Best That '70s Show Couples

Who is your favorite That '70s Show couple? It could be one amongst the main characters or one amongst the non-main-characters, you decide! Think a couple should be higher? If you are logged in, vote for 'em! You can also add some I didn't cover.
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1 Jackie and Hyde

The relationship of Jackie and Hyde were perfect because you wouldn't think they'd end up together. You see Jackie and Kelso and think they're gonna get married or you take a look at Eric and Donna and just know they're gonna be with each other forever. Jackie and Hyde was a pleasant surprise. They brought out the best of each other.

The best couple is Hyde and Jackie, I was so sad when they didn't end up together in the end. I would like that the producers, would make an extra episode 10 years later and that Fez and Jackie would breakup, and that Hyde and Jackie would come to their senses and get back together.

2 Eric and Donna

Eric and Donna: a tomboy, and the geeky weakling. You'd be surprised how perfect they are for eachother. Best friends since they were little kids, they both had a crush on eachother, but didn't admit it, worrying it'd ruin their best friendship. Even though they broke up twice, they just kept coming back to eachother, and after the second break-up, their love was unstoppable.

As much as I love Hyde and Jackie individually, I felt like Jackie wasn't the best match for him. She'll never be satisfied unless it's her way.
Eric and Donna had a true love that was undying; their love was incredible. They were best friends.

3 Red and Kitty

Red and Kitty, the parents of Eric and Laurie, may seem like they have nothing in common, but you'd be surprised how many "foot-in-ass" jokes the two can say combined.

4 Kelso and Jackie

While I agree that Jackie and Hyde had a really good relationship where they both grew together, they never felt like a couple that could make it in the long-run because of their major differences. Especially in what they wanted out of their lives. In that way I feel like Kelso and Jackie were more compatible. Maybe that's because Kelso always did everything Jackie told him to, but he didn't mind that. He liked it. And I think her bossiness gave him a sense of direction that he lacked in his other relationships. He also seemed to mature more with her.

But the thing I liked most about their relationship (other than their compatibility) was how well they understood each other. There were things that only they could understand about each other, or talk to each other about. And they knew that they were in a safe, non-judgemental environment when they did so. Unlike when they were with their other friends.

5 Jackie and Fez

Another one you wouldn't expect, but are surely meant to be. Despite Jackie being somewhat of a rich snob, she realized that her and the foreign kid, Fez, were meant to be.

Fez is perfect for Jackie! They make each other happy and have similar personalities! And they both love disco and love dancing together!

6 Bob and Midge

The two idiots. Did anyone not see this coming?

7 Fez and Laurie

Despite the fact that it'd seem like the dumbest idea in the history of couples, it was actually a funny and entertaining couple.

8 Kelso and Brooke

The most wasted potential ever! il my babies sm, they could have been the cutest, most domestic couple in sitcom history!

9 Hyde and Sam

Despite the fact that she was a stripper, Hyde and Sam actually enjoyed their marriage while it lasted.

10 Kitty and Leo
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11 Kelso and Fez
12 Hyde and Donna
13 Donna and Leo

One of my favorite Leo moments was when he tried to ask out Donna. Even though they never actually hooked up, it was still funny.

14 Red and Eric
15 Hyde and Eric
16 Jackie and Eric
17 Hyde and Red
18 Bob and Fez
19 Donna and Casey
20 Donna and Randy

Randy was the worst character ever in the show. So, him ruining the best couple in the series was obviously terrible.

This couple was the best, it had the most chemistry and best romance.

21 Donna and Jackie
22 Eric and Buddy

Actually turned me on when Buddy kissed Eric! Totally unexpected, loved this episode!

Hands down, one of the best episodes of the show.

23 Jackie and Randy

I could imagine this happening...obviously not even close to Hyde and Jackie perfect.

24 Eric and Mitch
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