Top 10 Best TV Networks In the Philippines

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This is the certified number one channel in many cities in the Philippines. Because of the greatest, award-winning talents, you are surely satisfied. You can hear the best songs from ABS-CBN on radios nationwide!

From one billion pesos franchise in shows, highly rated. Trust me, watch ABS-CBN and you are satisfied. Chill from mornings to evenings. Relieve your stress. Because this is not just a cheap, low-budget flop channel, this is high-class Philippine TV.

Their ratings are top in the Kantar Media Ratings, the most trusted. I'm sure you've heard about Filipino teens who won numerous international awards, and they are actually a product of this channel! And are also featured on international websites. They are also high-tech. They have trusted news and very entertaining TV series. They have the best hosts, the best love teams, the best news, the best publishing, the best actors and actresses, and the BEST CHANNEL!

2 GMA-7

Strong signal...trustworthy and credible news on TV. Also, the news reporters are award-winning. They tackle different issues of the society without bias. Even though GMA cannot do much great in heavy drama unlike the other networks, the essence of every story in different drama series is unique and innovative.

I like the fantasy series... very remarkable... I guess other channels cannot beat this one. Many controversial actors and actresses are on the other channels. Other channels were involved obviously in political intervention, which I don't admire at all. Lastly, there were other artists who formerly were GMA artists and transferred to other networks and became ungrateful and not looking back on the network that showed their potential...touchdown!

3 TV5

Well, this is number one because it shares true news, and their news is not late. Raffy Tulfo is a great man. He has helped many people. ABS-CBN is boycotted because of its lies.

Yes indeed, just because of Raffy Tulfo. For me, if he is not there, I won't vote for TV5.

4 Studio23

Reliable, trustworthy, beautiful TV.

5 NET-25


Thanks for giving us reliable news and for unfolding the true words of God. Explained very well and most importantly, Bible-based. In a way of not explaining it with false meaning, and all of the questions were answered through the Bible itself and not by our own understanding.

Net 25 delivers quality programs that promote spirituality and good conduct. It gives truthful information locally and globally. It practices fair and unbiased reporting.

World-class in delivering different stories and trending news in and out of the country.

6 GMA News TV

GMA News TV, the No. 1 news channel in the Philippines, beats the enemy channel, which is AksyonTV and ANC or ABS-CBN News Channel. Best documentaries.

The Philippines news authority... The Philippines' No. 1 news channel... GMA News TV.

We have more information on this channel and the best influences on others.

7 LifeStyle TV
8 UNTV-37

This could be the number one TV station because it helps the moral, physical, and spiritual values of every individual, not only in the Philippines but also in other countries.

The most informative station that taught fairness in the field of television and above all, studying the teachings of the word of God of truth. To God be the glory.

TV station where public service, with or without recognition, was done by heart. UNTV is not for business but for true public service.

10 NBN-4
The Contenders
11 IBC-13
12 Solar Sports
14 Cinema One

We always watch movies on Cinema One!

15 AksyonTV
16 INCTv
17 Jakol TV
18 RPN
19 Sunshine TV
20 PTV 4
21 PBS
22 Arirang
23 CLTV36
24 ANC
25 UAE

Very good, informative on the news of today. More, please!

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