Top Ten Best iCarly Characters

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1 Sam Puckett Samantha "Sam" Puckett is the deuteragonist of iCarly who later went on to star on its spin-off show Sam & Cat. She is portrayed by the American actress Jennette McCurdy.

Sam Is the best character ever. She might seem mean and rude but inside she is the most kind, caring, protective character. She will do anything for her friends including freddie. I think sam and freddie should get back together because they are so cute as a couple. She will beat up anyone that hurts Carly. She acts like she has no feelings and doesn't care about what people think but she actually does and she's very emotional. Sam is the best character ever I would love to have her as a friend. She's so funny

2 Spencer Shay

Spencer is definitely the best character (My opinion) He always looked out for Carly. No matter what! And he is definitely the funniest character. His fires were the best thing on iCarly and his sculptures and art and creativity is amazing. How would iCarly be good without him. I would not watch this show without Spencer. He is the only character that actually makes me laugh He is definitely the best character

Jerry Trainor is a handsome, hilarious and great actor with an overall great personality which is why he's my favorite actor of all time! I wouldn't be watching this show if there was no Spencer Shay!

3 Carly Shay

Carly is a cute character and she is hilarious as ever! But how is she dating guys who are like older than her? She is amazing and creative

I love Carly! She's so girly and pretty. She's a bit of a Mary Sue but she's really funny and awesome! She makes the show

Why isn't she number 1? She's awesome! She's so lucky to have awesome friends and an awesome brother like Spencer

4 Freddie Benson

I love Freddie he is my boyfriend and I would never break up with him and Sam and I Carly are just friends with him but Freddie is so cute.

Freddie is hilarious! Go Freddie! And I totally ship Carly and Freddie together.

Basically the nicest character in the series.

5 Gibby Gibson

Gibby should be number 1. He is verry funny and stupid and that why I like him. I love how he takes of he's shirt it's so weird. Gibby has the ability to make stupid things make sence. I love his brother. Guppy.

Gibby is awesome... He is so hilarious! I love it when he sang and used to take his shirt off. He should be 1st on this list.

Glad Gibby was a main character in icaly. The way he acted in iGoOneDirection was super funny. Him and Spencer are my favorite characters.

6 Nevel Papperman
7 Lewbert
8 T-Bo

He's so funny and I love when he's in the episodes!

T-bo is a great character and he's so funny!

I love "Mr Bo" he's really funny. I loved it when Mr. O'bama was in their appartment and T-Bo said "Heey! Who's your friend? Is she married? " HA!

9 Aspartamay

Aspartamay is that guy from that video game jack black dresses up as at that convention.

10 Principal Ted Franklin
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11 Marissa Benson

! The actress who played her did a great job. She is so overprotected but she does care for her son dearly!

Wet and sticky is very icky. Sticky and wet makes mummy upset.

12 Guppy Gibson

Guppy is so funny and he's so hilarious when he says 'happy birthday!

I love guppy and gibby but I really like tebo the dude who works at groovy smoothie, he cracks me up big time

13 Shelby Marx

She can kick ass. She's better than Sam. I wish she appeared on more episodes. She is fierce and funny. I don't like Freddie... He's not cute or talented

14 Socko
15 Nora Dershlit

I love all the episodes she is in even the sam and cat one. she is the character that will never die

She is a great villain because she is evil and crazy but you can also relate to her

16 Melanie Puckett

Melanie. Is sometimes funny. I like her. In Sam and Cat Twinfection she screamed so weird I almost got my Limonade oit of my mouth. Laugh out loud

17 Pam Puckett
18 Grandad Shay
19 Chuck Chambers
20 Amanda "Mandy" Valdez
21 Ripoff Rodney
22 Griffin
23 Mindy Sterling
24 Mr Howard
25 Carl
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