Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

This is the first review. So let's review each category of the phantom menace shall we?

Acting: The acting was alright. Liam Nesson and Ewan McGregor didn't do too bad. Natalie Portman did alright, but her queen voice sounded incredibly fake. Ian McDirmid sounded incredibly bored, as did all the actors. Every actor seemed bored, and as a result. The acting wasn't too great to be honest.

Action: The Darth Maul duel was one of the best duels of all time, most agree on this, even prequel haters. The Battle droid scenes were pretty interesting, but like storm troopers, they have trouble aiming. The droideka's were kind of cool. The gungan battle was ridiculous, as Jar Jar "accidentally" killed so many droids. The space battle was more of what we saw in the original trilogy, and wasn't too impressive.

Characters: Qui Gon was pretty good, young Obi Wan was pretty cool to see. Padme didn't speak terrible dialogue in this film, so that was neat. Kid Anakin was irritating, he's almost as bad as Jar Jar. Now as for Darth Sidious, it was pretty obvious that Paplatine was Darth Sidious, and that Darth Sidious was the Emperor. Darth Maul though, he was pretty badass but he should have been in the film more. I also believe Darth Maul shouldn't have been killed by a Padawan, but he made up for it earlier by killing Qui Gon. The Nemodians were just the steryotypical coward villains.

Story: The story was somewhat decent. The whole chosen one prophecy was interesting, and the queen plot twist was neat. But the Tatooine scenes bored me. And that included the podrace, I hate that too. The politics were ok in this film, but shouldn't have used as much. I think the ending copied Episode 6 too much(the celebration.)

Jar Jar: He needs his own section. Jar Jar was horrible. He was 75% of the reason that I find this film mediocre. He was made for children, and was incredibly stupid. From sticking out his younger from his "speech", he was incredibly annoying. He was a little bit racist as
Well. I also hate his species, and I hate Boss Nass with his "jaw flap."

Overall Summary: The Phantom Menace is mediocre at best. Half of the film was good, half of it bad. Lucas could've done much better, and this had potential, but was wasted. Lucas should have gotten rid of Jar Jar and gungans and this movie would've been better.

Overall Score:5/10


"Meesa Jar Jar Binks! Meesa ruin series! " - A picture I saw on the Internet. - RiverClanRocks

Good review - bobbythebrony

Good job Therandom but I think they added Jar Jar because it was a laughter out of a sad scene but yeah everything else was accurate - 2storm

Jar jar was made for children, and he sucks - visitor

Good. I disagree, but good. I would've given it an 8/10 actually. Make your next review longer. - RalphBob

In my opinion, I dislike this film. Along with all the prequels. - IronSabbathPriest

Episode 3 was amazing. The other 2 are mediocre at best. - visitor

Most of episode 3 was forced in my opinion. Like wiping the droids memories at the last minute. Yes, we know what you're doing George. - IronSabbathPriest

But think about it. If they didn't, the amaZing plot twist in 5 wouldn't have happened. - visitor

My point is, George Lucas just forced in several plot events to make the original films make sense. But they didn't have to make sense. They were amazing as they were. - IronSabbathPriest

I see your point, but it is a prequel. - visitor

My least favorite part was when Boss Nass did that stupid face shake thingy with spit flying everywhere. That was so bad. - bobbythebrony

Other than Jar Jar, that's my least faoviete character. - visitor

It was a good movie but it's my least favorite Star Wars movie. - visitor

The celebration of episode VI was a little bit the same because Qui Gon got burned along side as Darth Vader. Seeing other planets like Naboo, Tatooine, and Coruscant at the end of Episode VI of people celebrating was shown at the remastered 2004 version and Blu-Ray version and not the original 1983 version. At the end of the 2004 remastered version and Blu-Ray version of episode VI, a gungan on Naboo said Wesa free. - visitor

Am I the only one who likes Jar Jar? - visitor

3/10 worst of the franchise (except the god awful Clone wars) - ProPanda

5.5/10 Best Things About This Movie Are The Soundtrack Darth Maul And The Fight At The End Of The Movie But Other Than That It's An Atrocious Film - christangrant

Good review. I personally disagree with certain points but good job nonetheless. - visitor

It's like poetry, it rhymes. - Cahtergah

Jar Jar Stinks. Darth Maul needed more story. - Cyri