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Face it. HGTV is probably most watched by people ages 30-85. But there are people under 30 who watch HGTV and love it. I am one of those people.
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1 Fixer Upper

Joanna has a gift her husband chip is correct she can beautify anything. Thank you Gaines family for taking houses sometimes just frames and making them Homes. The homes I have dreamed of my entire life. If you ever dream of creating a place for a lady who would dream no more to have you create a home for my family the Browns I would want no more. Amen

I like the contrasting personality of the couple but they also have several similarities such as farming and being adventurous. Chip is funky adventurous man who does the weirdest things but that's what makes the show interesting. Joana is so classy and talented and a perfect match for chip. This show is so down to earth and a simple lifestyle.

2 Property Brothers

Jonathen and Drew are geniuses in the making. They have brilliant designs, humor, listings, etc. Drew is one of the finest real estate agents I've ever seen. Jonathan's renovations are great because he makes everything look so realistic and his humor is amazing. The way the renovations are designed in Buying and Selling with the explosions in CGI are so awesome.

The best Property Brothers shows are Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, Brother vs Brother, and at Home

I love this show! They are geniuses when it come to picking and fixing up a house. My mom and I always argue about who does the better job between cousins on call and property brothers. Of course property brothers seamlessly do the job every time. I think the coolest things would be to have a competition between the two shows. Talking about a ratings booster!

3 Love It or List It

Love this show. Especially the David and Hillary's playful bickering back and forth with each other - they're like a married couple. Love It or List It Two's couple are dreadful. I've watched and re-watched so many of their shows.

Really enjoy the charm and charisma of the competing hosts. They are really what separates this show from others. The other new version of Love it or list it pales in comparison with David and Hilary.

The best! It's like a good movie that has something for everyone!
The 2 along with Eric compliment each other so well!

4 HGTV Design Star

I LOVE this show, the contestants of the show are so diverse and the competitions are AMAZING! Season after season has kept me hooked from the get go. Much love!

5 Flip or Flop

This show truly sucks! The man goes on and on how they are going to lose money on a renovation and she is always whining... not a show for me!

No contest..for me Flip or Flop with Christina and Tarek are so far the very very best.their design decisions are so gorgeous and I LOVE the interaction between these two.When Tarek says"the boss has spoken", I love it! They have great respect and fun working together. I tape all the shows. I am glad that Tarek has gotten past his thyroid cancer scare..they are both great snd I love this show!

6 Design on a Dime

Haven't seen in a long time! They had great ideas!

I would love to see this show come back.

7 House Hunters

Would love to see Property Virgins come back.

8 House Hunters International

Great to see properties all over the world and the diversity of style, architecture, price and culture. It's a real down to earth show that makes you think... Hmmm... Maybe we can do that! Fun to watch.

House Hunters International gives us a look into homes around the world. By far the best!

Yes, I find it very interesting and enjoyable!

9 Color Splash

It's different than all the just buying house shows.

10 Rehab Addict

I don't like women who brag how "tough" they are in a traditional male dominated jobs and wear clothing that shows their "stuff" hanging out.
I'm a female who's been working in male dominated industry for 39 years and would never be allowed or even want to dress like this show promotes. It's insulting to us women who take their job and personal reputation seriously.
I prefer to be valued for my quality of work rather than personal appearance.
She should go be a body builder on another show.

When I see this show coming on, I quickly turn the channel. I have found nothing interesting about this program with Nicole Curtis.

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11 Bang For Your Buck
12 Dear Genevieve

Genevieve I love your show. I would love mire than anything for you to renovate my home someday.

I love Genevieve! You show makes me smile. I would love to have you remodel my home.

I could watch this show over and over. Good ideas and love her and her cast!

13 My First Place

I love this show and would like for it to come back.

14 Flea Market Flip
15 The Antonio Treatment
16 Home Town

This is my very favorite show on t.v.. I love the way they incorporate wood and other treasures back into the renovation. Erin and Ben have great chemistry. They also seem to be more interested in getting info from their clients about what their interests and life style is so they can gear the design for lifestyle of owners.

17 Boise Boys
18 Home Strange Home

The only show on this network I like.

19 Color Confidential
20 Tiny Home

Love this show and would love to see a variety of tiny homes...possibly like in a show that travels from town to town. I want to actually feel what it is like inside a tiny house. Unfortunately due to Midwestern weather it would be quite difficult to survive without insulation and enough storage space for both summer and winter clothing! I have seen one tiny home traveling on I-80.

21 Brother vs. Brother

I really liked seeing what 'design touch' each brother added without the constraints of an actual home owner's input.

22 My Lottery Dream Home
23 Windy City Rehab
24 Desert Flippers
25 Good Bones
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