Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope Movie Review

MegaSoulhero As you probably already know, Rogue One comes out in a couple of weeks. I already bought tickets for it by the way! So before it comes out, I'm going to review all the live action Star Wars films in the order they came out! And I will also review Rogue One after I see it. So let's talk about the very first Star Wars film!

This is the movie that started it all! It was a beginning to what would be one of the most memorable franchises of all time! Star Wars was a HUGE success when it came out! Everyone loved it! And I really love it too! This movie is awesome! When I first watched this movie, it totally lived up to my expectations! Just from that beginning scene, I knew this was gonna be awesome! Darth Vader is one of the best villains in cinema history! When he first appears in the movie, it just shows how threatening the guy is! Luke Skywalker is pretty great too! He lives a simple life on Tatooine but wants to be part of the rebellion. Of course we are also introduced to C-3PO and R2-D2! They are two of the best droids in the entire saga! The absolute best character is Han Solo! He is just so awesome! I really hope Alden Ehrenreich doesn't ruin the character! In the Cantina scene, we see him talking to Greedo since apparently Han owes money to Jabba the Hutt. When Greedo threatens to shoot Han, he shoots Greedo. Oh, and by the way, HAN SHOT FIRST!

Honestly, whenever I watch this movie, I feel like they really are in space! It all seems very real! This movie definitely takes sci-fi to a whole new level! The set designs are brilliant! There are moments in this film that make it feel like you are actually in another galaxy! The designs of some of the alien creatures are also pretty cool! And the John Williams music is amazing! The effects used in this movie aren't as impressive these days but for they are still really great for the time this film came out! I really like climax of the film in which they blow up the Death Star! That looks really impressive! There is some really great action! Some of the dialogue can be a little corny but they're not too bad. And like I said before, the characters are really great! I like how we didn't know much about them in this film. It was great to see them develop as the films went on! We wanted to know more about these characters! So I'm glad they didn't tell us too much about them in the first movie!

Overall, Star Wars is an excellent sci-fi film! The characters are great, the action is great, and the scenery is great! This was definitely a great start to what would later be a very successful franchise!

Score: 9/10


I agree! I love this movie a lot! It's very realistic for a 1977 movie. - visitor

I enjoy the Star Wars movies and I think people need to stop complaining about some of the episodes. I think they all make a great series - Mcgillacuddy

Def. in my top ten for ALL TIME, and not even my favorite one... - ProPanda

9.5/10 There's Almost Nothing Bad About This Movie The Only Negative Is Some Of The Dialogue With Princess Leia But Other Than That It's A Masterpiece - christangrant

Where It All Began - JPK

10/10, the one that started it all. - visitor

Get MegaSoulHero, have seen the original theatrical films or just the altered versions? - Gangem