Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Movie Review

MegaSoulhero In 1980, the Star Wars saga continued by giving us the Empire Strikes Back! With the popularity of the first Star Wars film, of course people would be excited for another one! And it definitely did not disappoint!

Not only is this movie good, it is actually better than the first movie! This one has more of a dark tone! Darth Vader is a lot more evil in this movie! He is just so intimidating! He didn't do that much in Episode IV, but here, he is extremely threatening! He really stepped up his game! The battle scenes in this movie are amazing! I really like the scene where the rebels are fighting the Imperial Walkers, also known as AT-ATs. It's a very well done scene! The effects have really improved and looks very real! We are introduced to Yoda in this movie. He's a Jedi master on Dagobah who helps Luke train to become a very powerful Jedi. The chemistry between the two characters is very well done! Yoda's basically a muppet but he actually seems like an actual living thing! It takes great acting and great writing to pull off something like that!

This movie certainly has a lot more drama in it! There's a scene where Han gets frozen in carbonite. Han and Leia share a kiss, then Leia says "I love you" and then Han says "I know". Because that's the kind of guy Han is. We see Luke battling Vader for the first time and when it looks like Vader has the upper hand, he reveals that [SPOILERS] he is Luke's father! I already knew about it before I watched the movie but I was still blown away! This is considered as one of the biggest plot twists in cinema history! This is definitely the most mature Star Wars film out there! It took we loved about the original film and made it even better! There's a lot of foreshadowing, there's a lot more character development, and it is very well paced! There wasn't a single moment in this film that bored me!

Empire Strikes Back is one of the greatest films of all time! It is absolutely flawless! The best Star Wars film in the entire saga! This movie is the perfect example of what a sequel should be! The characters are more developed and we are introduced to new things in this universe they are in! Such a fantastic sequel!

Score: 10/10


9.5/10 One Of The Greatest Sequels That Can Be Only Rivaled By The Godfather 2, Back To The Future 2, And Terminator 2 There's Only A Few Problems With This Movie
1. It Feels A Bit Too Long Some Scenes Feel A Bit To Long For Example The Beginning With Luke Out In The Snow
2. Some Of The Movie Feels A Bit Boring Because Of The Long Scenes - christangrant

One the best of all time for me - visitor

One Of The Best Movies Ever Made - JPK

In my top 3.
1. Shawshank
2. The Two Towers
3. Empire Strikes Back - visitor

A+ - visitor

A+ 10/10 100% Best Star Wars movie and one of the best movies of all time. - visitor

10/10, Best star wars movie, darth vader I am your father scene, - VideoGamefan5