Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

I already reviewed Episode I, so now I will be reviewing Episode II.

Story: The story was much better than the previous installments. It was much more focused, wasn't as crude and it didn't have focus on silly characters. The tone was much more serious, but it did have its funny bits. I understand the love bits were terrible, but they were nessecary, as we need the mother of Luke and Leia. I did have a problem with Jar Jar convincing a whole Smeare to give Palpatine emergency powers. The story was pgood overall, though some parts could've been much better.

Acting: Most of the actors were good. Padme and Anakin were both hard to believe at certain points. Anakin and Padme were very stiff. However, when Anakin was angered such as the Tuskan Raider scene, he did very well. Palpatine did great as always, windu and Yoda. Dooku had excellent acting, due to Christopher Lee. Obi Wan was much less stiff than last movie, and he did much better this time.

Action: The battle of Geonosis was pretty great.The battle of Jango Fett was pretty good, seeing Yoda fight was great, but the lightsaber duel could have done better.

Characters: Like I said for the acting, I liked most of the characters. Anakin wasn't the best character here, but I think he redeemed himself in the next film. Padme wasn't as good as she was in Episode I, and her acting was actually worse. Obi Wan was great. However, Jango Fett was great. Boba Fett should have done what Jango did in the original trilogy. Jango took on Obi Wan, Made Windu, and he killed a monster and a Jedi. Dooku was great thanks to Christopher Lee, and Mace Windu and Yoda were good. Jar Jar having any role was a major flaw, and why would the whole Senate be convinced by that idiot? At least he had a smaller role......

Music: The music was overall retry good, especially when they put in a softer version of Vader's theme. Kamino's theme was pretty good, and I did like the duel of the fates again.

Overall: this film was a major improvement over the last film. Though the acting if the film could've been better, and some points could've been better, as there were some boring bits that felt dragged.


Good I agree - 2storm

Great - bobbythebrony

Noice - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Nice review - Martinglez

Epic bruh - FerrariDude64

I actually thought this was worse than phantom menace. - DapperPickle

Same. - visitor

This is even better than Episode 1 and I liked it better than 6 which I like better than 1. - visitor

Boba Fett could of shoot the rocket out of his jet pack like what Jango Fett did. - visitor

Meh. 5/10, not as bad as people make it out to be - ProPanda

5/10 This Movie Is Even Worse The Best Things About The Phantom Menace Are Gone the Best Things About The Movie Is Count Dooku (Christopher lee) and Jango Fett But Other Than That This Film Is Just Awful But At Least There's Still A New Hope - christangrant

I Thought It Was So-So - JPK

I hated it - iliekpiez

Same. - visitor

Could be better - Pokemonfan10