My Top 10 Favorite Songs On The Internet

booklover1 These are the best songs that are made by Youtubers or other internet users. This does not include famous celebrities.

10. My Last Song For Miley - Davedays. I think this is Davedays most heartfelt song.

9. I'm Just A Baby - Davedays F. Tay Zonday. I think this is Davedays most funny song.

8. Tornado Song (Look At The Tree) - Shmoyoho. It's chilling. It's also extremly catchy.

7. Double Rainbow Song - Shmoyoho. The song that made Shmoyoho popular.

6. Paparazzi - Greyson Chance. One of the best covers of Lady Gaga yet.

5. Club Villian Song - Your Favorite Martian. It's catchy and includes some great villians.

4. The Tron Rap - HISHEdotcom. After I heard it once, I played again twice and hummed it for the rest of the day.

3. Bed Intruder Song - Shmoyoho. The overall best Shmoyoho song, and I on't think anyone would disagree.

2. Get Out Of My Head Miley - Davedays. Heartfelt, funny, and catchy. It's awesome.

1. Guitar - Guitar90. This song has the best guitar in years. To prove it, it's in the top 100 most viewed Youtube videos.


Where's Friday by Rebecca Black??? Hahaha, just kidding. - purplemonkey123

You're not kidding. Where is Rebecca Black?! XD - visitor

Oh... Sweet rebecca - visitor

Where's Bohemian Rhapsody?! That was a real song. These songs are all just auto-tuned. Queen is the greatest. Long live Freddie Mercury! - visitor

Lose yourself by eminem for sure has got to be one of the best songs of all time... Admit it - visitor

I love paparotzi - visitor

Greyson Chance's Paparazzi? Yes. It should be the top one! - NiallersNandosXOXO

Thanks that was AWESOME but we're is thrift shop by macklemore - visitor


Nice onee - visitor