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1 Scott Tenorman Must Die

This is hands down my favorite episode. In the beginning of the episode, I actually felt bad for Cartman being made fun of, but when he made Scott Tenorman eat his own parents and reveals it to him by licking his tears, I could have died laughing. It shows what evil and twisted things Cartman is capable of.

This is just the most demented episode I have ever seen. If you know me, I love edgy, controversial, and offensive humor. Love the premise, and definitely the first episode I would recommend to anyone wanting to watch the series.

When I first saw this, I was on XBOX live laughing so hard people were tellin' me to shut up, I have this episode on my IPOD, Netflix, etc. Every single time I watch this episode It was just as funny as the first time

This is the episode in which Cartman transforms from the grumpy fat kid into the manipulative psychopath that we all have come to love. Hands down the best episode!

2 Make Love, Not Warcraft

The fact that Kyle had a female avatar still kills me. And isn't it just hilarious to think that the South Park kids and the WoW corporation were on this huge intense quest to defeat some player who couldn't care and had no idea this was happening?

The story was pretty good. The humor was great and that steriotype of all WoW fans being fat people who dedicate every second of their lives to play WoW was hilarious.

When Kyle always makes fun of cartman for being fat, its good to see the whole gang to have worse weight problems than cartman ever had. So hahaaha laugh it up.!

This episode was so good that even those who never played World of Warcraft still enjoyed the episode.

3 The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

It's funny because the boys are completely unaware that's they are delivering a dirty movie and the parents think they saw it. The ending made me laugh.

The plot was good but the episode felt rushed.

Watch lord of the ring, nothing else

I don't like the fact that the other 'movie' was porn. Seems dumb.

4 Imaginationland

It was sad how Kyle died. But I love this episode. If you want your childhood ruined, watch this episode.

A personal favorite of mine. I was intrigued the whole time whilst laughing. Great episode.

Why is it so easy for kids to break into the Pentagon?

Most amazing south park episodes ever

5 Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

What? This is the worst South Park episode I've ever seen. Their pilot tried way too hard and was too fast and confusing (well not confusing but they didn't take a moment to expand on a good joke) and really, it isn't the South Park we know and love today. I'm glad they progressed from this episode.

I think it's the first ever episode of South Park and the part where he [Cartman] abducted by aliens was just good. The animation itself was bad in the early seasons due to lower budget but as the years pass it changed into computer animated. But this episode is'nt that great but I found it.

You may have liked this episode, but you're not going to believe this: the critical response was negative.

Not funny or good, but it was the first one, so, it kinda has its charm.

6 Breast Cancer Show Ever

I loved this. Whenever I feel pissed at Cartman’s obnoxious behaviour (which is quite often) I watch Wendy beat him to a pulp and feel so much better

This is among the best episodes of anything that tackles the issue of bullying. Rather than try to make the bully sympathetic, like many other shows have done, this episode makes Eric Cartman as unsympathetic as possible, and I greatly enjoyed seeing him get pummeled into a bloody pulp. The principle's talk with Wendy was an even better moment, possibly my favorite South Park moment of all time.

This should be WAY higher, like the comment bellow says, because, it's hilarious, it's great and I enjoy the ending because I love seeing Cartman get the crap beat out of him, he deserves it.

Should be WAY higher. This episode was absolutely hilarious

7 You're Getting Old

I love that this episode didn't end with a happy resolution. Trey and Matt opted out for a bittersweet ending and did so incredibly well. I don't normally get emotional over media like movies, T.V. shows, or books, but this episode got me. The plot is gritty, but not as dark as South Park usually is. I felt depressed with Stan the whole way through. It was so relatable (funnily enough) because, as a teenager, I have had to face change, and it isn't always easy.

South Park has become hit-or-miss for me; when a new episode comes out, I either love it to death or hate it with a passion. But this episode will forever be the one that I will continue to love.

Matt and trey looked at what the had done and decided to make an episode that instead of being bluntly crude and funny, opted for sincerity. The lament toning and sly humour, that did not deviate from their usual jokes gave us an episode of earnest beauty. Definitely a top 5 episode and definitely the best Stan episode.

I never expected a South Park episode to make me cry ever. Maybe it's my person struggles with cynicism and getting older, but this was a well done episode, and it's follow up episode "Ass Burgers" is a nice sequel to it.

One of the first episodes I saw. The FIRST one I saw that was actually serious. It completely changed the course of the season

8 Trapped in the Closet

My top 10 favorite south park episodes
10. Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy
9. It Hits The Fan
8. Woodland Critter Christmas
7. Good Times With Weapons
6. awesome-O
5. Casa Bonita
4. Trapped in the Closet
3. The Return of the Fellowship of the Two Towers
2. Make Love Not Warcraft
1. Scott Tenorman Must Die

Well I was just standing here, when tom cruise locked himself in the closet.

This is their most boldest episode and one of their funniest episodes

I can't believe how low this is! Series highlight in my opinion.

9 Black Friday

This Trilogy, I have to say without a doubt. Epic. The Cloudy Snowy feel of it makes it even more appealing. Nice little parody to Game of Thrones even if I don't watch it. Also I hate Black Friday (The Sales event itself) so bonus points for that.

This along with the follow up episodes was so great. The story was unique and wasn't just some cliche Thanksgiving special. The humor was funny, especially the "Stop Touching Me, Elmo" add in the first part.

Definitely the best South Park trilogy yet. As a Game of Thrones fan, I loved the entire plot of the three episodes, but this one had the best jokes of them all

This shows why employees working on Black Friday should be giving pepper spray to defend themselves

10 Medicinal Fried Chicken

Now KFC is illegal and Cartman works with some kids as cartels to do some chicken dealing? Also, how would you like to wear a testicale coat out in public? It's no wonder how weird South Park has gotten, but this is hilarious!

This is so much better than the Scott tenormam episode. I hate the Scott tenormam episode, it's not even funny at all. This is the funniest episode of all time. This should be #1 easily no questions asked

This was just one of the funniest South Park episodes of all time. Also, the music that plays when Randy and the gang are all bouncing on their balls, is just SOOO fitting

Reference to the cultfilm Scarface. Awesome episode!

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11 Casa Bonita

This episode is actually one of my favorites. It started off a little slow as it showed Cartman getting angry at Kyle over taking Butters along and not him. The episode gets better after he locks Butters in a bomb shelter until he goes to Casa Bonita. I mean, you ought to feel bad for Butters. Sitting alone in a cold bomb shelter while singing "if you leave me now." He's pretty much just being lonely at this point. Cartman then tricks Butters into thinking it's the apocalypse, where he gets whisked away to a garbage dump and befriends a dog. The garbage lady then finds Butters and shows her a mini-society, complete with a statue of Eric Cartman. So, everyone knew that Butters was found at the dump, even Kyle's mom, who calls the police on Cartman. The ending was actually pretty funny, as well. This is just another good episode of a fantastic South Park season!

The plot was so good and the humor was so great. Cartman trying to trick Butters is usually funny but convincing Butters he and Cartman are the last people on earth was down right hilarious. Also, did you know Casa Bonita is a real resturant?

Most people like this episode because of the main premise of Cartman lying to Butters. Not me, I like this episode because of the very end. Cartman trying to do every single thing at Casa Bonita within a mere timespan of 30 seconds. Brilliant

If you're not from Colorado, you'll never truly enjoy this episode. Casa Bonita is the Disneyland of Mexican restaurants. How bad the food is. What an amazing episode!

12 Raisins

This episode was amazing. You could feel Stan's heart break when he saw Token in Wendy's room and Butters speech at the end really stuck with me. A great episode. Humorous, yet touching.

This episode was absolutely amazing. I love it a lot and I think it deserves to be in the top 10's. It tells a good message on heartbreak.

Love how they reference Skinny Puppy in this episode. I love Skinny Puppy.

This episode sucks. I hate the breakup between Stan and Wendy. TAKE IT OFF RIGHT NOW!

13 The Passion of the Jew

Extremely offensive, hilariously mocks a celebrity, and has a social commentary aspect. Everything that makes South Park South Park is embodied in this episode.

Seriously? Almost nobody voted for this? This is the ultimate combination of satire, celebrity-mockery, randomness and witty offense! This is South Park!

I was dying laughing when Cartman impersonated Hitler and got a rally to chant with him to destroy the Jews. Just goes to show what Cartman's capable of.

I felt so bad for Kyle when he watched that movie.


I thought it was very satisfying to see butters accidentally get revenge on cartman throughout the whole episode. Matt Stone and Trey Parker said that it was one of their favorites, and I 100% agree.

Oh my god! I love this episode, because butters finally got pissed off by cartman to blackmail him. and the part where the general says "Wow kid, you're a little! " is super funny too.

I love how everyone was so stupid in this episode... HILARIOUS! Also, Cartman finally has something bad happen to him (having to be a robot for Butters).

Cart man finally gets some comeuppance for being a dick, and Butters' gullibleness rubs off nicely here. It was hilarious watching him
"get revenge" on Cartman.

15 Good Times With Weapons

Really? I thought this would be in the top ten for sure. This episode has a brilliant plot which is just complete awesome satire on all animes and its fantastic satire to, not to mention "Lets Fighting Love" you will not get that song out of your head, especially after seeing the English translation involving a penis, and hairy balls, I will say no more

TOP TEN! If you haven't seen it please do, the plot is awesome and all of the anime scenes are funny as well, this should definitely be in the top 10 and probably top 5! You will laugh so much!

I'm surprised this isn't in the top ten, it's number one on my list. The song tops it off! Love this episode, it's hilarious - especially the invisibility powers Cartman has, and the battle of Tokutawa.

I love the song and animation, but it feels like a bit of a Butters Torture Porn, like a Squidward Torture Porn from SpongeBob. I just feel bad for Butters the whole time.

16 The Losing Edge

It was really nice to be able to relate to South Park, and they were the first to realize that not everyone liked baseball. I was shocked to see how relatable this episode was. Oh, and Randy, being the idiot he is, paid a hysterical homage to rocky. Funny, relatable, and with good references. Plus, it was nice to have an episode where I don't want to strangle Cartman with his own spinal cord as much.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone can relate to kids. It satirizes how baseball is adored by adults but hated by children because of how prolonged it is.

This was the first episode I almost died laughing at. All of Randy's brawls were priceless

Hilarious Randy and Kyles cousin kyle priceless this episode is the around

17 Tweek vs. Craig
18 Insheeption

Seriously Even people that loved or hated that movie loved the concept and its one of the few that stand out as always being awesome.

Its like a taco, inside a taco, inside a taco bell, inside a kfc, in a mall, that's inside your dream!

I like how Freddy saved everyone

Young Mr Mackey is the best character ever mkay

19 Super Best Friends
20 Fishsticks

I recently started watching this show and this is one of the first ones I saw

How on EARTH is this at only number 33? this is the best episode ever!

In school when we were talking about Kanye West presidency in 2020 (by the time it wasn't confirmed as a joke) a boy said "Kanye West is a gay fish get it gay fish'' I laughed my ass off at that joke

very funny got me into south park

21 The Cissy

I couldn't stop laughing at this episode. I thought every minute was funny. And that song. Oh my god that has not left my head for 3 years.

South Park made fun of Lorde, and she actually liked it. They even made Sia sing a song pretending that she's Lorde. Brilliant.

22 The List

One of the best episodes ever, and best of Season 11! After Raisins, it shows that the writers finally cared. Stan trying to help Kyle with his problems with Wendy helping out as well, this is great

Bebe Stevens is evil in this episode.

I love that ending

"plan cannot possibly fail- kenny you create a distraction while you butters kick her in the balls! "

23 A Nightmare On Face Time
24 Child Abduction Is Not Funny

This episode had a unique plot and made the parents of South Park look as stupid as ever. The sub plot is what really steals the show. It is so unique and makes you laugh so hard.

In case you didn't know this is the Great Wall of South Park episode

I love great city wall.

25 Cartman Land

Comedic brilliance, every character is at their best, one of Kenny's funniest deaths too and Cartman's "bit he dies all the time" it's also one of the most well written episodes of South Park, this episode has everything, you feel for Kyle as you watch him go through crises, it's a good feeling to see how Stan looks out for him until he is saved, you enjoy watching Cartman's rise and downfall, and your laughing every other minute

Should be higher on this list I have never laughed harder at any episode.

"I need my cream, I need my cream! "

The commercial is funny

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