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These are the best characters from the T.V. series 24. This is accounted for by the amount of time this character has spent on the series, significance of it, and how the character plays along with the rest of the characters and the show. This doesn't mean that the character is a good guy necessarily, but if the character is charismatic and fun.
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1 Jack Bauer

Kind of obvious, but it can't be stressed enough: Jack Bauer is one of the best T.V. characters of all time. His character arc is underrated, and he is the example of the modern superhero.

Top character. A bad ass. Will do whatever it takes. Losses the people he loves. He has to kill his friends. He gets tortured for a year and a half and still manages to do his job. Great character

Jack was the man! Almeida was usually a jealous backstabber, who always had to be convinced to do something good. Jack did whatever it took to get the job done.

Obviously, Jack. There is no show with out Jack and no one could've played him better than Kiefer.

2 Tony Almeida

I like him more than Jack Bauer. He is the character that has had the steepest arc and it is all so believable and interesting.


If you think he was the best Jack Bauer's wing man, wait till you see when he turns to the dark side. Jack's meltdown in season 8 was a joke compared to Almeida's bloodlust in season 7. They killed off one of the best female characters just to make Jack upstage Tony. Shame on the writers.

Season 7 proved that Tony is better off having his own agenda. If he is not brought back, I am not watching any more 24 reboots. For me, Tony, Chloe, Michelle, Bill Buchanan and Renee Walker made 24 the show my perfect guilty pleasure. I hate when wonderful characters are killed off for cheap ratings!

Tony is the best character. His stiry lines are good. In season 1 he and jack don't get along. In season 2 jack and tony just start to get along. Season 3 tony has to choose between work and the woman he's married to and he picks the woman he's married to but still manages to save the day. Season 4 we learn David palmer and jack helped him get out of prison tony saves jack and Audrey. Tony admits jack is the only friend he has left. Season 5 he watches his wife die in front of him and he nearly dies. Because of jack asking him to help fake his death. Season 7 tony stays of bad then good then bad just to get the man responsible or michelles death. He is put in prison. Overall tony was never really a bad guy. He lost everything that mattered to him. He just wanted revenge. Really he shouldn't of been put in prison for that long. Deep down tony knew what he did was wrong but regrets it. If michelle lived he wouldn't of been like that. That's why he's the best character. Hope they bring ...more

Tony is by far the best character. Even though he wasnt the main character he had a couple of food storie lines. Like from season 1 he and jack don't get along. Season 2 there sort of getting a long a bit better. In season 3 he and jack are friends. He's also married and is shot. He has to make a hard decision when michelles life is threatened. In season 5 tony is supposedly killed after Michelle is. And in season 7 tony is a bad guy and a good guy but in my eyes he ain't bad he's just angry and wants revenge for michelles death which loads of people do. Sadly he went the wrong way about it. So tony in my eyes was a good character all the way through and just wish they bring him back. Sorry for all the writing but he would be my number 1
Top 10
Tony almeida
Jack Bauer
Bill Buchanan
Audrey Raine's
Michelle dessler
Aaron pierce
Wayne palmer
Renee walker
Morris o Brian
Chloe o Brian

Tony is the best. Loved him from the start. He acts so soft but deep down he's a bad ass. Not as bad as jack is but Tony can hold his own fight. He's nearly died like three times but survived. Tony kicks ass. In season was he was the best one min he was bad then good then bad again and he kicks most people ass. I hope when he returns in legacy he will be back to his good ways

3 David Palmer

What Chloe was to the second half of 24, David Palmer was to the first half. He, like Jack, had many tough decisions and almost all of them were the right ones. He was a polarizing character. The only bad thing is that he was part of some bad storylines such as the Verregamo murder story.

He was probably the best T.V. president ever. The writing was weak in season 3 with unnecessary Wayne Palmer subplots. I loved the way be came back in Season 4.

4 Chloe O'Brian

Chloe was one of the most irritable characters in 24 history when she just started. However, as time passed, she became more like-able and more connectable. Chloe was almost as good at what she did as Jack Bauer did. Not to mention, she had some great quotes.

I loved her as Jack's friend. But I adored the way she worked with Bill Buchanan. They had this father-daughter work relationship that I absolutely enjoyed. Needless to say, I wept as if my own father had died when you know who died.

Often underestimated hero of the show!

When asked what her job is by someone on whom she is installing a tracker into his mouth and who's life depends on her doing it right, she says [deadpan]: "I'm a stay at home mom". And proceeds to insert the tracker in the guy's mouth. WHA! Outrageously funny.

5 Michelle Dessler

How can you not love Michelle? One of the coolest female characters at CTU. Never over the top, and extremely believable as an agent in that type of scenario. Loved seeing her take on a leadership role.

Although she's sometimes overshadowed by Tony, Michelle was a great touch to seasons 3-5 (the best in the show in my opinion). Michelle was really good at her job and was a part of some really good storylines.

Brilliant acting and intricate characterization makes this character unforgettable! Very underrated

I think she was the best female CTU director EVER. She and Tony were one of my favorite T.V. couples.

6 Bill Buchanan

Bill was awesome and got a bad rap at the start of season 4, but he was one of Jack's most important confidants in the later seasons.

Bill was a top character. But he was always chucked out of ctu. At first he didn't care about jack then he risked going to prison to help jack. Then in season 7 where bill looks after the president and realises jack is gonna sacrifice himself but stops him and kills himself to save the president what a hero he should be higher up

Not the most likeable character in the beginning, Bill Buchanan grew on a lot of us. He had a lot of power and used it in Jack's favor. And he also stopped the white house from becoming a hostage situation.

My favourite character, he was a good, kind, honest man and I cried when he died

7 George Mason

I genuinely liked him and was really sad when he died. His death hit me harder than any other on the entire show. His character development was spot on, starting off as a bit of an arse before his redemption arc

I appreciate George more and more every time I watch season 2. George brought such great fun to a super serious show.

8 Aaron Pierce

Love pierce. Even though we don't see much of him. He's loyal. He had some good times on the show where he sabed Martha and helps jack bring the president down. Then season 7 where he tries to protect the president's daughter in the white house. For me he's my second best character first being tony almeida. Aaron was a bad ass as well. Shame they didn't bring him into season 8 or 9 he should be president next

Never a main character, but Pierce always showed up. He was a great bodyguard and a great character all-together. He always did the right thing and just had a charm about him.

He was like a rock! I loved how he served the Oval office, the constitution and the country even when he had to go against the "leaders" he was protecting.

What a man. What an honorable soul. The performance was so sweet.

9 Edgar Stiles
10 Charles Logan

Season 5 was great mostly to him. He just resonated with power and also made a good impact on the forgettable Season 8.

Best villain hands down. You love to hate him.

The Contenders
11 Renee Walker

Only showing for 1 and a half season, but her influence was very good. She was basically Jack's apprentice and could be a good example of what I could be if I was paired up with Jack for the first time. She started to know when and when not to cross the legal line but that couldn't last her through the 8th season.

She could be Jack Bauer 2.0.
They need to find a way to bring her back from the dead.
Awesome character.

Another cool girl. Few could pull off the agent role believably but Annie was so good.

12 Nina Meyers

Nina sort of sets the whole story in motion and her demise is so satisfying. Season 1 Nina is one of the best performances of the whole show.

Nina was a great dynamic character in season's 1-3. She showed Jack's past and how he had to move on from her. Also, her killing of Teri was such a great cliffhanger to season 1.

Her and Jack are the best! I LOVE her! She made 1-3 so much more intense!

13 Allison Taylor
14 Audrey Raines

Love audrey beat female actor on the show. She was so good in season 4 and 5 nut season 6 we didn't see much of her but she should of been in every episode from season 4. Then season 9 she sees jack the man she loves then she is killed. Rubbish writing for her

I liked how she transformed from just a Bauer girl in season 4 to a strong DOD operative in season 5. I hated what they did to her in season 6. Horrible writing.

15 Sherry Palmer
16 Mike Novick

Mike Novick is the best character in 24. From going to pushing down someone down the stairs from overhearing Walt trying to kill jack to being one of the most important characters in season 5 he is the best character

17 Morris O'Brian

He should be in the top 10. He was tortured like hell and still manages to work. He was a good character

18 Kim Bauer
19 Chase Edmunds

A total badass and super hot.

A younger, hotter Jack

20 Ira Gaines
21 Curtis Manning
22 Wayne Palmer
23 Omar Hassan

Loyal Character. Knows what to do for his country even when it come to his own life.
Needless to say Hassan should be in the top 10

24 Christopher Henderson
25 Peter Kingsley

His voice is cool...

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