Top 10 Best Steven Universe Episodes

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1 Jail Break

This episode was the turning point from Steven Universe being a sorta happy life lessony kids show into something amazing with more plot and more diverse character portrayal! It was amazing to see this on screen and when I first watched it as a 9 year old I loved it. This episode and many others in this show taught me lots of things as a child and really shaped me as I grew into the teen I am today. It's helped me deal with lots of issues, and it's always fun to watch.

This episode was amazing. It's really cool you find out Garnet's a fusion, the battle between Jasper and Garnet is really great, and we get a new fusion, Malachite. I wish it were explained how Steven could break out of the fields, cause it's annoying when they want us to assume it's because Steven's half human. Still a great episode

2 Mr. Greg

I'm so, so, SO glad they made a musical episode and that they finished up Pearl's arc. My favorite episode used to be Jail Break because of Stronger than you and the fact we find out Garnet is a fusion, but this episode. My god, THIS EPISODE. I was in tears the entire time. The songs are great, the animation looks just a cut above the rest, I just can't say enough good about this episode. I've loved steven universe ever since I watched the first episode, and I've seen a fare share of sad parts and beautifuly well done parts in episodes, but this entire episode is just beautiful. I may sound like a broken record, but this is just hands down the best episode. EVER.

3 Change Your Mind

What did I just watch? I'm not okay! Where could they go from here? If I didn't already know that there is still at least 1 more season and a movie, I would've thought this was the series finale! This is one of the series' best episodes, and the outstanding climax we have all been waiting for.

This was intended to be the series finale before the movie and season 6 was ever picked up, and it shows. This episode tried to be the most perfect, and it succeeded. And if you don't think this deserves to be #1, then maybe it's time that you change your miind!

4 Rose's Scabbard

The most important part of this episode was when Steven looked into Pearl's eyes, and knew that Pearl blamed Steven for his mother's own death; she let's Steven fall. And yet, at the end, Steven still forgives her for her mistake, seeing the connection between Pearl and Rose.

Pearl lost her identity when she lost Rose. The episode explores a new Rose - Steven- helping Pearl find herself again. The touching moment at the end where Steven shows Pearl compassion is easily the most nuanced and meaningful moment in this series as of yet.

5 On the Run

Pretty much all Amethyst character development episodes are amazing. This one especially, because Amethyst's insecurities are relatable. "I didn't ask to be made" is a really touching statement, and it becomes meaningful when you compare it to the Amethyst at the end of the series, when she is more confident and self-loving.

This is arguably one of the best episodes of Steven Universe so far. It gives us insight not only into Amethyst's backstory, but also clues as to how gems are made. Not to mention the deep and emotional confrontation she has with Pearl, revealing her feelings of worthlessness compared to the others because of her past, when all she really wants is a place to call home.

6 Sworn to the Sword

Man, if Steven the Swordfighter was a turning point in Season One, then the series did a full-on 270-degree turn here. Connie learning to use a sword in a fight is an important part of her new character; She's not as fragile as you'd think. Heck, this episode shows that, albeit with the aid of Steven, she can hold her own against Pearl! A Crystal Gem! And this affects almost every other episode she's in as well (Because she can apparently carry, wield, and use Rose's Cloud Strife Buster Sword), most notably in Nightmare Hospital. A development this huge can't just be left off this list.

7 Ocean Gem

I love how you can really connect with Lapis. Even though she stole the ocean and fought the crystal gem I believe I would have probably felt and done the same thing. I mean the Crystal Gems didn't give her a chance to explain herself or who she was. They kept her imprisoned in a mirror for thousands of years and all she wants to do is return home. She isn't aware that she's causing any harm since she doesn't know the importance of water on earth. I mean whi wouldn't want to return home after being away for so long? Plus after I watched the new episodes and saw that lapis suffered a lot more than I could have imagined I'm surprised she hasn't begun a rampage to destroy all she hates.

8 Reunited

I really loved this episode, not because I fanboyed TOO MUCH over ruby and sapphire getting married, but because the episode was just so climatic and action packed! Seeing the crystal gems fight blue diamond has probably become one of the best fight scenes in the whole show. It's also good to know that the diamonds now know Steven is pink diamond.

I typically hate re-watching episodes of any show because I get so bored so easily, but holy moly. It's been out for less than a week and I've watched it eleven times already and I'm still excited by it.

9 The Test

Does this episode have any mind-blowingly awesome revelations? No. Does it feature any never-before-heard songs? No.

But it does have a roller-coaster of emotional twists and reversals, culminating in an absolute heartbreaker of an ending, where Steven realizes his struggle to prove himself in his own eyes dwarfs in comparison to the Gems' struggle to fill a motherly role that is as alien to them as they are to the Earth. He chooses to lie to them about how amazing their test was just to boost their confidence in having boosted his, after what is depicted as a single-minded march to take them to task. What I love is that we're never shown exactly when during this march Steven chooses to pretend for their sake. If anything, his dejected collapse at the height of their whoops and cheers suggests that he came very close to confronting them about their deceit. It's in this episode that we are shown the ultimate test and proof of love - when mere truth isn't good enough.

I'd put this episode right up there with Rose's Scabbard and Jailbreak - for me, the way it delivers its message in such a sublime fashion puts it slightly over both of them.

10 Mindful Education

This episode is...just beyond words. Not only did it open my eyes, but it filled my heart with a new sensation that I never felt before in a long time...

"To find balance, you must understand your feelings. To understand your feelings, you must see them clearly without running from them." -Garnet

"I didn't want to hurt anyone! I'm sorry! None of them would let me help them! I had no choice! " - Steven
"It's okay! " - Connie
"No, it's not! " - Steven
"But It's okay to think about it! " - Connie
"It feels so bad". - Steven
"That's okay too. There was nothing else you could have done! " - Connie
"I don't want to feel this way". - Steven
"You have to. You have to be honest about how bad it feels so you can move on. That's how it was for me." - Connie

Clairity, truth, and freedom.
Also, this episode aired four days after my birthday, so I guess I can say that this was a gift from the universe. A gift which I will hold and cherish for the rest of my life.

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11 A Single Pale Rose

All plot twists aside, this episode was masterfully crafted, giving us wonderful new insight into pearl, as well as giving the show rewatch value in any seen with rose or about rose. this episode also paints pearl in a much more tragic light, giving some of her choices and actions a lot more weight and meaning, and turning her into a much more complex character

No other episode made me feel like this one did. With its masterful episode structure and, of course, the major plot twist, it holds a special place for me.

12 Steven The Sword Fighter

This was one of the turning point episodes for season one. This is the episode where they took all the people (myself included) who thought that Steven Universe was another happy and simple cartoon and slapped them across the face. How did they plan to wake us up to the darker aspects of the show? By stabbing Pearl through the chest, ON SCREEN!

I thought this episode was very cool example the sword fighting theme is catchy to me the battle was cool to. I was so freaked out when pearl got stabbed. And when I heard gems could heal I was relieved.

13 Bismuth

Best episode of Steven Universe definitely. Epic, mature, controversial. This is the Steven Universe I want.

This episode is the most recent but one of the most epic!

I think Bismuth shouldn't have been bubbled and been in more episodes

14 Log Date 7 15 2

This episode is hilarious. It has the simple premise of Steven listening through Peridot's tape recorder as she tries to become accustomed to Earth. Just watching Peridot interact with the other gems for 15 minutes is enough to create a really well-done episode.

I LOVED this. Peridot FINALLY becomes a gem...I've been waiting for this the second I first saw her character! Ya gotta love that green quirky gem, and this episode is awesome because you can see how she developed as a gem and became buds with everyone! I know this is kinda weird, but I've loved her even more sense she lost her fake arms and legs, or weaponry/armor, because I think her new short size really adds to her spunk. WELCOME TO THE GEMS PERIDOT.

15 Gem Glow

This was not a good episode, it shouldn't be higher then log date, Lion 2: The movie, and a few others. All this episode does is make sure that you know that steven is childish. I would've dropped my plans to binge watch this show because of this episode, but my friends are all really invested in it (Thank god I didn't stop watching it because the show is amazing) seriously, he thinks ice cream is the solution to unlocking his powers? It's really dumb. Thank god the show got better later on.

This episode foreshadows Steven's loss of innocents, his future, what Gems are, corruption, & fusion.

Steven's powers are linked to his emotions as we can see in Steven Floats & others. That's why the cookie cat helped him summon his shield.

This episode may not be super exciting, but it is certainly important, as it gave us intros to the show's personalities and foreshadowed events to come/still coming.

So yeah. It's a good hickin' episode.

16 Fusion Cuisine

I don't know, I just feel like this whole episode avoided the concept of common sense. Why couldn't have Connie just told her parents that Steven's mom was no longer around? That would've sufficed and this all could've been avoided. It wasn't a great excuse to see Alexandrite to be honest. A better reason for her appearance could've perhaps been a dire fight scene, like when she is seen fighting Malachite in the new trailer.

Connie isn't the best charecter in this episoide. She's a stereotypical good girl "gone bad". She could have just said Steven came from a single parent family. Also in the scene with the phone Garnet sounds really sarcastic. If she has future vision then why did she say "Sorry I panicked." The parents don't react to what she said over the phone. They don't even call the police. But overall I liked this episoide, despite a few logical errors.

17 Alone Together

I loved this episode. It's the first time that Stevonnie is introduced, and I so hope that they play a bigger role.

I can't believe this isn't higher, this episode was really awesome!

Absolutely one the best episodes everrr. This one was where steven and connie fuse for the first time

18 Together Breakfast

Cool! I should do that. What are the ingredients again?

You can't outrun me! We both have short legs!

19 Island Adventure

Lars x Sadie 4life! This episode just brings out the worst and the best in these two characters and pretty much makes them canon.

Lars episodes are amazing, and Lars and Sadie are great together.

20 Laser Light Cannon

Did you know peridot sent the red eye? But she's now a cutie!

21 That Will Be All

The other episodes in this series pale in comparison to this episode. The beautifully delivered song from Yellow Diamond helps cement this as my favorite episode of this series.

This episode should be higher.

22 Full Disclosure
23 Say Uncle

Honestly this episode was a mess. Amethyst was out of character, especially in the beginning when she didn't even care that Steven was about to be blasted by Uncle Grandpa. Also, Pearl is WAY over flanderized to the point where her neurosis wasn't even that funny. I'll admit, I kinda liked the reference to digital artists in the fandom in the Mr. Gus scene. In addition, the joke with Lars' and Sadie's ship sinking was rather clever. Aside from that, I get that this is just a joke episode, but combining gold with trash... wasn't such a great idea, if you ask me.

24 Giant Woman

Let's be honest, without fusions this show wouldn't be so popular. Honestly, we couldn't ask for a better introduction to this concept than Giant Woman. The song makes me cringe a little after all the rewatches, but I still love the ep.

This episode is one of the best in terms of pacing plus it changed the show forever by introducing fusion.

This is one of the best, I really love the song and how Opal looks. She is one of the most beautiful gems besides Rose and Pearl

25 Joy Ride

A seemingly filler episode that is actually FILLED with subtle revelations and deep moments.

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