Definetly a Nightmare Fan

Even though I ad a really bad dream from that, I love the movies.

If you'd like to read the dream, keep reading on. If not....don't.

In my garage, there's about 2 or so support columns. In my dream, it was still my garage except with a higher ceiling and more columns, some being GIANT candy canes. Well, it's Christmas time, and I'd put up decorations on my house in the dream. I have lots of lights there, and my nextdoor neighbor goes outside from the garage saying something about how it looks. I hear her scream, and I run back into the garage from outside and shut it....
(It's long, so bear with me.)
....Freddy Krueger's head comes right through the door, and I scream. I'm at the top of my stairs leading into my house, by the way. Anyways, Freddy starts saying stuff I don't remember (this dream was on this Mother's Day-- I DO remeber a lot vividly, though), then laughs.
I'm going to have to remind you about the columns, and before I say anything more, I left something out. Before he came, I actually threw a softball at the bottom of a column. The reason why was because around th perimiter of the base, there are bear traps.
Continuing, I'm staring at him in the middle of the gargae. But I get back, now entering the door that leads into my laundry room. My mom is getting black shoes on. She's wearing a yellow shirt, with black capris (I think she wore the same outfit this day). So, I get her white shoes on, and start running to my back staircase. My feet grow heavy, and it feels like they are melting into the ground and the bottoms felt like melting bubbles. My feet were slowly dying away. I turn back and see Freddy in my kitchen. For some reason, there's a fish tank in there. There normally isn't and that's why I pointed that out. So, he takes a fish out and strokes it with his clawed glove. He says, "Ooh, You have fishy?"
"Yeah," I said. "That's Bert," (or Ernie, not sure. I have two fish that look the same, and I don't remeber which one he put there.)
He plucks an eye out and eats it, puts the fish back into the water, and the fish swims around.
Then, I woke up.

Please interperet. I love the Nightmare movies, but I'm kinda scared of the dreams. Yet I kinda want the dreams. Love the suspense.