can or can't? If he thinks he can solve the world's problems, great! He can try his hardest, and if he succeeds, perfect! I do not understand how this is in any way bad. If he sets goals that he thinks he can accomplish, it's a good idea to try to achieve them. Just because you set a bar that others don't think you can reach is an odd excuse.

Trump the definition of a con. He thinks that his insane outspoken promises can be fixed. When in fact these problems are impossible to solve. The racism,misogyny and extremism doesn't help this ideal at all.
In 1974 President Gerald Ford stated that "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have" which is something Trump needs to realise.

He will just make the problems worse. The only thing he knows for sure on what he would do is shipping immagrants back to the country they came from. He doesn't know how to be a president, he was bankrupt 4 times, so he will just cause another great depression. He would cripple the poor by taking away government programs, he is just the worst person anyone could ever vote for. 54% of the U.S. population will leave if he becomes president and mainly because nobody wants to put up with his stupid ass.

18 He's a bully

I agree. Trump is a bully towards everyone. Immigrants, disabled people, etc. Trump is a complete douchebag and he's even worse than any other president out there.

All he cares about is how rich he is and the fact that he can solve the world's problems in one day. Even though Hillary Clinton is liked/hated, I'd still be against Trump.

He kept on talking and talking about building a great big wall around Mexico and forcing Mexicans to pay for it. Then, he makes fun of a disabled person. Trump needs to know that not everyone has to be perfect. We all make mistakes in life. He's the exact opposite of Obama.

First of all Donald Trump is not a bully! How dare you say something like that. At least he's better than Ted Cruz! Why don't we pick on Ted Cruz once in a while? Or why don't we find something good about Donald Trump? You know how he's not an ordinary politician? Or how maybe he's a business man that might get rid of some of this debt that Barack Obama put us in! Don't come on Republicans me! Donald Trump knows what he's doing, and that's more than I can say for some of the other candidates!

Just look at what he has done to the small business' he's contracted out to. He's bullied them out for their savings, their security, potentially their businesses, all because he hasn't wanted to pay his bills. Hell, look at the guy right now living by his golf course in Scotland! The one who he built a giant dirt wall around and then tried to get HIM to pay for it. The man is a menace.

Wish Ted Cruz won instead of him... Donald Trump is a bully and bad person! I don't know why many Americans like him... I wished they vote for some other president who is more worthy than Trump! His supporters can be annoying and too much too!

19 He's a xenophobe and a homophobe
20 He is heartless

He has hate and anger for a heart, and for a brain, nothing. His money is his only care, and how other mothers and fathers are being separated from their children, and how people are killing others, he doesn't care. Not one bit. If I was president, I would've cared. I would've given those families a new, nice, home, and I wouldn't separate children from their mothers. It breaks my heart to see other children be separated from their mothers.

One of the biggest reasons to not vote for him, In order to even be considered a good president is having a heart, a heartless president is a dangerous one. Families would be broken, poor would lose everything, America would fail.

He wants to kick millions of Muslim families back to Syria where they might get killed, he also says that terrorists families deserve to die. He really is heartless and I can't believe he won the election.

Heartless? Really? "He doesn't care if families are deported, broke apart. He's heartless, all he cares about is how rich he is" Deporting illegal people is heartless?

21 He's brainwashed in Hollywood's preferences
22 He has been praised by Vladimir Putin

Also they apparently got along. That's sickening and hypocritical to find this out (just use common sense to see why it's hypocritical).

Oh, now trump wants America to become the United Communist Not Free States That Prosecute and Waterboard people for interrogation of America!

Putin is crap anyway.

23 He hates African Americans

I'm black and I hate his racist ass. I'd rather have Hilary Clinton than Donald McFartnold Trump. Yes both candidates are messed up but at least Clinton isn't racist as Trump.

This is another good reason, he hates ISIS for a good reason because ISIS threatens so many countries, he hates black cause he is racist and Metts.

Probably cause African Americans cause the most crime and most of them are ruining this country.

He does but some of them are still voting for him, wake up people, he is going to hurt the country bad.

24 He is a demagogue

Trump claims he is a conservative, but we'll just have to take his word for it, as with so many things he says. While I'm a conservative, I simply cannot support Trump because he is so fickle. He was a Democrat until 1987, then became a Republican. That would have been fine if he just stuck to it, but he didn't. Instead, Trump switched his political affiliations several times in this order: Independent, Democratic, Republican, Independent, and Republican. We can't trust people who do this to run our country! So if you're a conservative who believes in the ideals Donald Trump professes, you should ask yourself if HE really believes them. Is Donald Trump really a conservative, or is he an opportunist looking for political power? I choose to believe the latter.

Trump CLAIMS he is a conservative, but is he, really? The fact is, Donald Trump was a Democrat, and became a Republican in 1987. That would be fine, as some of our greatest leaders have changed their minds and political ideologies. However, Trump did this several times, becoming an Independent, then a Democrat again, then a Republican again, then an Independent again, and then a Republican for the third
time, which he is today. We can't trust people who act this way to be our leaders! Trump has changed his mind so many times that it points to something more sinister than his brash rhetoric and often comical actions. It points to something along the lines of Trump conveniently changing his entire ideas to side with what he perceives as the majority. Why? To gain power. If by some miracle he is elected, can we really trust Donald Trump to live up to the ideas he trumpets out to attract conservative voters?

Trump is certainly an opportunist.

25 He is only running because of a midlife crisis

He's too old to be going through a midlife crisis...

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