Top 10 Hey Arnold! Episodes

Hey Arnold! is a 1996 animated television series that centers on a boy named Arnold who helps with the problems facing his friends, classmates, and housemates.
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1 Arnold's Christmas

Easily the best episode of the series, being the most emotionally powerful. Always gets included in top 10 lists of Christmas specials.

2 Parents Day

A heart-wrenching episode in which we find out the tragic story of Arnold's parents.

Arnold's dream sequence and realization really makes this episode such a treat.

3 Helga on the Couch

Helga is one of the most complex cartoon characters created for kids. This episode is one of the most mature of the show and really delves into the intricacies that make her such a fascinating character, as well as her love for Arnold. After the show ended, there was talk of developing a spin-off called The Patakis, which would feature an older Helga in high school with all the characters except Arnold. I think it would have worked based on the writing here.

Love this episode, but I can't help but wonder why CPS was never brought in? I mean, Helga is straight up neglected in the series. Since she was a little kid, her parents didn't care about her and forgot that she existed half of the time. I'm pretty sure that the therapist would be required to alert CPS about this because while she wasn't getting beaten, she was emotionally abused and neglected.

I think it would be interesting to see what would happen to Helga if she got put in foster care.

4 The Journal

A suspenseful finale that leaves us all wanting to know what happens to Arnold's parents, then makes us wait over a decade.

The best episode ever from Hey Arnold.

5 Pigeon Man

I loved this episode. It's my second favorite, my first being Oskar Can't Read (which wasn't on here originally, I posted it) and third being Helga on the Couch.

One of the most emotional episodes of the series, as it explores how outcasts become disillusioned with humanity.

6 Stoop Kid
7 Arnold's Halloween
8 New Teacher
9 Arnold's Valentine
10 What's Opera Arnold?

What can I say? The musical scenes were awesome and all other things in this episode too.

I love this episode! The musical parts are so great!

Iconic. I think of this episode whenever I hear 'Ride of the Valkyries.'

The Contenders
11 Downtown as Fruits

"Downtown as Fruits" is such a great episode!

The episode that started it all.

12 Harold the Butcher
13 April Fools Day
14 Oskar Can't Read?
15 Pilot
16 Married

This is the best Helga episode and Arnold episode ever. The series never ended, Arnold and Helga never revealed in the series.

17 The Haunted Train
18 Arnold's Thanksgiving
19 Ms. Perfect

Introduces Lila, literally the most perfect character ever, who also has a tragic life story.

20 Grandpa's Birthday
21 Chocolate Boy
22 Helga's Love Potion

Gotta have a little recognition to see what Helga would be like if she wasn't completely in love with Arnold. The episode is great because it shows why Helga has to be in love with him. Because otherwise, she's nothing. It's an interesting idea, and I like that just because Helga thought the potion made her fall out of love, she actually became dull, uninspired, without any personality or feelings.

23 The Little Pink Book
24 Crush On Teacher
25 Arnold Saves Sid
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