Top 10 Classic Tom and Jerry Episodes

Tom and Jerry is a series of silent animated short films produced by Hanna Barbera during the Golden Age of American Animation, centering on the rivalry between a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry.
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1 Kitty Foiled

Pure tom and Jerry mischief one of the only times a cartoon didn't need a plot

2 The Little Orphan
3 The Two Mouseketeers

This is actually my second fave. Where's the one where Tom paints Jerry white and sells him, then the owner buys the "white" mouse. I always laugh so hard when white Jerry dances to that music. If you want to reply to this, say +EadlumKirke.

This episode literally gave me nightmares, with Tom getting executed with the guillotine and all, but nonetheless, it definitely stood out.

The most classic Tom & Jerry episode, no doubt. Amazing episode that everyone should watch. No. 1.

4 The Yankee Doodle Mouse

This was actually made when World War II was taking place. Very Patriotic Indeed.

Tom and jerry finally go to war!

5 Cue Ball Cat

This episode is so classic. And being an avid fan (owning every episode except 2 hopefully some of you got that) The episode has no plot except Tom hates Jerry and starts to fight him using his surroundings. No bombs in his house, guns at the bowling alley, none of it. Just classic, pg cartoon fun.

A very good Tom and Jerry sports related episode.

Great classic episode. I love it.

6 That's My Mommy

This episode is awful! There was a suicide joke in the middle of this episode

7 Quiet Please!
8 Texas Tom

One of the first I ever saw. Little trivia, the singer of ever down in Texas is a young Phil Harris.

9 Mouse Trouble

A cornered mouse never fights. Right

10 The Cat Concerto

One half of the Great Cartoon Controversy, and In my view, the superior. A well deserved Oscar.

I'm conflicted with this one. I love the music, but it takes waay too long for Jerry to get his revenge on Tom.

My favorite part is Tom's Song. Also the slapstick with Spike is really funny.

The Contenders
11 Blue Cat Blues

This episode should be number one!
It literally ends the series with our main characters committing suicide!
It features Tom drinking alcohol!

If I would vote the best episode, I will choose blue cat blues.l think it is GREAT to me!

12 Little School Mouse

Much better than Professor Tom. Charming, and good to see Jerry's comeuppance at the end.

When I was a kid, I hated it. But now I realize it was a brilliant cartoon.

Tom and jerry from 1940 to 2020 because tis is very comedy and chasing are very popular

13 The Night Before Christmas

When Tom and Jerry reach a truce on Christmas is one of the best endings ever

14 Pecos Pest

Another funny gem, and one of the best endings.

15 Solid Seranade

Now THIS is how you do an episode where a character getting tortured is funny. Unlike in some other episodes of this show, where Tom is just minding his own business, it's funny to see Tom get what is coming to him because he INSTIGATED Spike and Woke up Jerry. You feel a sense of justice with Jerry and Spike coming out on top. It's especially funny to see Tom get strapped to the fiddle and Jerry play his whiskers like a violin at the end!

What I loved about this episode (besides the song and AMAZING slapstick humor) was the ending. Tom deserved to get beat up by spike. He was messing with him the entire episode

16 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse

Top 5? Maybe. It's definitely a classic.

Tom poisons Jerry's stolen milk with poison, acid, ammonia, mothball, etc

17 Johann Mouse
18 Touche, Pussy Cat

No. 2 most classic in my mind to The Two Mouseketeers. Great episode.

19 The Million Dollar Cat

Dale Colbert, the American author and illustrator gives Tom Cat good advice.

Dale Colbert: Tom, sometimes the right path is not the easiest one. Don't you see, only when paradise goes on, can you be friends with a mouse? Soften your heart, remember your mother. Jerry has pushed you nowhere. Even if you're a cat, don't try to get rid of the mouse. Now go to your room and behave yourself.

Tom Cat: Yes, Dale. Everything I do is wrong.

You know the rules, Tom. A good cat always saves money. You and Jerry are both part of the Animal Kingdom. Money may not be the greatest treasure of all, but you still gotta be friends with a mouse. Kindness to animals will be rewarded in the end. The greatest treasure of all is friendship

20 Mice Follies
21 Just Ducky
22 Sleepy-Time Tom
23 That's My Pup
24 The Flying Sorceress

This episode has probably the most painful moment in Tom and Jerry's history. What else can you say having your lower regions hit a tree slicing through it and have it go up to your neck

25 The Bowling-Alley Cat

A milestone in Tom and Jerry's history.

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