Response To: Top Ten Reasons to Hate Rosalina

DCfnaf I just want to get it out of the way now. This list is stupid. It was probably made by some Daisy fangirl who thinks Rosalina is replacing her. Let me show you why by going through all of the Reasons on her list:

1. Overrated

A character that is overrated is a character who doesn't deserve as much love as she gets. In other words, Rosalina is NOT overrated since the reasons *some* people like her are justified and she deserves love. Plus, this has NOTHING to with her character.

2. Boring

If she is boring, WHY DOES SHE HAVE AN IN DEPTH BACKSTORY DESCRIBING HER. Also, she's calm, kind, and collected. She's not SUPPOSED to be energetic like your precious wecious Daisy!

3. Ugly

This reason just comes off as petty. You KNOW she is not ugly.

4. Girly

GET OUT OF HERE! WHAT A NEWS FLASH. SHE IS FEMALE AFTER ALL. This was put on here because Daisy is apparently a tomboy. So Daisy doesn't get any hate for this reason since she is somewhat girly and air kisses.

5. Stupid

Yes, she is SOOOOO stupid. Everyone is taking your argument seriously. She is clearly smarter than Peach and Daisy.

6. Contributed Absolutely NOTHING to the Mario Kart Franchise

It's a freaking racing game. It has NOTHING to do with her character. There are so many other characters that didn't contribute much either. In fact, NONE of the characters "contribute" anything. It's just that they're PLAYABLE.

7. Just Plain Sucks

Awesome. HOW WAS THIS LIST ALLOWED ON THETOPTENS???? Wouldn't they have said "This doesn't explain why Rosalina should be hated". You have NO REASON to back this up.

8. Makes you Want to Murder Her

Why? Cause she took up a character slot in Smash and Daisy, a character that wouldn't have been included anyway, didn't? Also, her backstory tells us she is tragic and lost her Mom. So basically you'd want to murder someone because their mother was murdered. What kind of SCREWED UP LOGIC is THAT???

9. Her annoying Fangirls

Sing the song with me everybody. IIIIRRROOONNNYYYYYYY!!!! Daisy fangirls ARE NOT BETTER. They accuse Rosalina of "replacing" her when she had nothing going for her BEFORE Rosalina existed. Also, this is the FAN BASE, not ROSALINA. Hating a character based on their fanbase is just pathetic.

10. No Personality

Again, HER BACKSTORY DESCRIBES HER PERSONALITY. Also, she CRIES and LAUGHS in the story book so she DOES have emotion. Plus, her personality can be relatable to kids who don't have parents and are shy.

Like I said at the beginning, this list is dumb. Not only do the reasons that Rosalina is hated are all dumb reasons and have nothing to do with her character, but she doesn't deserve ANY hate for these reasons.


Just beautiful just beautiful. - ParkerFang

Why thank you. I'm glad that there's another person who hates the princess fanbases like me. - DCfnaf

I think both of these Princess characters are good and really sexy. - visitor

Screw that Peach fan I love Rosalina - yunafreya648

Here's my opinion:

1) Pfft--
Being "overrated" isn't relevant to their character.

2) Boring? Wow, how are people like Pauline any better? At least Rosalina has a story.
At least Daisy has a different personality. At least Peach has a game showing her true colors.

3) Wow, look at a google image of her and this is easily WRONG. Also, complete and utter FILLER.

4) Um, no, if you want an example of a girly figure then I'd recommend researching Princess Peach if you (somehow) haven't already. I guess Rosalina is kind of girly, I suppose? Her personality leans more to calm though.

5) "Stupid"? Reading to and taking care of her Lumas? so STUPID...

6) Obvious filler. Did Shy Guy and Birdo contribute? NO. Not even Mario contributed much (other than some run of the mill circuit tracks), and at least Rosalina had Rosalina's Ice World in MK7 to back her up.

7) 1 word (I guess 7 now). Filler.

8) How? What did Rosalina do? She never "replaced" Daisy in a certain non-canon spinoff (*wink*).

9) If you find them annoying, then just look at me raging at Peach hate even though I could resist (LMAO).

10) come on, we all know this is a lie. As DCFNAF said, her personality is described BY her backstory.

Man, and I thought Peach haters were bad. - Qryzx