Best Murders in The Sopranos

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1 Brendan Filone

Brendan Filone has an amazing death scene reminiscent of the Godfather Baptism sequence, specifically as brilliantly filmed as the Moe Greene special. What an amazing piece of film and the track matched perfectly with the culmination and climax of the shot. Brendan Filone quickly became my favorite due to the excellent death scene.

Brendan Filone is shot clean through the eye, "Moe Greene Special" and it's the most powerfully climactic scene, coupled with the "All Through The Night" montage. Best death scene + he was my favorite character in the series run.

2 Matthew Bevilaqua

1st hit I saw as a couple buddies were watching the DVD. Went out bought season that evening

3 Sean Gismonte

Sean surprises Christopher, wazzup! Bang! Get that mo$&@&! *+ Seatbelt! The seatbelt was stuck and Chris retaliated, Sean dead with a bullet to the head and smoking glock in his hand as the car slides and crashes with Matt fleeing the scene and bullets riddled on the pavement. Amazing scene.

4 Ralph Cifaretto

Killed by Tony Soprano. Maybe the most unexpected death on the show. Ralph was probably the one we all knew would get killed, mainly for being disrespectful and irreverent, but in this episode we saw more than that; we felt sympathy for him, and then we saw him being beaten, choked and decapitaded. And we found out he was bald.

5 Adriana la Cerva

Killed by Silvio Dante. In one of the best scenes of the series, we see Adriana and Silvio going to "meet Chris". We feel nervous, because Ade doesn't know what is gonna happen. Finally we realize that Chris chose Tony over her, and she died in the woods, crawling an crying, shot by Sil.

Best and worse. Acting was superb but I felt so bad when she died.

It's like the mouse calm with hawk above before.

6 Jimmy Altieri

Rat stuffed in his mouth after he got whacked.

7 Dino Zerilli
8 Jackie Aprile, Jr.
9 Joe Peeps
10 Fat Dom Gamiello

Stabbed, butchered, and beheaded after making jokes about Vito's death

Stabbed, butchered, and beheaded by Carlo Gervasi and Silvio Dante after making jokes about Vito's death

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11 Mikey Palmice

Gunned down in the woods by Chris and Paulie.

12 Christopher Moltisanti

Most unexpected especially since it was Tony who did it.

Most surprising death of the series by far!

Killed by Tony Soprano. No one saw that coming. Tony murdered his protegé, after understanding Chris would never be more than a crackhead.

13 Richie Aprile

Killed by Janice Soprano. Janice proves she can be as mean as her brother, and when Tony sees Richie's body it's such a great scene. He actually feels glad.

14 Gerry Torciano

Gunned down at a restaurant, slow-motion blood splatter effect and all

15 Phil Leotardo

Killed on Tony Soprano's orders. Just after saying goodbye to his grandsons, Leotardo finally got what he deserved, in a ridiculously viloent way, getting his skull crushed. Close casket.

16 Salvatore Bonpensiero

Come on, let's face it, this is the best murder in the whole show. It was teamwork, it was expected, planned smoothly. They were looking for the rat for years until they finally found it... Big Pussy, probably the most difficult kill for T as they were really close. The look on Pussy's face before jumping on the boat, looking over his shoulder... He knew that was it, that there was no coming back.

Killed by Tony Soprano, Paulie Gualtieri and Silvio Dante. The three men murder their best friend, after realizing they were betrayed. He went for a ride in Tony's boat, and after some minutes he slept with the fishes.

17 Tony Blundetto

Killed by Tony Soprano. He is getting home and all of a sudden Tony murders him. His own cousin, for mercy.

18 Tracee the Stripper
19 Bobby Bacallieri

Too sad. Too nice and innocent, as innocent as one can be in that line of work, to go out like that.

Killed on Phil Leotardo's orders. Very surprising, dramatic and sad, being Bacala so nice and big-hearted.

20 Bobby Baccalieri, Sr.
21 Tony Soprano Anthony John Soprano is a fictional character and the protagonist in the HBO television drama series The Sopranos, portrayed by James Gandolfini.

He's not dead. It's been confirmed.

22 Jimmy Bones
23 Mustang Sally Intile
24 Donnie Paduana
25 Vito Spatafore
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