Top 10 Best Cobra Kai Characters

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1 Miguel Diaz

My views of him
Early season 1: 9/10
Mid season 1: 8/10
Late season 1: 1/10
Early season 2: 3.5/10
Mid season 2: 7/10
Late season 2: 3/10
Early season 3: 5/10
Mid season 3: 6/10
Late season 3: 9.5/10
On the whole, he's OK, probably my eleventh favourite character, he shouldn't be on my votes but Ali Mills isn't on here

2 Johnny Lawrence

I prefer him over Daniel, but there are a few things I don't about him in the show. 1) He dislikes many of the girls and women in the show. He gets mad at Yasmine, Moon, and Sam just because they accidentally run over his car, he at first doesn't let Aisha join Cobra Kai just because she's a girl, gets mad when Piper and her friends join Cobra Kai(not a very big deal since they're a few of the nice people in Cobra Kai), and rejects Devon at first because she was a "nerd" and gets mad when she joins Cobra Kai(again, not a big deal). Girl hater! 2) He hates his own kid until the season 4 finale and tries to replace him with another kid, Miguel. 3) He acts really, really dumb throughout the show. But he is very relatable.

3 Daniel LaRusso

Balance is always my thing, whenever I'm in trouble, I just think about Daniel. To find balance, and my true power.

He is so peaceful, balance if kinda my thing!

This man can just balance life.. The hell!

4 Robby Keene

I love him very much! I had a crush on him and a little bit Kyler for a long time, but I love and have a crush on Billy Hargrove from stranger things.

Dang, that's the man that is super badass, I chose him because of his muscles and his super appropriate haircut for men.

Robby is one of my favorite characters, but I kind of feel bad for him in some ways.
His father Johnny left him on day one (though, to be fair, Johnny regrets it and Robby won't give him another chance). I also hate how, when Sam and Robby were dating, Sam kissed Miguel (and while Miguel was with Tory, so some bad on his part too)... That must've hurt... - Bro

5 Hawk (Eli)

He was a great character from the beginning. Had a bit of a rocky turn when he sided with Kreese, but he really redeemed himself later on, proving to be a great fighter and a great person.

I love Hawk, I mean look at him, he has the haircut, the confidence, and those muscles. You gotta give him a million of out ten!

6 Samantha LaRusso

She's nice for the most part and is stronger than Piper and Devon, but I felt sorry for Piper when she lost. I couldn't decide who to root for. I did like it when she won against Devon in season 5. She is also like a little bit of an older sister figure to Robby.

Sam is the QUEEN and the REAL all valley champion. She can be baddas, but also carrying and emotional. Her development from a girl, who wants to be popular to a karate girl, that deffends her real friends

"She does Karate in jeans, and she and Robby alone took out 5 cobra kai's!

7 Aisha Robinson

She's okay, but I prefer the other girls in this show(Sam,Yasmine, Moon, Tory, Piper, Piper's friends, and even Devon) She's been replaced by all of them!

8 Demitri

Demitri is a cool guy! Very friendly. He's far from perfect though, considering he humiliated his best friend Eli in front of everybody

To be honest, Demitri is my absolute favorite character in this series. Not only is he a comedy relief, but he's also one of the most consistent protagonists (along with Miguel, but even he's done some bad things). I love his character as a whole. - Bro

I love his nerdy things, and when he hangs out with Robby and Sam its hilarious!

9 Tory

She is pretty cool, I like her spiky bracelet, I'd rather the "Cobra Queen" is one of the best and confident fighters.

I love Tory and her hardworking ways, I love her working for her mum and getting jobs so she can reflect the anger.

Even though she's supposed to be the antagonist, it's hard to see her as such. I tend to side with her over Sam.

10 John Kreese
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11 Amanda LaRusso
12 Anthony LaRusso

I really don't like him at all. In seasons 1-3, he's very annoying and a brat and in season 4, he's a bully! He's better in season 5, but my opinion is still the same. Kenny's antics of him were downright hilarious. But I hated how Robby and Hawk almost got killed because of him. Kenny was a monster in season 5. Anthony's only redeeming quality is that he's nice to Robby and looks up to him.

13 Moon

I love Moon, (I love Kepple as well) and I love how she goes from bully to LBGTQ+ and bisexual! She's my favourite characters by far!

14 Kenny Payne
15 Stingray

The glue that keeps Miyagi Do, Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang, and the kids who don't do karate on decent terms with each other. This guy is friendly to about anyone.

16 Chozen Toguchi
17 Yasmine
18 Carmen Diaz

She and her mother are really nice to Robby in season 5, even though he accidentally kicked Miguel of a railing. I'm so glad they're friendly to Robby and never got angry at him for what happened.

19 Terry Silver
20 Shawn Payne

He constantly bullied poor Robby in Juvie. He may have became okay, but he's worse than Kyler.

21 Ali Mills
22 Louie LaRusso
23 Bert
24 Master Todd
25 Tom Cole
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