Best True Blood Villains

True Blood is arguably one of the great shows of all time with the most outrageous villains viewers love to hate!
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1 Russell Edgington

Russell was the best and worst thing that happened to the True Blood villains. What I mean by that is that his performance was so masterful he became the standard by which all other future villains on this show would be judged. And in my opinion, all others have fallen short. From Marnie to the Authority, the Governor, Warlow, and Lilith, none of them have even come close to matching Russell Edgington.

Yeah... I'm sure his spirit will come back eventually, even if he can't come back to the land of the living/undead! He's a classic!

2 Maryann Forrester

I found Maryann a better villain than Russell Edgington. People talk about the news anchor scene, but people must have a short memory as Maryann pulled out a woman's heart and served it in a pie. Not to mention she got the entire town of Bon Temps brainwashed, naked, participating in orgies, and worshipping her. She is also immune from a vampire bite.

Maryann the maenad was the first villain on the show to take over Bon Temps by turning everyone into demons and having them participate in several rituals, including unbelievable orgies.

3 Sophie-Anne Leclerq

Although this queen may not come out as a malicious villain as some of the others, her irresistible personality was unforgettable.

4 Salome Agrippa

Despite being a new addition to the series, Salome had viewers begging for her to be staked from the moment they saw her. Their desires continue to grow with every episode, seeing Salome manipulate and seduce anyone.

Such an intriguing character and villain. She was the oldest vampire on the show (unless you include Lilith). I loved her storyline, and Valentina Cervi played her amazingly.

5 Antonia Gavilán de Logroño

The powerful wiccans almost succeeded in their plan to destroy vampires by unleashing a spell to make them walk into the sun!

6 Franklin Mott

This vampire may be considered a sociopath, but he was hilarious in every part he had.

7 Lorena Krasiki

How can anyone forget Lorena? She was obsessed with Bill, which made her very entertaining, to say the least.

8 Rene Lenier/Drew Marshall

This charming, friendly guy was the least anyone suspected of being behind the murders in Bon Temps during season one. But in the end, he revealed his true colors by showing everyone how insane he truly was.

9 Steve Newlin
10 Debbie Pelt

This drug addict werewolf had viewers talking for months after the season four cliffhanger of Debbie blowing off part of Tara's head (one of the best cliffhangers ever). And that brawl between her and rival Sookie in season three taking place in Sookie's bedroom was great!

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11 Eric Northman
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