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1 Chowder

Cartoon Network finally created a character that I adore above all others! Now, I love all the shows that Cartoon Network creates, especially Chowder, but this cat/bear/rabbit is just beyond words! He's hilarious and loves to eat, just like me. Whenever I see him, I want to yell his name to the world. This kid is my favorite ever!

I love Chowder. He's dumb and hilarious. He's exactly like SpongeBob but dumber. I love his catchphrase, I'm not your boyfriend! His favorite activity would be eating. He's also the main character of the series, and his idol would be Mung Daal.

2 Shnitzel

The smartest character on Chowder, plus he's really funny.

His language is kind of funny, though.

3 Gazpacho

Yes. Gazpacho is probably the funniest character and is very likable. He was flanderized a bit in Season 2, where he's kind of a loser, but he was great in Season 1.

He's a comedy genius, author of Comedy Gold. What more is there to say?

4 Panini

Panini, I think you are the best character. I think you are so attractive all the time you start loving Chowder. You and Chowder would make the perfect couple, and I have no idea why Chowder does not like you. At the end of the show, you are like a puppet with strings on it.

There's one thing I hate about you: you lied to Chowder that you would give him just one hug and you would go, but you hugged him for hours. I wish you and Chowder would get married or be girlfriend and boyfriend. Since I'm your fan, can you do me a favor? Tell Chowder that he can be your boyfriend, please, for me.

5 Mung

What is there not to enjoy about Mung? This guy is hilarious. He's responsible for creating some of the funniest and most iconic lines in the entire show, like the absolutely hilarious "Now the animators are going to have to draw all this fire," and the insightful "Women have these crazy things called expectations."

Mung also has all this energy with his brilliant comedic line deliveries. If you've ever seen the reanimated Chowder Christmas episode on YouTube, then you know what I'm talking about. Mung is a master with one-liners, but he's a genius with physical comedy as well. Every time he gets humiliated or injured in the show, I die laughing. Mung, in general, is such a hilarious character to dunk on and love at the same time.

Mung's entire personality is just pure comedy. He's an elderly man who thinks he's more cool and impressive than he actually is. His egotistical nature isn't something that makes him bad. Rather, it makes him hilarious, especially when he tries to impress the ladies - what a Chad. One more thing that I really love about Mung is the interactions he has with everyone. If you've seen Schaffrillas Production's review on Chowder, then you know why Mung is great with conversing with the other characters. To get an in-depth look at Mung and the entire show in general, watch that video because it covers about everything the show has to offer and why it's such a comedic genius of a cartoon.

6 Gorgonzola

He is just too funny, epic, and badass and should have his own show. We all know he will be the best character in the show forever and ever, until the end of time!

Gorgonzola is funny and a lot better than Chowder at mostly everything. Plus, he's the only consistently intelligent character.

He obviously should have been the real main character of this show.

7 Mr. Fugu
8 Tony
9 Arbor
10 Truffles

She became my favorite character after the Big Hat Biddies. Her rant at the end was my favorite scene.

One of the only likable Chowder characters.

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11 Arbor's 2nd Daughter
12 Chestnut

From the first episode he appears in, he always felt like a useless character who steals from Mung at the end of that episode. He's annoying, he talks like a hippie, and even his design is stupid. To me, he's a pain in the bum.

Dink-a-loo, Dink-a-ler, Chestnut is a great character.

13 The Man In The Sky

This sky god was the funniest running gag in the show. Although he was never named, it was always delightful to see him sitting in his armchair on a cloud.

14 Ceviche
15 Knish Krinkle
16 Kimchi
17 The Old Man At The Bank
18 Pate
19 Scraps
20 Ms. Endive
21 Jam
22 The Snail Car
23 The Smell Man
24 Cinnamini monster
25 Rosemary
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