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1 Stephanie Tanner

She is very cute, adorable, and pretty, and she is very funny. She also has an amazing personality, and most of us can relate to her. I also love it when she says "how rude" and "nobody asked me." Personally, I think she's way cuter and prettier than Michelle and DJ. I also had a crush on her when I was watching Full House as a kid, and she's still pretty to this day as an adult. I love her so much I wanted to marry her even though she's way older than me. I love you so much, Stephanie Tanner.

My all-time favorite character was Stephanie Judith Tanner. She was the funniest and most outgoing character and was definitely the cutest. She was even funnier than Michelle. She was the one that had to go through the most serious problems like peer pressure, smoking, an abusive friend, make-out parties, crashing the car into the kitchen, and almost getting into a car accident. She was so adorable.

I hated how after season five, everything was just about Michelle. It felt like the directors wanted it to be all about Michelle and should have named it The Michelle Show. I wish they could have put more scenes for Stephanie. Michelle's problems weren't that interesting. They were just simple little kid problems people can easily overcome. Stephanie went through serious problems in life. I really loved her, especially in the early seasons. She was so cute. Michelle isn't the only cute one.

2 Jesse Katsopolis

Jesse was definitely my favorite out of the three dads. He was always there for his nieces and helped them through serious problems. I loved his relationship with Stephanie. Yes, I liked it more than his relationship with Michelle. He and Michelle were okay, but at the beginning of the seasons, his relationship with Stephanie was the best. They had the best character development.

He helped her with an abusive friend and taught her that promises aren't meant to be broken. At the beginning of the season, they were always cuddling and tickling her. I also loved how he taught DJ that drinking is bad and showed her how to drive. I love him. He is really caring and sweet.

3 Michelle Tanner

I think Michelle is the best. She is so cute and funny. For me, one of the best parts of the show was her and Uncle Jesse. I love both their catchphrases, "You got it, dude" and "Have mercy!" To be honest, I found it hard to pick between them. I love their relationship as niece and uncle. But in the end, I just had to pick Michelle with Uncle Jesse as a close second.

She is the most adorable and lovable character. She tries to be nice to everyone. Even when she was mean, she would still get over her feelings and start caring. I loved how the Olsen twins were so talented. They played one hell of a character.

Stephanie was great in the 1st and 2nd seasons but eventually turned even worse than DJ. In my opinion, Michelle, Nicky, Alex, and Cosmo are the best.

4 Joey Gladstone

Joey is so funny. But I also like that, at the right times, he can be the most serious or loving character on the show. He makes a great father figure. Plus, he doesn't always want to hug everyone, like Danny.

Joey Gladstone was the best and funniest character on Full House because he did Popeye and other funny things.

Joey was really funny. I love his cartoon voices. I don't know how he learned it, but he was so good.

5 D.J. Tanner

I really loved DJ a lot. She was always comforting her sisters during hard times. When Stephanie was sad she didn't have a mother, DJ was there for her and saved Stephanie from dangerous situations. She became a super beautiful and hot teen later on. I love how she overcame boys and got through other troubles.

DJ is almost like me except that I never had a boyfriend and she is a lot older than me. At the beginning of the show, I didn't really like her because she looked really weird and her hair was really bad. But after season 2 passed, she became more beautiful and mature. Definitely one of the best characters.

6 Danny Tanner

I really loved Danny's relationships with all three of the girls. I know there were times when he was overprotective of DJ, but overall he was a good father to them. Although I did find it unfair when he had to take sides with one of his daughters.

Danny should be first by a ton! He is hilarious, and no one compares to him. In every episode, he is definitely the funniest character! He should not be this far down on the list. FYI: he is sixth at the moment.

7 Kimmy Gibbler

Kimmy Gibbler was definitely one of my three favorites. She was the funniest and happiest girl on Full House. She always had the funniest lines that just didn't make sense. I love how dramatic she is (in a good way). She was definitely not the smartest, but that's what made her funny.

Kimmy is easily the best character and, in my opinion, made the best transition from Full House to Fuller House. Love her oddness.

Kimmy is a good friend to DJ, and she reminds me of Robin Buckley from Stranger Things. Kimmy can be annoying, but she's better than Michelle.

8 Rebecca "Becky" Donaldson-Katsopolis

Rebecca was a really sweet character and a good mother figure to the Tanner girls, especially with DJ when she was helping her with boy trouble. They didn't have a mother, so I am glad she became a mother to them.

Becky is so amazing she should be number one. Loved her since season two's "Tanner V.S. Gibbler"! Also, she and Jesse were adorable.

Aunt Becky was always my favorite character. She was always able to be the voice of reason among some crazies!

9 Steve Hale

Steve is not only super athletic, but he can eat and never gain weight. A true gift if you ask me. Even when DJ is a spaz, he gets over it, and together they make and break their relationship.

Scott Weinger plays Aladdin, for heaven's sake. Plus, I like Steve, though the episodes centered around him and DJ got annoying after a while.

I really loved Steve's relationship with DJ. They are the cutest couple, and I love the fact that Steve loves to eat.

10 Mr. Bear

"Quiet people have the loudest minds." That goes for my homie, Mr. Bear. He endured the cruel, harsh world around him without a single complaint. He may have been a stuffed bear to most, but to me, he was an inspiration.

He had the talent, the looks, and a fedora. Absolutely perfect.

It was cute how Stephanie would sometimes ask for Mr. Bear's opinion and take him everywhere.

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11 Nicholas "Nicky" Katsopolis and Alexander "Alex" Katsopolis

Nicky and Alex Katsopolis. You two are my favorite Full House and Fuller House characters. I know why they are my favorite. You look cute. Nicky and Alex Katsopolis are mine. I want you to show up in one of the episodes of Fuller House.

Nicky and Alex were cute and adorable. They were definitely not the best actors, but overall, they were okay and a little fun to watch.

12 Comet

Comet is a very kind character. He always made the kids (and adults) feel better in sad situations!

Though Stephanie is my favorite human character, I've got to say Comet should be #1.

13 Rusty
14 Harry
15 Mr. Woodchuck

"Wood" you vote for Mr. Woodchuck?

16 Gia Mahan
17 Nelson
18 Vicky Larson
19 Dwayne
20 Denise Frazer

Denise is by FAR the best of Michelle's friends. Apparently, the rest are kind of annoying.

21 Papolli

Papolli is fun-loving and cared very much about his grand and great-grandchildren.

It was so sad to see him go in the episode when he finally came back.

22 Max Fuller
23 Comet Jr. Jr.
24 Jake
25 Jackson Fuller

Jackson did not know how to make impactful decisions when he became a teenager and should have done better with Lola instead of Rocky. He is very funny, caring, and loving. When I saw Jackson, I thought I hope this guy plays a good character in the series because he looks like someone who can be loved and become an attractive character as the series progresses.

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