Top Ten Best Friends Episodes

A list of the greatest episodes of the sitcom Friends.
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1 The One Where Everybody Finds Out

I've been watching Friends' re-runs on Netflix (no cable) and have been looking forward to this episode. It's my favorite of all episodes. Love the seduction teasing game between Chandler and Phoebe! Also, as others have mentioned, love the "Oh! My eyes! My Eyes! " First time it aired, we were talking and laughing about it the next day at work. Our boss made the decision then to check out the series for himself.
2 of my favorite characters even before this episode have always been Chandler for his wit and Phoebe for her quirkiness.

I am a huge Friends fan and I love all the episodes but this is something completely different. Never have I laughed so many times in half an hour. I have never seen anything that can compare with this episode - it should have one an Emmy. Other good Friends episodes include: The One With The Lesbian Wedding (Season 2), The One With Ross's Tan (Season 10), The One With Rachel's Other Sister (Season 9), The One With All The Kissing (Season 5), The One That Could've Been (Season 6) and The One With The Boobies (Season 1).

I'm also a HUGE Friends fan and I started watching when I was 10 years old. I love all the characters and episodes and these are a few of my favorite ones.

1) The One Where Everybody Finds Out
2) The One With The Routine
3) The One With The Proposal
4) The One With The Football
5) The Last One

This truly is one of my favourite episodes of the whole show! And the season too.. Obviously! Phoebe stole the cake with her flirting and Butt pinching laugh out loud (which were nothing but funny and nowhere near sexy, ! ), the way Phoebe and Rachel plan to subdue Chandler and Monica! Wow! Hats off to the writing!

2 The One with the Embryos

Yea this one always ranks high. Along with they all find out, no-one's ready, prom video, football. They all involve the whole group which makes them special. I also like the one with the jellyfish. Ross reading 18 pages front and back and then the fight with Rachel. So funny. It's just the best sitcom there will ever be

What I liked about this is when Chandler and Joey both feel like champions while entering their new apartment while riding the porcelain dog... and that the porcelain dog kinda looks like it had won the apartment, too!

Play that part again and you'll see how the dog looks like.

Definitely the best episode, I can't stop laughing. Best line: He's a transponster! This is proof that Friends is the best show of all time! There are some other good episodes, such as The One with the Prom Video, The One Where Everybody Finds Out, The One Where No One's Ready etc. but this is the best.

I love this episode. It should be named The One with the Quiz Game or something like that. Other than that it's the greatest friends episode ever! I love when Chandler says "His legs flail about as if independent from his body! " Classic!

3 The One with the Football

My favorite thanksgiving episode because it has so many funny one liners and moments, its main focus is of course the game of football they decide to play but it's not boring at all even though it's focused on just this one thing, it's a very entertaining episode and I always love to see Ross and Monica fighting.

All of their thanksgiving episodes are great but this one is easily the best.
It shows how competitive Monica and Ross are, Joey and Chandler fight over a girl, and Rachel jumps up and down!

When I think of Friends, I think of this episode. I love all of the Thanksgiving episodes, but this is my favourite. Incidentally, the only game of American Football I've ever watched.

Best. Episode. Ever!
I can't stop watching it, its hilarious! All the characters are really funny in this one.

4 The One Where No One's Ready

The best episode! Phoebe getting "the humus", Ross almost drinking fat, Monica obsessed with a message from Richard, Rachel "catching up on her correspondents", Chandler wondering," Donald Duck never wears pants, but when he gets out of the shower, there's a towel around his waste. What's that's about? " and best of all, Joey doing the opposite of Chandler hiding his underwear. "Could I be wearing anymore clothes? Maybe if I wasn't going commando! Boy, it's hot in here.I better not do any, I don't know, LUNGES." Best episode!

How is this episode not higher on the list? Most clever friends episode ever... All the stories in parallel and in real time, all the best parts of the characters shining through in this one!

Are you kidding me! This is the best episode hands down.. Classic sitcom.. Never leaves the room and everything happens in real time and it's so funny!

This is my favorite episode of Friends! They way Joey took the seat cushion with him when he went to change. And Monica... She gets me every time.

5 The One With The Ball

It was such a fun episode, especially because they were all so dedicated in not dropping the ball and then Phoebe comes in and she simply puts it on the table haha. Plus, Rachel buys this creepy naked cat and everyone makes HILARIOUS remarks about it (Joey: This is not a cat!, Ross: Why is it upside down? )

Monica is classic Monica in this! And the comments about the cat are hilarious. "Why is it inside out?" "What am I gonna call her? Fluffy?" "It's not a cat!" "Oh, the oven mitts freaked me out." "So what is this...some sort of snake?"

My favourite episode ever! I actually have the DVD of this episode and I watch it over and over again! Just can't get bored of it!

Oh my god Monica. That is all I have to say about this show was Monica.
Ps Monica was pretty much my favorite character because of how much I identified with her

6 The One With the Prom Video

Should be much, much higher up this list, in my opinion. This is the episode that, in my opinion, propelled Friends from being an average sitcom to being amongst the best of the genre. It had everything from fantastic character development, to well-written romance, to the one of the funniest Chandler one-liners out of the entire ten seasons. There's no reason not to love this episode.

Another strong contender to reach the top 5 Best F.R.I.E.N.D. S episodes! This was the bast thanksgiving episode of the show! A famous quote goes:
Joey:! Some Girl Ate Monica!
Monica: Relax, the camera adds like ten pounds!
Chandler: Huh.. So exactly how many cameras were on you?

Simply classic, it will never get old!

No.25? Not done! This is the best episode of season 2, I feel! There is something inexplicably sweet and classy about this one, that raised the bar wee bit higher for F.R.I.E.N.D. S! Of course, Rachel is Ross' lobster and vice versa (you were right Phoebe! ) This one should be in the top 10!

This one is my favorite because of the Ross and Rachel scene! They're so cute!

7 The Last One

Such a great finale, sucks everything ended here. It was nice to see Rachel and Ross back together for good after the on and off relationship they had following that breakup, but I would've liked to see them back together for a little bit before the show ended, but I know why they did it for the finale. It was sad and wasn't the funniest episode, but this was definitely a good episode and one of the biggest finales in T.V. history.

The great thing about this episode is that it epitomizes the thing that Friends is best at. The ability to make the audience go from hysterical laughter to unstoppable crying in just a few minutes. And I don't think many sitcoms have ever created an ending so understated, so emotional, so hilarious and so... Perfect.

Can't beat an amazing finale to an amazing show. This deserves to be number one because who doesn't honestly get choked up slightly when *Spoiers (Although if you haven't already seen it, you deserve to have it ruined! Shame on you! :P) Rachel returns to Ross or the twins are born or when they all have to give up their keys and say goodbye?! 10 years of T.V. magic summed up in one great hour! Love it :P

This particular episode is excellent. It is a perfect ending to the series. When I finished this episode there was a hollow feeling inside of me that no other television show can fill. It also leaves the audience wondering what happened to them after they went their separate ways.

8 The One With Unagi

This episode is outright hilarious. Now only is the plot line with Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe funny, Joey has his own amusing plot line, and Chandler and Monica do too (including Janice! ). This episode will literally have you rolling on the floor laughing! This is hands down the best episode of friends. Watch it!

Obviously the main subplot with Ross, Rachel and Pheobe is hilarious, but I don't feel like people appreciated Joey's story enough in this one. The scene where his "twin" barges into Monica and Chandler's apartment is one of the funniest in the entire series.

This is an hilarious episode. I have a friends who has also seen every episode of friends so whenever we try to scare the other and it doesn't work we say "Unagi".

- 'Ah...salmon skin roll.' Rachel
-'Chandler. I sensed it was you.' - Ross
-'Unagi is not something you are, it's something you have.'- Ross
-'DANGER' -Ross

So many great quotes in one episode...

9 The One Where It All Began

I just need a girl I can marry
Rachel walks in in a wedding dress
Chandler - I just need a million dollars!

You need to get your credibility correct! first episodes name was "The one where Monica gets a roomate"

10 The One With The Rumor

"A hint of a penis." How could someone be fatter than Monica was?! How did Rachael know Ross really did make out with a 50 year old librarian.

Funny funny and again funny! The best episode. You can laugh a lot! I even cry because the joke were so good!

Man this should be on top! And brad pitt's awesome! Deserves to be on the top!

Excellent! The best episode ever!

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11 The One Where They're Up All Night

SO funny! It's great to see what all the 'friends' get up to when they can't sleep. Especially Phoebe's encounter with the smoke alarm; 'hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind - HEY MICKEY! ' I loved Ross's 'When you get DOWN there...', encouraging Joey to leap off the fire escape, and I know this is a little mean, but, :SPOILER ALERT: when he fell off at the end I kinda felt he got what he deserved, especially after waking that angry dog through the window!

Phoebe was great in this, her comments with the smoke alarm were making me laugh so hard. "Please don't be a spaceship", "How could you beeping, I disconnected you, I took out your battery. How co BEEP. Don't You Interrupt ME! "

I've watched this episode over and over and each time I couldn't stop laughing. Definitely the best episode. Espicially scenes between Joey and Ross are awesome

12 The One With the Videotape

Whoever wrote the script for this episode should have won an Emmy. Outstanding work! So many great exchanges between the friends and the story of backpacking thru Europe tied it neatly together. Best lines:
Monica: You did tell an awful lot of jokes.
Chandler: I thought you liked my jokes.
Monica: (sarcastically) Joke. Joke. Joke.
Chandler: Well, maybe is was all the questions you asked. It was like flying with The Riddle.
Monica: Oh, is that another joke?
Chandler: Is that another question?

When Ross and Rachel see who came onto who which resulted in Emma being born. Ross accidentally taped their conversation and them having sex, it was so funny how Rachel used that backpacking trip story on Ross!

The intertwining story of Ken Adams, the videotape and the story is brilliant!

She came on to Ross. "How do you know about the magic story that shows you want to have sex"

13 The One Where Ross Got High

I was expecting this to be number 1. 'It tastes like FEET! ' 'I wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle! ' 'I got tricked into all those things! ' 'I.. I dunno, I was all hiigh! ' Gold.

This was great, it NEEDS to be high. Ross and Monica are the best siblings.

No.2 for me after the one with the armadillo, too funny!

14 The One With The Holiday Armadillo

So many great quotable lines from that episode. Gotta love it. My favourite by far.

Everything about is funny. Even Armadillo walking. Every time I'm in a bad mood I watch this episode

Funniest episode in my humble opinion. For us, Christmas isn't complete until we've seen it.

15 The One With All the Cheesecakes

I'm just gonna sit here and eat my *smacks cheese cake on the ground* hilarious!

16 The One Where Rosita Dies

I love this episode. The 7th season is the best.

I love this one. Definitely one of my favorites

This is a brilliant episode. I totally agree

17 The One With the Thanksgiving Flashbacks

I love when Chandler and Ross come in with their ridiculous outfits.

This episode was hilarious and I liked how it showed fat Monica.

Oh Monica. I love you!

18 The One Where Ross Is Fine

This episode is my number one favorite! Ross is so funny! There's so many quotes I love like
Ross You know what we should do?
Rachel Calm ourselves?
Ross No, we should eat dinner! I'LL COOK! Joey Wouldn't that be wired?
Ross No. The only thing that would be wired is if someone didn't like Mexican food, because I'm making fajitas!

I also love when Ross comes out without the oven mitts

This should definitely be in the top 10 in my opinion!
It really just shows how screwed up Ross's life is!
Also the one where Rachel's dad finds out she's pregnant,
And he comes over when Mona is there, that's a brilliant one.

This is the funniest episode! Should defiantly be in the top 10. Ross' reactions to evreything and his self delusional state saying that he is fine when he is clearly not, just the things he said, oh wow, I have never laughed so much!

Best episode without a doubt. Ross's reactions were the funniest 2 minutes of friends ever. Shows how much of an incredible actor David schwimmwer is. Love it.

19 The One that Could Have Been

I think this explores very well the definable characteristics of each character and how they may have been exploited differently had the storyline been slightly changed. With loads of belly laughs I love this one although it has a totally dissimilar convention.

Hilarious episode! The 6th Season was the best in my opinion. But to be fair I love them all!

Carol was hot!

20 The One With the Two Parties

Oh, yeah. It was funny seeing Rachel's face when her dad yelled happy birthday sweetheart". And the ramblings and all that. This showed Monica's ability to host a boring party and took another depth into the divorce of Rachel's parents. It was actually better than the first season.

Funniest thing ever when the guys are trying to hide Rachel's parents from each other. To top it off joey kissing Rachel's mom

This one is one of my favorites!

21 The One With Monica's Boots

Phoebe's story in this episode is one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

22 The One with the Late Thanksgiving

All the scenes in front of the door are hilarious..

Joey's eye thing is great. 0_0

23 The One with the Blackout

As far as old ones go, this is a classic. Ross, Chandler, and Rachel all at their bests at an unimportant but great episode.

So funny I laughed so much when the cat jumps on Ross! Also when Chandler is stuck in the room with the model.

For me, this is the funniest episode of all time. How could it NOT be on the list?

One of Chandler's finest episodes, his inner monologue is amazing!

24 The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break

It was such a sad episode like honestly number 1 saddest moment in friends. Though Chandler and Monica proposal was sad this got to be no.1. Literally everyones heart stopped. The lines
Ross: No this can't be the end
Rachel: Then how comes it is
Made me cry so much. I'm not a big Rachel and Ross shipper because I don't think their very compatable but everyone has to agree this episode caught the hearts of the nation. Abd it also kept the episkde funny with the rest of the gang : Phoebe Monica Joey and Chandler stuck in a room for the night. All an all a great episode

All around episode... Comedy and sadness. Every cast member participated and the trail plot epic.

Everyone always thinks this is the episode with the huge fight about the break, but this is the episode before that, the one the morning after is that episode

25 The One With Ross's Sandwich

This episode encapsulates everything that Friends represents and always stands out in my mind as the best episode of all.

I'm Joey, I'm disgusting. I'm make low budget adult films. I laughed so hard!

The leather pants where the lotion and the powder make a paaste, and Ross eats his candy floss whilst on valium... Total class

It's a Friends classic? The best of Ross.

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