Top 10 Baddest Villains From Kids Next Door

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1 Father

Father has gotta be the baddest villain on this show. He can utilize fire, strike fear into the hearts of kids, and even transformed into a dragon in the series finale! All of this, and he chickened out after getting ready to fight Grandfather in the movie? Well, despite that, he still tops this list as the No. 1 KND villain. Not to mention he "delightfulized" Sector Z. They don't look delightful to me.

He's the worst Codename: Kids Next Door character to me for 1 reason: he's very MEAN!!!

Father HAS to be number 1, He can set himself on fire for goodness sake!

2 Delightful Children from Down the Lane

Those Delightful Brats? Those guys creep me out a lot in the series. They have those creepy eyes, speak in monotone, always try to torture kids by hogging their birthday cake to themselves, and tried to ruin Christmas by assaulting Santa! Why they have the most sadistic roles yet. The only time I actually liked them was when they were temporarily turned back into Sector Z operatives. Still, they might as well be The Spoiled Brats From Down The Underworld!

Erm, I hate to admit but as a kid before, I used to admire that tall girl with long sandy blonde hair wearing a pink hair bow, even though, she's a villain and one of The Delightful Children From Down The Lane.

3 Grandfather

He is the most dangerous villain in the show but Father and The Toiletnator are my favorite villains.

Grandfather is so bad that even Father hates him. Heck, he turned everyone into old people

Easily the greatest threat the KND ever faced! He should be number 1!

4 Mr. Boss

Tried to send innocent little girls to... Pluto?! Even adults wouldn't approve of this crime! Thank God Numbuh 4 foiled Mr. Boss's plans. Plus, he's actually being a hypocrite that he hates kids, because he has kids and he loves them, including his daughter Numbuh 86!

He's so evil you should see what he did to his own son's hair!

5 Cree Lincoln
6 Grandma Stuffum

I guess Grandma Stuffum is both a villain to the Kids Next Door... AND HEALTH! I know she force feeds children and makes them obese, but she doesn't realize she's causing CHILDHOOD OBESITY! And Numbuh 2 and his family are already obese enough. Why try to make kids obese?

7 The Teenagers

Even if you are a teenager, you still can't help but watch this show as the KND battle our own ages. Sure, Chad and Cree were former KND operatives, but Chad revealed he was undercover at the last minute. He couldn't have handled the reveal sooner like Maurice did with Numbuh 5(that's how Number is spelled by the KND). Still, the teenagers are pretty much bad.

Its Funny to look at the teenagers as evil when you are one.

8 Count Spankulot

Count Spankulot may be No.8, but he got sent to jail one time for assaulting a child with spanking. I don't blame the kid's parents. Sector V should've at least felt guilty of letting him get spanked for what he didn't do. But hey, that's called pranking people. (Maybe Sector V should've let them spank Numbuh 86, because since Mr. Boss is her dad, Mr. Boss would likely beat up Count Spankulot! )

It's really surprizing how much he scares number 5!

He would get cancelled in today's culture, so he definitely deserves to be on this least

9 Nightbrace

Putting braces on newborn babies?! Knightbrace deserved to get kicked out of dental school. In fact, he should be arrested for assaulting little kids. Plus, the way he does dental work is harmful than what a dentist normally does.

He deserves to be higher! He's a ninja with dental tools.

10 Toiletnator

Why is he number 9? He's a pathetic villain and the KND would agree with me. He should be in last place.

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11 Stickybeard

He's more of a rival rather than an enemy. But he definitely gives the KND plenty of headaches

12 Crazy Old Cat Lady

Her only companions are her cats. This old woman who lives in a household full of cats who she cares for also hates kids. I don't think I'd want her to be anyone's grandma. Including the fact she acts like a cat! I think they should place her in an asylum or something!

13 Mr. Wink & Mr. Fibb

You'd think that these guys being the first official adult villains on the show would be really evil in the series all the way. Well, not really. After all, their only weapon is a robot chair with arms.

14 The Interesting Twin Brother from Beneath the Mountain
15 Mr. Fizz
16 Common Cold
17 Annoyingly Cute Triplets Who Lived Upon the Hill
18 Mega Mom & Destructo Dad

Wow, the parents of a Numbuh 274(Chad) or whatever are KND villains. Then again they only had one major role in one episode, and that cameo appearance in Operation M.O.V.I.E. So I think only their stupefying children was bad. Sheesh, if the Toiletnator did everything right when he went totally insane in two episodes, he might've even made this list.

19 Chester
20 Annoyingly Cute Triplets Who Lived Upon the Hill's Mother
21 Ice Cream Men
22 Professor XXXL
23 Numbuh 86
24 Benedict Uno
25 Mr. Mogul
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