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1 Kanade

She is kind, a little uncomprehensive of the world, yet she still tries to do the right things. I also find it pretty amazing that she had no hard feelings for Yuri, given their history. (that may I mention) If you didn't know, in Track Zero Yuri wanted to bury her alive. (Or like dead whatever) She did the right thing and helped everyone move on and all her violent actions were self defense or a serious misunderstanding.

Cutest character in the show, also, don't forget, she was the reason everyone cried at the end. Not the END, but before the credits. Also, she had a lot of input in the story. Kawaii

2 Yuri

Seeing her siblings die right in front of her eyes and still having the strength and courage to carry on, now that's just downright admirable. Moreover, she is a very capable leader, intelligent, is very skilled with firearms and in close combat. Basically, she is every man's ideal woman though she can be quite violent. It's a shame that she didn't end up with Otonashi.

Great leader and inspiration. She makes everyone move forward easily even though she has the most tragic past. Also I cried at the scene where she finally apologizes to Kanade and wishes that they could have been friends from the beginning and never fought ... right when she was about to pass on..

3 Naoi Naoi Ayato is a character in the anime series Angel Beats!, created by Jun Maeda. He is introduced as the self-proclaimed God of the afterlife world where the story takes place. Naoi initially serves as an antagonist, using his hypnosis abilities to control NPCs. Over the course of the series, he joins... read more

Naoi is a human character. He pretty much become cruel due to him being lonely in his past life with no friends or anyone he look up to aside his jerka*s father. Naoi then realize that people like Otonashi cares and afterwards Naoi really redeem himself after he befriends Otonashi. Plus he's cool and his design looks awesome. He's also a funny character because of his ego attitude.

He was kinda cruel, well, A lot! But afterwards he just became one of the funniest characters I will ever see! I love the way he hypnotized Hinata and the others. But the main reason I voted him is... I simp for Naoi. Don't ask.

4 Hinata

Great person, full of charisma. A great and loyal friend of Yuzuru, will always be missed. Also his voice actor is the same as Kise Ryouta's from Kuroko no Basket (amazing guy). Also it's adorable how much he cares for Yui despite them fighting a lot in the beginning.

Hinata is funny, loving, lovely, cute, good-hearted, loyal, handsome, affective, affectionate, generous, caring, good looking. HE IS FLAWLESS! Never, I repeat NEVER say anything bad about this fantastic man!

I am the one who commented about Hinata-sama. Onegai, let he be the First! He is amazing and the greatest of all the anime characters in the world

5 Otonashi

Levi/Akashi/Saiki K/ Trafalgar Law/ Yato's voice actor :)
Was a great protagonist, and was empathetic towards Kanade from the start, unlike all the other SSS members. Love how he stayed behind at the end for a bit to become new student council president and helped others find their way. I'm really really glad he was able to find Kanade after reincarnating.. those 2 deserve each other.

Maybe he is sometimes clumsy but what the best of him is he is the one who help them to accept the fact that they lived and die thinking that god is unfair to them, but the truth is god only gave them test on how they manipulate the situation, and that is why they lived AGAIN

6 Yui Yui (Japanese: ユイ, Yui) is a secondary character in the anime series, Angel Beats!. She is a big fan of Girls Dead Monster and also acts as an assistant for publicity and other matters... read more

Yui was cute and adorable but the best part of her was kindness. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but half the reason she wanted Hinata to marry her, was so that she wouldn't bother her mother anymore

Funny girl and full of energy, I really love her some times, she is so sweet.. I love that scene where she chased after Kanade for her guitar :D I'm very glad she was able to find satisfaction and happiness with Hinata.

When you're the ref player and coach of you're soccer team, there are no such things as fouls. And admit it, shes cute.

7 T.K

T K is the most hilarious guy ever...
And he has such a tear inducing fanmade backstory.

Badass dancer! Loved his style

Really funny guy lol, he's an amazing and unique character. He's really cool and a hero at times too. Definitely will be a character worth remembering.

8 Iwasawa

Her story made me an emotional wreck for 5 days afterwards. She and Yuri were the only characters I cried over. Her character definitely touched my heart more than anyone else, because her story was the most real, her life the most relatable. She deserved so much better. I selfishly wish we had seen more of her in the show, but the fact that she was the first to move on makes me proud, because she inspired Otonashi and a lot of others to achieve their dreams and make peace with the cruel lives they led so that they could move forward. A strong, brave, beautiful soul. She is number one in my eyes.

9 Shiina

She's pretty, and her demeanor is pretty humorous. Balancing a broomstick on her finger? Awesome. I think she should be in the Top 5 because, honestly, TK? No offense!

I love her! She's really funny and I love how she's always saying, "this is so stupid." I loved the moment when she "died" trying to save a dog that wasn't even real. And the episode where she was balancing a broom? Priceless. ^.^

10 Yuzuru Otonashi Yuzuru Otonashi (Japanese: 音無 結弦 Otonashi Yuzuru) is the main protagonist of the anime series, Angel Beats!, coming in as one of the newest members of the SSS, and a newcomer to the Afterlife. After suffering from an accident during his lifetime, he wakes up in the Afterlife without his memories... read more
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11 Noda
12 Oyama
13 Takamatsu
14 Takeyama
15 Fujimaki
16 Masami
17 Matsushita
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