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1 Vilgax Vilgax is a fictional character and one of the main antagonists of the American animated TV series and media franchise Ben 10 created by Man of Action Studios and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

I used to love Ben 10 as a kid. I still find some nostalgia in it. But really, Vilgax was the prime villain. There was some wizard guy and his niece, but nobody cared. Vilgax is the best. Period.

Vilgax wants to steal from Ben and destroy all creatures in the universe.

Vilgax is the only villain to defeat Ben and get the Omnitrix. In the last episode of Ben 10 Omniverse, Ben himself said that Vilgax is his strongest enemy.

2 Aggregor

Definitely stronger than Vilgax because I am counting them in their most recently changed forms so. Ultimate Aggregor vs Omniverse Vilgax. Aggregor definitely wins.

Aggregor is the most powerful villain of all time. I am damn sure about this.

I love the villain plot (the ultimate purge) that he has for everyone.

3 Charmcaster

I love her. She is nicer than Kai Greene in some ways. And she hates Gwen, so we love her.

She is the most powerful witch in the world!

I love her. She hates Gwen Tennyson.

4 Zs'Skayr (Ghostfreak)

To think that one of Ben's aliens was a baddie trying to hack in would be chilling. But that is actually happening!

To be honest, he's a total badass even though most villains just kind of annoy me.

This guy is bad. He beat up Vilgax. Who can do that!

5 Albedo

He deserves to be first because he defeated Ben in Ben 10 Alien Force but Vilgax cheated him.

He should be number one. He can do everything Ben can do and almost killed Azmuth.

This guy is Negative Ben! He is different from Ben in every way! He can go Ultimate! And he is one of Ben's biggest threats. Why isn't he in the top five?!

6 Khyber

The guy from the planned series Omniverse is so good! He is a real win for this guy is bad plot. He thinks ben is a prize to hunt.

He's a unique villain, because his goal isn't to steal the Omnitrix or take over the world. He wants Bens head as a mantelpiece.

He's the Nemitrix user allowing him to transform into predators!

7 Kevin 11

Kevin 11 is a great villain, but he was ruined by a weak attempt to make him a good guy by retconning everything this guy is known for. If you want to make Kevin 11 a good guy, take the one from the original and put him on a path so he can go from villain to anti-villain to anti-hero to hero. The creators were like "oh he must be a good guy asap". He was ruined by Alien Force. Either keep him a bad guy or make a good attempt at turning him into a good guy, one that doesn't require retcons.

He's the best ever! He fought Vilgax to a stalemate, not even Ben did that.

8 Diagon

He is the strongest being after celestial sapiens.

9 The Highbreed

Come on! They are real monsters! These guys want to destroy the world!

10 Malware

He beat Ben. Ben only won due to Galvan help and somehow miraculously gaining Feedback (who still nearly lost). He absorbs all types of tech and can become huge like Way Big size or even greater. Plus, he absorbs attacks.

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11 Dr Animo

The dude knew genetics, man. Come on, he's an honorary villain.

An original mad scientist guy. The episode Washington B.C is a personal fave of mine and Animo was in that.

12 Sixsix

Sixsix was a pretty sick bounty hunter and although Sevenseven and Eighteight would be introduced later, this guy was still usually the go-to bounty hunter for villains like Vilgax. I remember in one of the movies Sixsix was like Vilgax's sidekick almost.

Robotic alien mercenary swordsman lethal gunmaster android. Definitely cool

13 Forever King Driscoll

The Forever Knights from the Driscoll Era are a mean bunch.

14 Eon

He is the only guy who successfully defeated all Ben 10s from different cross worlds.

15 Maltruant

He is the main villain of the Omniverse series.

16 Forever King Patrick

They were the only Forever Knights that are competent with personality. Yes, I am including the robot in that comparison, because that's how sad it is to see the rest just be more robotic than the actual one.

The knights from the Alien Force Era were kinda dumb but I thought they were so cool.

17 Kraab
18 Darkstar
19 Forever King Urian

They are good villains from the Ultimate Alien era.

20 Alternate Bens

All the alternate Bens which include Mad Ben, Nega Ben, Bad Ben and Eon.

21 Hex
22 Eighteight
23 Thumbskull
24 Sunder
25 Zed
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