Best The Big Bang Theory Seasons

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1 Season 3

Man this season is amazing, the maternal congruence, the pants alternative, the lunar excitation, the starcaise implementation best season of all time.

Best episodes and story lines supported by development of characters

My favourite atm

2 Season 5

Shamy brings " The Realtionship Agreement" into effect.

Bernadette & Howard's wedding.

The show at it's best!

It's honestly one of the best seasons
There's so much character development here to be honest

3 Season 2

This season was the funniest, I loved the sexual tension Leonard and Penny had.

This season is the best! Penny's hair was the cutest on this season as well.

This season was great except Bernadette was missing.

How is this in number 7?

4 Season 4

The best season, and not just because it contains my favourite ep "The Zazzy Substitution". The episode with Penny's dad is a highlight, too. It's also season where the characters of Bernadette and Amy are still funny and appealing before becoming insufferable ala season 7.

Season 4 will probably always be the best, although season 6 isn't far behind it! Season 5 is overrated, though.

I love it because of the new characters that bring some sort of a fresh air in the show.

The best season with sure, there's the best episodes : the robotic manipulation, the zazzy substituation...

5 Season 1
6 Season 7

This is more of a general reflection than a comment about Season 7. I think the series' seasons can be divided in two groups: Seasons 1-7 are overall great (if we exclude some minor characters), while 8-12 are fairly mediocre. Apart from the quality of comic situations and dialogues, which dropped dramatically in the last five years, a main reason why early-to-middle seasons are better is how changes have been developed. All the most important changes and evolutions we saw after the first two (awesome) seasons and up to Season 7 were gradual, but at the same time they didn't take too long: friendship between Penny and Sheldon was developed mostly in Season 3 and just maintained/strengthened in the following ones, Howard's transformation from a creep to a good guy took place entirely in Season 4, Amy had already changed her attitude in early Season 5 and Leonard and Penny's relationship, as troubled as it was, still went on quickly enough in Seasons 6 and 7. Then, all the main events ...more

The worst season. Amy, and especially Bernadette become detestable characters.

Great season great episodes this season should be in top four or top 2

7 Season 6

One of the best T.V. seasons in history, no duds. In my opinion. The cast are literally the best comedy actors in the world at the moment

8 Season 8

I genuinely liked this season. I thought it was fun and cheery.

9 Season 10

Not one of the best, but Leonard's burp in The Romance Recalibration is very funny

10 Season 9

Really improved. I feel like the show is back to what we loved!

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11 Season 11

Very underrated. It starts pretty lamely with the first 3 episodes, but it also has several remarkable ones like The Collaboration Contamination, The Proton Regeneration, The Bitcoin Entanglement (very nostalgic but entertaining), The Celebration Reverberation, The Solo Oscillation, The Comet Polarization and The Bow Tie Asymmetry. I'm not saying it's the best nor even among the best, because it clearly isn't, but it definitely should be ahead of Seasons 8, 9 and 10 and maybe even Season 4, because of that awful Priya story arc.

12 Season 12
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