The Number One Problem with This Site

This will be brief since I am not one to harp on issues and problems.

I typically try to ignore negative activity on this site but I am beginning (maybe a little bit more than beginning) to get annoyed with these kinds of lists.

Every other new list I hear about or find on the page for new & popular lists are about other people and how horrible their lists are. Every other list is "Top Ten Worst Things About the Top Tens... blah blah blah". ENOUGH! We need to stop making lists that basically just complain about other people. I feel slightly hipocritical because as of right now, I am complaining about other people, but honestly, does it not seem excessive?

I believe that this issue is mainly coming out of a lack of ideas. More and more do the these nonsensical lists keep coming up that have endless possibilities. A list titled "Worst Things to Do to Your Sister" means absolutely nothing because there is an infinate number of horrible things one could do to their sister. You could:

tie her up, burn her hair, throw out her clothes, tell her she's adopted, draw on her face when she's sleeping, eat her cookie, place a "kick me" sign on her back, put gum in her hair, break her Barbie dolls, sabotage her iPod, kill her pet hamster, throw a rock at her, murder her best friend, drown her, punch her, kick her, slap her, punch her harder, choke her, stab her, slicer her, crush her, suffocate her, eat her, blow her up, and sneeze in her face AND IT KEEPS GOING FOREVER!!!

Because of lists like these, lists like the "Top Ten Reasons Why Some TopTenners Should Regret Making Some Lists" keep being made and the infinite cycle of unoriginality and unnessessary criticism continues forever.

I could list more and more reasons to further argue my point but then I am pushing the boundaries of being "brief" enough.

I trust all of you who read this are old enough, aware enough, and mature enough to understand what I am saying and realize the factuality of what I am saying.

I believe this is a remarkable site and I very much enjoy being a member of it so I ask nicely that you please consider what I have just ranted about.

My solution is to not worry about having the most lists. Worry more about making lists that mean something. I admit that I used to push out lists purely for the sake of having a bigger number of them but I have been more sincere about list making for some time now. I ask that you try to do the same if you are also guilty of this.

I will likely not do this again since I don't really enjoy it at all (complaining, that is - not writing stuff :P).

Please take this message as a friendly concern. I am not being Squidward.

Thank you for reading this! I appreciate it,

BKAllmighty :) (BK for short - if you want to call me that - easier to type - ok, I'll stop talking now)

p.s. dont jugde mee if therr ar speling or grammur mistaeks :) I know they exist


100% agreed. List quality has been slipping lately. - PetSounds

Huh, this is kind of like my post I did days earlier. It even has the same arguments... I am not saying this could be copying or whatever the hell, but you know... - visitor

If it is not plagarizing, it is a pretty damn good reply, though. - visitor

I agree, very good post - EvilAngel

I think the worst thing about this website are trolls ( and possibly really bad lists). - MusicalPony