Star Wars Review: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

This is one of my faoviete movies of all time, and it's really good, especially compared to the other two prequels.

Plot: This movie's plot was pretty decent. From the opening we wish the whole prequels was like, to the reason Anakin fell to the dark side. All great stuff. However, there is one flaw with the plot. Padme dies from "losing the will to live." Nobody dies like that. She shouldn't have died in this film, and raised Luke and leia for two years and then she died, or they could've at least gave us the reason that Anakin killed her.

Acting: The acting majorly improved. Hayden Christinsen definitely did much better compared to the last film, so did Natalie Portman, though both of them onscreen together was generally unbelieveable. Ewan McGregor brought a certain charm to the role. Samuel Jackson did pretty good. However, IancDirmid stole the show. He did a superb job at playing Palpatine, you could see why Anakin fell, because he's such a good actor, and what he says to Anakin is actually believable. James Earl Jones briefly voiced Vader in the very end, which would've been great, if not for the only other major flaw, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Dialogue: The dialogue was fine, though the Anakin and Padme dialogue was bad, and some of anakin's other dialogue was bad. However, this film was without dialogue for 25% of the film. Every time there was no dialogue, they managed to convey so much emotion, especially for Anakin.

Action: Let's face it, this is one of the main reasons I love this movie. It has tons of fightin sequences, with half the film being action sequences, compared to the last two where there not too much action unfortunetly.

The Tone: This is the main reason I love this movie. The tone is dark, but that's why this movie was great. It's not a silly movie like the last two prequels, once Anakin turns to the dark side, there's no warmth or funny moments. There's some light hearted moments at the beginning of the film, but that's it. From the Jedi purge, to Anakin killing the separatists leaders, there were so many epic moments, and the PG 13 rating took this movie places Star Wars has never been.

Music: The music was excellentl, specifically "march on the Jedi temple, Padme's eliminations, and Anakin'a Dark Deeds."

Overall Summary: This movie was excellent. It's criminally underrated due to the other two prequels taking it down with them. This movie has tons of great moments. However, like almost all movies, it is not without sin.

Overrall rating: 9.6/10


My Grandpa died because he lost the will to live - 2storm

Losing the will to live is only psychological, as studies have shown. - visitor

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