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1 Human Humans are not exactly wild animals, but they are not domesticated either. Humans are proven to be the most intelligent species of animals on Earth. Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white.

Ok, to the people getting mad about fur coats: the fake fur is worse.
It feels worse (I like fur)
It's worse for the environment- Faux fur is made of non-degradable plastics, you know, the stuff we are trying to remove from our oceans? Fur farms- if done in a non-cruel way (animals actually have a good standard of living before they die), are no worse than other farms, it's material. Now, don't kill vulnerable and endangered animals simply for fur, but I see no problem with farm-raised fox fur (again, if raised cruelty-free)

Can we all just agree on this? I mean come on! Think about it. Who's fault is Global Warning? WE are killing the world. People kill each other for things like money! And there are still people who think spiders are scarier? Think again!

Let me make things clear: first of all, reading through the comments, I see some people getting angry about fur-coats- I don't want artificial things to keep me warm! I'm a man of nature! OK, OK, I will be serious. Humans, due to their massive intelligence, they had an industrial boost in the 1800s and are still in their early stages of developing- and we've noticed these mistakes! We try to fix them! I honestly think you people are being too hard on... well, yourselves, technically. By saying that the existence of humans is laughable, that's saying that your existence is laughable, so... burn? Second of all, we aren't the only species to kill our own- in fact, practically every species has done it- we are just the first to set up a justice system to punish those who kill. Also, war, by theory (my theory), is in the nature of certain animals, and can be known as aggressive negotiating; there wouldn't be war if people didn't sign up to be a soldier. Ant colonies have wars, you saying ...more

We are all a disgrace to God and all life on Earth. We pollute, shoot and starve animals. We put them to captivity just for our entertainment. We are a total disgrace excuse me while I shoot myself in pity.

2 Spider

Sometimes I imagine what I'd do if millions of spiders the size of dogs would suddenly break in through the wall and wherever I run, they follow. They make me sick to my stomach, because I had a scary encounter with a spider when I was a little girl. I used to sleep without a shirt on and I woke up to long, thin spider legs radiating out of my belly button. I was so scared I didn't even dare to breathe too much. I tried to figure out what to do but I had no idea. Fortunately the spider didn't take long before it crawled out. I tried to offer it a corner of my blanket to make him stop crawling around on my and the second it was on the blanket I jumped up in disgust. I know spiders can crawl on you while you're asleep, but why in there? I could never sleep without a shirt on and I had horrible nightmares about spiders crawling inside my belly button and laying eggs. That was so awful.

Ok, I'm not scared of teeny-tiny spiders but I'm terrified of giant spiders! Even the little toy tarantulas creep me out! But snakes? Come on! They're adorable! And sweet! I've held one at the pet store and it was so nice! It just sat on my shoulders and chilled there. It also did some investigating in my pockets which I thought was really cute!

What to do when you see a spider?

1. Scream like a girl in a Justin Bieber concert (also scary) and run in circles

2. Offer a sacrifice to the spider. Offer a grasshopper or any other less scary bug. Or a human if it's huge. And if that doesn't work...

3. Buy a Flamethrower or nuke it from orbit. Thy are the best solutions. If that doesn't work than you're already dead then.

I don't get it. What's so scary about a spider? Sure, they LOOK creepy, but a normal spider can't hurt you (unless it's a tarantula). You can also kill one by stepping on. STEPPING ON IT. Come on! They don't even get that big. If your talking about a spider that CAN KILL you, I understand. But if it's the spider you see in your garage every day, then I don't understand. At all.

3 Shark Sharks are a group of fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton, five to seven gill slits on the sides of the head, and pectoral fins that are not fused to the head. Sharks have been around before the earth's first dinosaurs and even the earth's first trees.

All the animals on this list except humans are all misunderstood they all are trying to make a living. Animals are here for a reason and that reason is to keep the natural balance a balance do you all understand or are you a bunch of maggots that will harm the natural balance.

You need to be more specific. What kind of shark are you talking about? Reef sharks and other small sharks are actually pretty cute, and guess what else? They can't hurt you! However, Great White Sharks do eat people every once in a while (about 2 each year), but it is purely accidental. You look like seals to them, and they LOVE seals. Either way, more people get struck by lightning each year than those who get eaten by sharks, and you can live through both of them, so it would be extremely painful. I think humans and the Earth's natural power are by far scarier. I can assure you right now that none of the people who have commented on 'sharks' will not get eaten or attacked in any way by a shark.

I live in California so I always go to the beach to surf and stuff. But I can never get the thought of getting attacked out of my head. I have anxiety and so sometimes up I get really worked up about it. The thought is scary. You're having fun, and at any least expecting moment the shark can all of a sudden take grab of your foot, pull your under the water and wreck your life. Just give are the creeps.

Sharks are actually misunderstood. They wouldn’t necessarily hame you. They are very majestic and graceful creatures. They only mistake you as a seal or other prey they eat. It’s only a matter of misunderstanding between humans and the sharp teethed beasts. Yes, some sharks are aggressive such as the tiger shark, bull shark, and the great white shark but that’s just their instinct. Instinct: survive no matter what it takes. I used to be terrified of sharks and wouldn’t take a step in the ocean but they have grown on me. Sharks attack when we go into THEIR territory. They defend themselves because they see us as an intruder.

4 Snake Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears. About 600 species are venomous, some of which can be fatal to humans if no medical help is sought.

I mean, just find a ball python, garter snake or corn snake. They are small and domestic ones can learn to tolerate/enjoy being handled. While it takes a bit, if a snake is near its owner or is with them for a while, it will actually move around them/be social. They won't do that for strangers, generally might just curl up into, well, a ball. Ball python.

Snakes make great pets and yeah you don't wanna mess with an anaconda, king cobra, or boa constrictor (fun fact: boa constrictors are legal pets), unless you go chasing a 5 meter long snake that weighs 250 pounds, you should be fine.

PLEASE READ: Not all snakes are "dangerous" and "evil". As someone who owns a snake and has spent years researching them, I can assure that while you shouldn't go chasing snakes, many snakes, including wild snakes, are completely harmless. They have no need to bite humans unless they feel threatened. After all, its not like they can fit us in their mouths. And snakes aren't always disgusting. While wild snakes carry many diseases, the same could be said for the human hand. Please educate yourself before you hate and fear these wonderful animals!

I remember as a child a very traumatic experience was when I was at a relatives friends houses I was 4 or 6 and they had an arch like tunnel and it had branches and I was walking and 4 snakes were looking right at me I remember screaming and went to my mom and they looked and saw nothing. What I think happened was this never really happened and was a nightmare(my mom can't remember it), I was just wrong and something else happened or they went away. But it doesn't matter it gave me a giant fear of snakes and when I saw a harmless one at my friends I literally ran back in. So snakes are scary

Snakes are awesome and beautiful! They are very unique, fascinating creatures. They are not evil. Only a portion of snakes are venomous. Most common snake species like garter snakes, green snakes, and rat snakes are completely harmless. They are among the most biodiverse animals on the planet, and very intriguing. Even in the way they move is interesting, using their powerful belly muscles to slither. I have a pet snake, he’s a corn snake and his name is Memphis. He isn’t a dangerous beast who can one day snap and kill me. He’s just another harmless little snake who wants to live out his days in peace, exploring his terrarium and eating some mice. Snakes are the best!

5 Crocodile Crocodiles or true crocodiles are large aquatic reptiles that live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia.

They scare me every time when I go to the beach at Florida, with such a powerful bite (the strongest), this thing will never let go of you, it must be painful. Please help me, though the nice side of crocodiles, they are really caring mothers, just watching a mother caring for her babies just makes all of the scariness of a crocodile go away, except when you stop watching it.

They are very intelligent reptiles. Just like the shark, you go into their territory or you do something that provokes them. These large reptiles have lived for millions of years. And I’m talking like back when the dinosaurs were alive. They are very powerful and scary looking but if you respect their space and let them be, then you learn to admire them more than fear them.

No. Don't play dead, they'll eat you. People, don't listen to him, run straight because it's a myth to run zig zag. Also get around a tree or large boulder if you're bad at climbing.

If you get caught by an alligator in water, it pulls you under the water, flips you around, then chews you apart while drowing! I honestly think that is as bad as burning alive.

6 Scorpion

I live in Tasmania and would you believe when I came back to my old apartment, it was completely infested with little scorpions. Tasmania? what? I almost feel like someone planted them there because I have never seen scorpions in Tasmania before.

Scorpion's venom can be stronger than cyanide, but it's not very deadly because they only inject it in small doses. Also, all scorpions are venomous, but only 25 species known are able to kill a human

These and snakes scare me the most. Scorpions can poison you to make you have one of the worst deaths, and big snakes can crush your bones. These animals are ones of the deadliest beside mankind.

If I ever come face to face with one if these, I'd be doing that holy compelling hand gesture that you usually see in movies.

7 Lion The lion is one of the big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. The commonly used term African lion collectively denotes the several subspecies in Africa.

I'm not even sure why they're considered the King of the Jungle even though they live in the savanna. They're still awesome cats.

Long live the king...
(You are flung off into a wildebeest stampede below a cliff by a lion)
Imagine getting killed like that

They are WAY better than DUMB OLD tigers! Tiger may be scarier but lions are way stronger! $! $$$

Never mess with the king of the jungle! But tigers are scarier

8 Bear Bears are mammals of the family Ursidae. Bears are classified as caniforms, or doglike carnivorans, with the pinnipeds being their closest living relatives.

Bears are kind of cute. Here is a situation that has happened. You wander through woods, let’s say in Canada. You spot the most adorable thing ever. It is a cub. You walk up to it with your phone to take a pic. All of the sudden, a huge 3 meter tall beast rushes out the woods and knocks you to the ground. It is a large female grizzly. You grab your bear spray but the monster knocks it out your hand and swipes it’s claw through your chest. You scream for help but you are killed by the beast. The end.

They definitely are powerful. Not the animal you'd like to tease. Just look at those teeth! But they aren't as badly portrayed in the shows as animals like hyenas. Like for example, the movie The Lion King and those hyenas Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed. And then you look at the Brother Bear movies and they seem... so strong and sweet and beautiful. Just don't look it in the eyes and DO NOT run away. You will not outrun them.

This animal is THE strongest land animal in the world. It can lift a rock the height and width of a 5 foot human with one paw. Why tourists think this animal is going to be friendly and eat out of their hand just defies all logic.

Bears will only attack you if provoked, I don't see why you should be scared of them unless there trying to maul you. (Which is not whenever you see one 50 yards away etc. )

9 Tiger The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognizable for their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside.

Okay people that say that tigers will just up and attack you are flat out wrong. Tigers rarely attack humans they would prefer to eat something else however this doesn't mean you can just waltz up to a tiger. If you happen to encounter one just back away slowly and respectfully.

It's people like you that are endangering these awesome animals. Get a life and stop hating on animals who just want to protect themselves, their children, and their friends, like us.

Tigers are misunderstood. They try to kill you because they learned over time that we hunt them. And not for their meat, for their SKIN.

Tigers only hurt you if you try to hunt them or they think you are.. And really that's our fault for hunting tigers in the first place.

10 Goblin Shark

A certain clown's teeth looks similar to the teeth of this dwelling nightmare.

The thing that they are scary because you like goblins and sharks (you think they are harmless) N.O

This picture. Will haunt my dreams along with the non-wormish worm.

I did some research on this animal and it looks mean

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11 Megalodon The megalodon is an extinct species of shark which was about 59 feet (18 meters) long and hunted in the seas until about 1.5 million years ago. It was similar to today's great white shark-but three times longer and 20 times heavier. more.

Personally, I think megalodons are great hunters and are cool. But I hate their fan boys, they think a megalodons could beat everything and still exist in the ocean. Megalodons beating everything BS or overrated, megalodons existing in the ocean, eh half overrated and half kinda true as 90% of ocean not explored..

Considering sharks don't kill too many peeps (let us pretend Mega eats any marine mammal, especially baleen whales, ancient Physter, and bathing humans), I'd say about 25 peeps would get eaten by Mega annually.

Very very large,50 feet long. Megalodon could be alive! Some people have saw it. You also can if it is really alive!

It may be scary, but very interesting. Besides, it can't hurt you anymore: because it's extinct.

12 Worm

Me: ( walks into house )
Lil bro: worm!
Me: ok?
Lil bro: WORM!
Me: it’s not that scary... jeez.
Me: ( comes over and sees worm )
Me: ( it looks like the worm in da picture )
Lil bro: ( cries )
Me: ( kills it )
Me: I wonder if we can move to that moon, titan anytime soon. I bet they don’t have mutant worms.
Lil bro: ?

Worms are seriously underrated unless your talking about tapeworms or leeches (which, by the way, is already on the list.) I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be here if we weren't for worms! All you people obsess about are wolves and blah blah blah, pretty animals.

Let me tell you all something, worms help to make compost, which helps plants grow and what do plants and trees provide? Oxegon. We need Oregon and if it weren't for worms helping to make compost, plants probably wouldn't grow as well without compost. Plus, worms can't hurt you!

Come on. They're useful animals and they're sometimes cute. I've picked some up before. I do find it weird that worms can still move when half of their bodies are gone.

13 Viperfish A viperfish is any species of marine fish in the genus Chauliodus. Viperfish are characterized by long, needle-like teeth and hinged lower jaws. A typical viperfish grows to lengths of 30 to 60 cm.

Up close, they are really scary, same thing with the dragon fish (looks samilliar), until you see it's real size, only a few inches...

They have white and black eyes. So those ugly disgusting fish are posseded by the devil.

God, why did you create something so hideous yet menacing?!

Darn right! They are so scary! Just look at their faces! D:

14 Mosquito Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are insects that have been known to cause various diseases. A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus.

This is my worst/ugly/scariest animal in the world. They are just gonna bite you. And suck your blood. Just don't mind them killing you or evem more worst. They are disgusting X.

Deadliest animal on the planet. Fact! More people die from mosquitos than any other animal. They are freaky and annoying and are actually one of the few animals that I just can't stand. At least they don't crunch when you squash them.

Why is everyone scared of sharks and spiders? If you cheer for a dead spider, you cheer for catching a horrible disease from an insect and dying.

These are actually THE DEADLIEST animals on the planet! They kill millions, and I mean millions of people every year with their dieseases.

15 Cockroach

I don't like cockroaches. Not at all. But one species of cockroach I like is the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. They look cute, but the noises they make sound eerily reminiscent of a snake. I found some at a pet expo and I was like "Hmm. Interesting."

once I was in a 3 star hotel, I was using the bathroom all calm okay? Then I felt something crawling on my butt, I got up luckily I was don't peeing and a roach was on the toilet seat. 4-5 STAR ONLY 3-1 NEVER AGAIN

Wood roaches are fine, but I have a weird fear that Cockroaches give you diseases by you breathing the same air as them. I don't scream when I see a cockroach, but that just shows how unsanitary they are. They are filthy, little things that are unnatural to nature. NOTE: I think some Roaches are fine, it's just Cockroaches that I hate.

It's not that the creature itself is scary, it's just that when you see it- you know that the place you're in... isn't the cleanest place in the world, to put it very, very lightly.

16 Great White Shark The great white shark, also known as the great white, white pointer, white shark, or white death, is a species of large lamniform shark which can be found in the coastal surface waters of all the major oceans.

I live in Australia and I think these do not belong in Australia

They are beautiful yet scary. But sharks deserve respect

I've been scared to go in the ocean ever since watching Jaws

No not scary at all sure you have watched jaws still not scary such a scardy cat

17 Box Jellyfish Box jellyfish are cnidarian invertebrates distinguished by their cube-shaped medusae. Some species of box jellyfish produce extremely potent venom: Chironex fleckeri, Carukia barnesi and Malo kingi.

I swear on the graves of my ancestors that I hope not to cross paths with this violent beauty, for it is well known as the "wasp of the sea".

My top 10 scariest animals
10-Giant Python:they squeeze you to death!
9-Hippo:teeth of doom!
8-Tasmanian Devil:super scary screams!
7-Buffalo:get too close, STAB STAB STAB!
6-Giant Squid:big-eyed tentacled terror of the deep!
5-Narwhal:looks like they could gore you!
4-Vulture:ugly undertaker birds!
3-Stork:Number 4 taken to the next level!
2-Mosquito:deadliest diseases ever!
1-Jellyfish:large or small, they all make me scream!

Note-I am only scared when in the animals environments except for the jellyfish(even scarier in the deep blue)!

This is the most venomous animal on the planet. It's venom can kill within minutes and is extremely painful. Not only this but it is practically invisible in the water and very hard to see.

This animal is worse than a great white shark in fact it's the most dangerous sea creature and and should be number one or higher.

18 Piranha A piranha or piraña, a member of family Characidae in order Characiformes, is a freshwater fish that inhabits South American rivers, floodplains, lakes and reservoirs.

They only attack you if your bleeding in the water, if your just calmly swimming you have nothing to worry about.

Most are vegetarians lol but don't swim in Amazon waters with a cut! Don't urinate either!

If they weren't scary enough for you already, watch the movie Piranha

They are very dangerous. Watch out for these piranhas!

19 Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus, meaning "tyrant lizard", from the Ancient Greek tyrannos, "tyrant", and sauros, "lizard" is a genus of coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur. It also had a tremendous bite force, the strongest of any Dinosaur and living terrestrial animal. Its bite force reached up to 12,800 pounds (roughly more.

OK, these are scary, they could rip you to an arm (maybe a leg), but they're extinct, so no need for it to be on the list.:l

Of course, dinosaurs will be scary if they are still alive, good thing they are dead, unless you wanna see them...

I'm an animal-lover who wants to meet all animals, but I wouldn't wanna meet this guy. Remember what happened in Jurassic Park? Luckily,it's extinct

So scary you know I see T-Rexes all the time when I walk to school

20 Leech Leeches are segmented worms that belong to the phylum Annelida and comprise the subclass Hirudinea. Like the oligochaetes, such as earthworms, leeches share a clitellum and are hermaphrodites.

This is literally the only animal I have a fear of, and the reason is that I don't let ANYTHING touch the tops of my feet (except socks). And these things will latch onto your feet when you wade in water and start sucking out blood. Worse than just a touch to the foot.

I got stuck by one and I felt too dizzy to walk that I had go to the doctor and I rememver my dad clearing my blood about 1 year ago and their was about too much blood!

Leech are vampire worms that sucks bloods there so scary that you will never pick a worm up again.

These nasty blood sucking animals are too nasty... I can't even stand them

21 Centipede Centipedes are arthropods belonging to the class Chilopoda of the subphylum Myriapoda. They are mainly carnivorous and they prey upon insects, spiders, small birds and rodents, and even other centipedes.

I'm not scared of its looks, I'm just scared of its potential- however, I have to admit, many times I've lifted a rock and found a giant desert centipede, and looked in wonder at the extraterrestrial like creature. I mean, unless it somehow obtained frog like powers, it ain't gonna hop and bite my face.

Their multiple legs are very scary but O think their faces are kind of cute. Plus some mother centipedes would wrap around her eggs and babies and protect them from infections and predators which I find very cute!

Am I the only one who has a serious phobia of these things?
I mean, they've got so many legs... (shudder).
If the scary animal actually has a face, then it's easy to deal with. I mean, yeah, sharks are scary, but not in retrospect when you're only looking at it on the internet. Centipedes, however, make you cringe everywhere, whether it be just a thought, a picture, a video, or a real one.
When you think of a shark, though, it's just like, "Oh, sharks. Cool. "
And who put humans on the list? Sure, we are doing lots of cruel things, but there are good humans out there, too; humans that devote their lives to the well-being of animals. We can't just label our whole species as cruel because of a few cruel people who spread all of the inhumane activity in the first place. Not all humans want to hurt the environment!

A giant from the tropics that eats mice, snakes, lizards, bats, etc. Yes. A garden pest? Eh, one and in your yard can kill that and eat it...

22 Anglerfish

My god these guys are scary like seeing a light in the marina trench it is an angler fish like these are every animal in the 7 seas nightmares

They're not that scary, because they are too small to be a danger to humans, check that up. Also, to me, they're just ugly, that's all.

This guy, along with some other deep-sea-dwelling creatures, are the reason I wanna go to the deep-sea

It's something about the teeth. The teeth are scary.

23 Alligator An alligator is a crocodilian in the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae. The two living species are the American alligator and the Chinese alligator. Additionally, several extinct species of alligator are known from fossil remains.

Actually, you should fear crocodiles far more than alligators. They have developed a taste for human flesh. They are the ones that will eat you, not alligators. There is one crocodile that is 60 ft. tall, lives by the Nile River, and ate about 300-500 humans.

Either way, do not fear animals. They are living creatures, just like us, and shouldn't be ridiculed or prejudiced just because they LOOK or ACT a bit funny...they deserve the right to live the same happy and exciting lives of humans.

I just voted my favorite animals I don’t think any are scary

I like these animals. But they can be scary to others.

Just like Crocodiles, not so scary

24 Maggot

Children are maggots. MAGGOTS I tell you. In this world, there are two types of people. The winners and the losers. And I- Look. The chalk. It's moving. It's moving it's writing something. A-GA-the. Agatha,-this is Magnus. -Matilda the musical. Bruce, Lavender, Matilda, Tommy, Nigel, Alice, Eric, and Miss. Trunchbull.

This should be in the top 20 because they can go inside your body and lay eggs finally eat you alive! So be very careful when you take out the trash because they are small and keep maggots away.

Maggots can eat your food, flesh, body and skin.

The most disgusting animal ever...

25 Parasitic Worm

More specific than just worms, I feel this is so intimidating to me that just hearing about it makes me uncomfortable.

I hate these. they will take over the day one time.

just another worm guys not my problem

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